Tuesday, May 17, 2011

True Blood Tuesday: Season 4 Trailers!!

After successfully defeating the absentee sandman and getting some sleep last night, I am ready for the Mavs.

But, first...

True Blood fans, are you ready for TWO brand new fangtastic trailers?

Now, if y'all will excuse me, I really must go shake my bum to some booty-movin' music...it's part of my pre-game warm-up routine.  I count it as exercise.  I'm so very disciplined. 


  1. MMMM...that just made my night a WHOLE lot better. I cannot wait for the season to start!!!

  2. Nope...can't watch these videos. Can't do the thick hick accents.

  3. Have you ever considered the cost of the vampires dental bills? Cleaning their teeth must be a pain in the neck!

    Pre-game sounds like fun.

  4. Jewels: I'm so glad! Me too--can't wait!!!

    Chanel: Not even for Eric? ;)

    Carole: LOL--Eww, imagine the cleaning process? Ick.

    Pre-game IS fun! :) Helps with the nerves.

  5. AH! Can't wait! just started reading the newest book in the series this morning..do you have it yet? have you read it yet?

  6. Mmmmm. Don't know what l am more excited about. This or the new Pirates of the Caribbean. *sigh*..x

  7. Suzanne: No, not yet, but I can't wait to get it!

    Number Eleven: lol--I hear you! The new Pirates looks incredible!