Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing, Thy Name Is Dallas...The Mavericks Win Game 4.

Oh. I. Love. My. Mavs.

There is no question OKC had control of this game from the start.  They literally pounded us all over the damn court. All Mavs' fans could hope was for the young Thunder to wear themselves out early and for the veteran Dallas team to close it out and show them how it's done.  

OKC didn't tire.  Neither did the Mavs.  In fact, they found another cylinder.

Can we say:  Dirk.  Dirk.  Dirk. The man is humble magic (the very best kind). 40 points. The shots he made...unreal.  If you saw the game, I don't need to say a thing. If you didn' missed something special--something that words simply could not do justice.  I'll just say this: MVP.

The Thunder led by 15 points with just over 4 minutes to play.  What happened next is something of basketball urban legend.  Mavericks came back.  Mavericks forced OT.  Mavericks won 112-105 and lead the series 3-1 as they head back to Dallas. 

How did I handle this game? Ha, well, pretty much as I do every other game--I pace while my heart rate reaches the danger zone.

However, there was one slight difference tonight. When Dirk was at the line to tie this thing up, I began saying the following: "Ooooh! Oh my! Ooooh, come on! There it is! Yes!"

So, I unwittingly made pleasure sounds while watching the Mavs.  That's new.  Perhaps sports (well, wins by my teams) act as my aphrodisiac and I turn into Aphrodite! Ooh, I like that.

ONE MORE WIN...and the Mavs are in the Finals!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!


  1. You have no idea how excited I am for your excitement! :) YAY MAVS!

  2. So your Mavs won again....what's the big deal?
    Ha ha just joking.....GO MAVS! GO MAVS! WOOP! WOOP!

  3. Your enthusiasm for your Mavs and other sports teams makes me wish that I actually followed some kind of sport! I got all hockey crazy for a while back in the early 80's when an AHL Team came to town, but after a while that faded out. I'm very happy for you though, so I'll join in the celebration! Go Mavs!

    As for your little side benefit... Maybe the universe is trying to tell you that a pro athlete is in your future?? ;~) Go Frisky!!

    XOXO, Mrs B

  4. Yvonne: High five back!!! :)

    Jewels: You're too sweet! Thank you! :)

    OT: Double Yay!

    Carole: LOL Whoop! Whoop!

    Mrs. B: lol--Yes, please help pull for the Mavs!

    LOL--Ooh, that's interesting! I'm not sure how I would ever meet a pro athlete, but they sure wouldn't have to worry about whether or not I love (and understand) sports. lol :)