Sunday, May 8, 2011

DALLAS MAVERICKS SWEEP LAKERS 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dallas, 122
Lakers, 86

With raucous cheers and even a happy tear in my eye (I know, I know, I couldn't help it), my mom (who got a little teary-eyed as well...see, it runs in the family), dad, and I watched our Dallas Mavericks sweep the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in spectacular fashion. I couldn't imagine a better time to watch our Mavs advance to the Western Conference Finals than on Mother's Day.

From the start, this game felt different...magical, even. The long-range shooting was something to behold. Jason Terry had a mind-numbing nine 3-pointers. The Mavs were 20 of 32, tying an NBA record for the most 3-pointers in a playoff game. Beautiful stuff.

I'm proud of how the Mavs maintained their cool when Odom took a cheap shot at Dirk and, again, after Bynum speared an airborne Barea, sending him hard to the floor. Really? Absolutely ridiculous to tarnish the game in that way. I believe it was Tirico who called the hit on Barea "disgusting."  It was a scary few moments, watching him motionless on the court, but, thankfully, he's okay.

Odom and Bynum were ejected from the game for their dirty play.  Kobe Bryant, both during and after the game, was a class act--maybe Odom and Bynum need to take a page from his playbook.

Mark Cuban--he looked so happy and proud of his team! Love how he loves the Mavs.

The whole team played with such heart...I gotta say it...I'm gonna say it...sorry in advance...

I love you, Mavs--always will, win or lose.

Um, I kinda want to hug 'em all. *hides ever-blushing cheeks*

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! Much love and respect for all you do!

WAY TO GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am happy to see that Dallas was able to sweep the Lakers.

  2. High five sister!!!! I'm soooo happy the Lakers lost!!!!

  3. Yippy for the Mavs! Good bye Lakers!

  4. I feel like it's wrong of me to rejoice in the brutal defeat of a team I disliked...

    But what the heck. I dedicated a whole post to the Steelers losing the Super Bowl, so this can't be nearly as bad.

    YAY FOR THE MAVS! DOWN WITH THE LAKERS! And they can take those tacky purple and yellow uniforms with them!

  5. OT: :) BFF called in jubilation--he hates the Lakers.

    Yvonne: *High Fives* New champion will be crowned this year. :)

    Carole: Yep, Mavs did what the vast majority thought they couldn't do--beat the Lakers...and they did it in 4. So proud of them.

    Chanel: LOL--I know what you're saying. Yes, I'm a massive Mavs' fan, but as a fan in general, I did feel for the Lakers' fans, Phil Jackson and his family, etc. You know, we've all been there with our teams, and it is hard. Still...

    ...I'M ELATED!!!!! So proud of them! I KNEW they could do it!! Now, we just have keep strong and steady...and take aim for that championship!!!!!!

  6. I couldn't believe it! Congrats to you and the Mavs! That's awesome. Celtics won the first home game, but lost tonight. I think they've run out of luck. Poor Rondo! He must have been in so much pain!

  7. Eva: Thank you! It was amazing! I saw they lost in OT. :( They can still hold them off--you never know. :) Rondo is all kinds of awesomeness. :)