Monday, May 2, 2011


My legs are weak, my voice is crackly, I'm sweatin' like a stuck pig...and I love it!

The Dallas Mavericks did what so many thought they couldn't: beat the Lakers on their turf.  They worried me a bit with some fouls that had me slapping my head, as well as a series of "Oh, Mother of God, I'm gonna hurl if they keep coughing up the ball!"  But, we've got a great bench, Dirk is just phenomenal (as a basketball fan, I feel privileged to watch him play; as a Mavericks' fan, I'm grateful he's playin' for us), and we know how to play tough. 

When the Mavs were down, they clawed their way back against one helluva good team in the Lakers. My Mavs played undeniably HARD--gritty, gritty play!

It's called heart--this team has it.  If the Mavs can keep this going--play THIS hard in every single game--look out! 

Long, tough road.  Fantastic start.


  1. Congrats to your Mavs...maybe you can send some of that good luck up here for my Flyers! :-/

  2. Yay Mavs! I'll cheer any team that beats the Lakers! (although I might have a secret crush on Kobe Bryant.)

  3. Grrrr!

    Fine, I concede that was a great game and the Mavs showed a lot of heart.

    And all I can say in the Lakers' defense is: thank god this is best of 7! :)

    My Yankees won, so it was still a happy sports night regardless.

  4. Ha! Yay!!! I actually watched the game because my friend is a HUGE Maverics fan and we were at his place!

  5. Go Mavs go! You'd make a fantastic sports commentator!

  6. Jewels: It's still a long way to go, but a win against the Lakers on their turf is a huge start! Okay--sending good luck to your Flyers!!!!

    Eva: LOL--Kobe is an incredible player. He boggles the mind sometimes!

    David: Thanks. ;) The Lakers are going to come out next game with a vengeance. I'm just so proud of my Mavs! I hope they can keep this kind of intensity going--it's going to be a tough road, no doubt. Oh, and we agree on baseball--Yankees all the way. :)

    OT: Thanks! :)

    Yvonne: Wasn't it an amazing game!!! Seriously, that was high intensity! I'm so happy they won!

    Carole: :) Aww, thank you so much! I do love my sports. lol

  7. I just loved that game! It was so close til the very end! I wasn't physically watching it but I was keeping up with the score as I did some homework and I couldn't believe they pulled out to win it! Congrats to you and the Mavs on the win, let's see them do it again :D