Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Up With Mother Nature?

Is anyone else a little boggled by Mother Nature's recent mood swings?

Japan--destroyed by a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Deep South--destroyed by F4-F5 tornadoes.

Midwest--Tornadoes swept through the Midwest; Joplin destroyed by a reported F4 tornado.

An Icelandic Volcano erupted on Saturday.

Mother Nature is showing some serious attitude these days.

Events like these put things into rather harsh perspective. Everyone and everything we count on to be there day in and day out can be gone *poof* in less than a second. Life is just so delicate. 

Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these horrific storms.

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  1. I didn't think the volcano really caused much damage...

    I've heard about the tornadoes, though. Just proves that nowhere is "safe" to live. Nature will always win.

  2. We mortals are but shadows and dust.

  3. We had sirens going off in our city yesterday, but luckily we didn't have any horrible storms--they went around us. The weather is just crazy!

  4. Chanel: Think you're right about the volcano, but just the fact that it erupted is bothersome to me. Nature is a beast.

    GB: Chilling words...and very true.

    ms. caboo: I was just going to e-mail you! Thank goodness you are okay!

  5. Ah, but your Mavs are winning!

  6. It is strange how mother nature works sometimes.

  7. And all while a percentage of the world was focused on New Zealand, waiting for a rapturous earthquake ... sigh. Mother Nature keeps us more than busy all the time!

  8. I think the rapid changes happening to our global environment are partly to blame. It is kind of wacky, and the weather doesn't seem to help either. It's the end of May and it's still cool here grrr...

  9. Eva: Not tonight. :(

    OT: Yes, it is.

    Carole: Bizarre, huh? :/

    KLo: Too true. :/

    Alessandra: Good point!

  10. I feel horrible about all those affected by the killer tornadoes! Thanks for posting that link. And yeah, Mother Nature is on a rampage right now! Take cover!

  11. people where i live keep saying we're overdue for this huge off the richter earthquake that's gonna pretty much kill us all -- what the heck! :(
    i hate earthquakes! i can never remember what to do -- stand in a doorway or get next to something? i run around like a chicken with it's head cut off and by the time i make up my mind it's over. once in high school there was one during a dance show i was in, but luckily none of us were onstage at the time. the orchestra was performing and they didn't even stop! that's dedication.

  12. I really hate these natural disasters. so many lives have been lost. It could have been anyone of us :(

  13. Your blog is really grating my nerves, it's the only one I can't log in to.

  14. Yvonne: You're welcome. :) The weather is just wild right now.

    Aubree: OH! Nice people, saying stuff like that! Dang. LOL--I'd be the same way. Storms I know, but earthquakes would have be completely frazzled.

    kitkat: So very true. :(

    Anon: Oh no! I'm so sorry! :(

  15. I know what you mean. It's terrible. My thoughts go out to everyon going through all of the mood swings of mother nature. All the more reason to hold onto your loved ones and help those who don't get to be so lucky. Great post, sweetie.