Friday, May 6, 2011


*insert embarrassingly girly squeal* Sorry about that. 

Dallas is up 3-0 in the series.  You know what this means? One more and we move to the next round. One more. ONE MORE. *seriously, breathe*

The Lakers had the momentum in the 4th.  No question.  I kept thinking, the sleeping giant is awake, followed by dig, Mavs, dig deep, you can do this.  Of course I was saying all of this while guzzling sweet iced tea (not as bad as soda, though, right?).

No chocolate tonight. Literally could not chew. Far too anxious.

So, what do the Mavs do? They dig...deep.  Three-pointers, free-throw shooting, Dirk, our bench, our coach, and just the whole darn team--playing with so much guts and heart and...and...and I LOVE THEM!!!

Sorry, again, for the girly show of emotion. 

As a fan, I desperately want to see my Mavs win a championship, it's true, but more than that...I want this team to win a championship...I want Dirk to win a championship (this man--this humble legend--deserves to win so badly)...I want Mark Cuban to win a championship (he's more than an owner--he has such passion for this team, for Dallas, for the fans--you can't help but want to see him hoisting that trophy).

If the Mavs can keep this level of intensity going...

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I watched it too!!! Way to go Mavs!!! OMG, can you imagine if they win game 4??? You're probably too young to remember but nothing was more satisfying in basketball as the 94 playoff series when the Rockets beat the Lakers!!! So i can understannd how you're feeling right about now! :) Don't forget to breathe!

  2. I watched it, too! I was cheering for your Mavs to beat the Lakers. 3-0 is a great position to be in! Celtics play the Heat tonight. I think it's gonna' take a miracle!

  3. WHOO HOO! The Lakers lost! YAY MAVS!

  4. I hope the Mavs win that series because I hate the Lakers.

  5. I am not a Dallas fan but I think I was equally as excited by their win. In fact, I did hours of research to find a sports bar in Melbourne Australia in order to watch the game in public instead of hunched over the live streaming computer screen.

    Also, the sleeping giant never really woke up. Where were Kobe's big plays? In that game or this series.

    Lakers are done. Mav's have got this.

    (My Celtics on the other hand are in a far more precarious position.)

  6. @Eva- We had our Miracle! Rondo playing the fourth quarter with one arm? Seriously. Boy is my hero.

  7. Yvonne: THEY DID IT IN 4!!!!!! Seriously, I'm elated! I'm so proud of them!!!!! I'm still trying to remember to breathe!!!!

    Eva: Your Celtics are coming back!!!! ;) Thank you for cheering my Mavs--it worked!

    Chanel: YES THEY DID!!! Woo Hoo!

    OT: They won!!!!!!!!!

    Brooke: Aww, Melbourne is such an awesome place! Thanks--well, I kinda thought they might have woken up there for a minute in game 3, but today the Mavs took the series in a huge way! I'm elated! :)

    Your Celtics are back! Rondo--absolutely incredible what he did!! Amazing!