Thursday, May 26, 2011

Award Time: Pay It Forward Award

What’s better than an award to kick off a long weekend? How about two?! Technically, one was from a while ago. *blushes*  Bad me.  Not to worry, I will do it justice in its very own post (I baby these awards, huh?).  

For today, we have the Good Bloggers Pay It Forward Award. 

Somnia recently stumbled upon my little corner of bloggersville and I’m so very glad she did.  Not only is she a talented writer, but she is strong, honest, funny, and amazingly supportive of her fellow bloggers.  And let me tell you, she loves her country music...and loves cheering on the Mavs!  I’m incredibly honored to receive this award from her.

You know how awards come with rules?  I kinda don’t like calling them rules, so I’m going the pirate route and renaming them guidelines.

So, the guidelines for this award are as follows:

1. Name the blogger who gave me this award. (See Above)
2. Post a link to their blog.  (See Above, and please visit when you have a chance--she's a sweetheart!)
3. Pay it forward to five more bloggers--very difficult task, but I'd like to pay it forward to some new blogging friends. 

Chanel at Fabulously Neurotic

Mrs. B at Go Ahead, Take a Bite

Carole at Carole Reid Artist 

Anna at Artist's Charm

Beliza at A Series of Random Thoughts

Like I have said before, I am awful at selecting only a few bloggers when everyone is so deserving (I always feel so dang guilty).  I just think the world of all of formally pay it forward to EVERYONE. I'm such a dang softy!

*Note: No idea why the font and size changed. :/ Apologies.


  1. Congratulations! You totally deserve it!

  2. Yay for awards!! And blogger has done that to me in the past, changing fonts because it apparently felt the need to.

  3. I think Blogger is on drugs. Congrats on the award annnnd on the Mavs!!! :)

  4. So sweet of you to think of me! Thanks for the award! It's my frist and I'll be sure to pass it on! :)

  5. Blogger just flat out blows lately. I had to upgrade to Firefox to even comment on this blog successfully!

  6. Whoo! An award!

    Pay it Forward...

    This looks like a job for...The Randomizer! (It cuts out the guilt of picking people.)

  7. Congratulations and thank you Frisky! You're a doll! Now if I can just figure out how to do it!

  8. Oh my, thanks for the award! :D and congrats!

  9. Oh.. Thank you so much my Frisky Friend! I am deeply honored that you thought of me! It means a great deal to me! Congrats to you too! You deserve it. You're a great blogger and an even better friend!

    Mrs B :~)

  10. Awesome! Well done on the award! x

  11. Hey Congrats on your award!
    I saw your link on Mrs. B's page...
    What a cute blog you have!

    Nice meeting you-

  12. OT: Thank you! :)

    Rita: Thank you, sweetie! :)

    J. Day: It must be they just felt like changing the font on me. I even changed it back, to no avail. :/

    Yvonne: LOL Thanks and thanks! :)

    Beliza: I'm so glad you like the award!

    Drake: I'm so sorry. I don't know why it's doing that. I have encountered the same thing a couple of times lately. So aggravating.

    Eva: Thank you! *hugs*

    Chanel: Can I borrow the Randomizer? I hate the guilt.

    Carole: I'm glad you like the award! I know you will do fabulous with it!

    Kat: Thank you, sweetie! :)

    Anna: I'm so glad you like the award! :)

    Mrs. B: You are a truly wonderful person, my friend. *Hugs to you*

    Number Eleven: Thank you so much!

    StardustSavannah: Oh, thank you so much!!!! That just made my day! I'll be stopping by your blog in a minute! :)