Monday, May 9, 2011

Dating & Post-Game Reactions

Dating: I haven't been in the dating game for a while now.  Really not wanting another Mr. Bo Tangles or past-life werewolf.  I know I need to get back into the cesspool that is dating, but, honestly, I really don't know how to meet a *cough* normal man who is actually looking for something more extraordinary than a one-night-stand or temporary love. Sigh. There has to be another soul somewhere out there looking for something special in this big old world. 

New music favorites: Have you heard the song Without You, by Keith Urban? It's about his wife, Nicole Kidman--it's a beautiful song...makes the single heart hurt a little, but's beautiful. :)

Post-Game Reaction: The day after euphoria lingers, but there are some bubble-bursting folks all primed and ready for the next round. So, I thought it might be kind-of fun to share some feedback with y'all.

Happy/Funny Feedback: (please keep in mind, some are Lakers-haters--I'm sorry to any Lakers' fans in advance for their comments).

"Yay! Ding-dong, Lakers are done!"
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!" (sing-song voice)
"Mavs, all the way!"
"Damn, not a Mavs' fan, but they were monsters out there."
"Might have been wrong about those Mavericks after all."

Bubble-Bursting Feedback: (some are Lakers' fans; some are Mavericks-haters).

"Yeah, they'll get swept next round.  Sorry."
"Mavs will self-destruct before it's over."
"Enjoy it now. They're going to choke."
"You do know they didn't just win a title, right? They are going down."
"Big deal.  They beat the Lakers.  It's not like they've won the whole thing."

So, did the bubble-bursting folks actually burst my euphoric bubble? Nope, not in the least. See, we fans know it's a long road to the championship, but this series win was huge. They were the underdog.  No one gave them a chance against the Lakers.  This is a big deal. To me, the Mavs looked like one hungry team. They want it, and I hope for all it's worth they can bring this thing on home. I know they'll give it their all.

How did I respond to the sourpusses? I simply smiled.  It's amazing how a simple little smile can unnerve (and effectively quiet) a sourpuss.


  1. I'd go out on a date with ya... to bad texas is so very far away.

    I'm Canadian so forgive me if I'm not as equally excited about basketball... Go Canucks!!??

  2. as long as you've got your friends and family, you are much better off without a man!!

  3. "Smile: It makes people think you're up to no good."


  4. dating is gross :( and i haven't heard that song but i will check it out!
    i don't really watch basketball either way but congrats on your team doing their thing!

  5. Is there even such a thing as a normal man anymore? I'm convinced all the good guys on the earth have been like shipped away to some other planet, leaving only stupid jerks left. Sorry for the rant, there's bound to be someone decent somewhere :P
    Congrats for the Mavs! I somewhat follow basketball but I don't have a favorite team, so I'm happy for yours :D

  6. Have you thought about online dating? Not the loser sights like, but how about harmony? The people on it are supposed to be a little better screened. DOn't know, I think if I were single, I might give it a try.
    About the Lakers now.....I know they kinda stunk it up this year, but the Mavs have a long way to go before they can come even close to them. Okay, I'm a sore

  7. The thing about normal men is there really aren't any. Or normal women, for that matter.

    Have I mentioned before that I'm digging the uniform colors for the Mavs? (That's how I pick teams to root for when I don't care who's playing.)

  8. Normal and men do not go in the same sentence! A lot of my friends are Lakers fans and boy oh boy were they quiet after the game. Too bad we weren't! hahahha

  9. Not The Hero: :) That's sweet, thank you. :)

    estefanny: You're probably right. lol

    Kat: :) Like it!

    Aubree: It really does. :/ Thanks--I'm proud of them.

    Anna: lol. Yeah, I wonder that myself sometimes. They're out idea where, but ya know. lol Thank you--they played a great series.

    Alessandra: It has crossed my mind, but...I dunno. I'm hesitant about online dating. :/

    LOL-You sore loser, you! ;)

    Chanel: Well, by normal I mean not doing really bizarre things on a date. REALLY bizarre...REALLY, REALLY bizarre...nightmarish type stuff. (What I refer to as Hellmouth dating). It might be nice to have a date outside of the Hellmouth kind. :)

    LOL--They really do have great uniforms. :)

  10. Yvonne: LOL--Well, I guess I'm stuck in Hellmouth dating hell, then.

    LOL--Oh, I'll bet y'all were loud and proud!!!

  11. I know what you mean about the 'cesspool that is dating', Frisky...I have some not so fond memories of that time in my life as well.

    One of these days, I'll have to blog about how I met my Hubby.

  12. Oh hon, I just offer you a virtual hug. You've got so much to offer to a man who's worthy. Keep your standards and integrity and faith.

    Glad you are still in post-game euphoria.

  13. I wouldn't want to be back in the dating pool. Take your time, your true love is out there. /mush Seriously though, a few times in my life I felt like giving up and suddenly love found me. It honestly comes when you aren't expecting it!

  14. Hmm, I imagine those one night standers are probably flooding the clubs. At least when it comes to online dating you get to know a person first.

  15. After age 30, all the normal good guys are married already. They get snatched up fairly quickly, naturally. ;)

  16. Smiling at a sourpuss is just another of your adorable qualities!

  17. You don't need a date, Miss Virgin, you need a man who's got the cojones to ask you to marry him straight away. Once he's done that you can let him woo you in the traditional way.

  18. Dating is overrated, eventhough it feels like a good thing to do once in a while.

  19. Sometimes the love of your life is someone you never expected! I NEVER thought I'd end up marrying my hubby and here we are; almost 30 years later, still going strong! I know it doesn't seem like it, but there really are good guys out there. Besides, you were destined to find your soulmate, girl! Just ask anyone who knows me... I'm never wrong about these things! LOL ;~)

    ~Mrs B

  20. chocolateangel: I would love to read about how you met your hubby. :) Whenever I get into the dating game, I just feel like I'm wading through muck. Um, I'm not comparing guys to muck...I just mean it's hard to meet the right kind of guys. You know what I mean, I hope. lol

    Robyn: Thank you so much--I needed that. :) Sending hugs right back. *Hugs*

    Jenner: *Hugs* Thank you. The dating pool seems to get worse and worse. I hope you are right, though. And I like the mush. ;) Well, I'm not expecting it, so it can show up anytime it wants now. lol

    Drake: Good point. :)

    David: Gee, thanks Mr. Lakers Guy. ;)

    Carole: *blushes* Awww, shucks, thank you!

    GB: :) Nice in theory, but I would have to find a Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth Bennet. Not thinking it's likely in 2011. But, it's a nice notion regardless. :)

    PorkStar:Oh, I agree. So overrated. Too bad it's a necessary evil. Blah!

    Mrs. B: LOL--I'll trust in you never being wrong about these things! *Hugs* I know there are good guys out's just a matter of waiting for fate to cross our paths, I reckon. :)