Monday, May 2, 2011

Mavs, Dale Jr., Operation Southern Comfort, and Evil-Be-Gone

Mavericks: After all the devastation suffered by the deep south late last week, I felt far too guilty to celebrate with a Whoo-Hoo post after my Mavs defeated Portland to move into the next round of the playoffs. I'm so darn proud of them, though!

Now, we have to face the Lakers.  Tonight.  Yeah.  C'mon Mavs, y'all can do this!!! I KNOW it! Grrrrr!

Oh, and Mr. Lakers Guy, David, who was cheering the Mavs, but will now be booing them...bring it! ;)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Richmond didn't produce the results we wanted, but that's life, right? After running in the top ten, and even up to second late in the race, Dale was forced to pit for fuel, which left him with a nineteenth place finish. Bit frustrating. BUT, he's 4th in points and, apart from fuel strategy, he had a strong night, in my opinion. For those getting all riled up: he's doing just fine, folks. Relax.

Operation Southern Comfort: If you have extra clothing or can pick up a few things at your local store (especially t-shirts in XL, 2X, and 3X), socks, flip flops, or the like--pack 'em up and ship them on down south. Check your local churches, grocery stores, businesses, Red Cross, and Salvation Army for drop off locations.

Evil-Be-Gone: Much love to our brave men and women for ridding the world of a supreme evil. If you see a man or woman in uniform, for heaven's sake, shake their hand and thank them for all they do to keep our country safe and free. God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops!


  1. Sorry about the Mavs having to play the Lakers.

  2. Go Mavericks! Not because they're a particular favorite of mine, but I hate the Lakers. Beat the Lakers! Yeah!

    I didn't watch the race. Watching it on TV just isn't very fun.

    XL, XXL, and XXXL...because we grown everything giant sized in Texas! (Or that's what I hear, anyway.)

    You don't have to tell me twice. My bestie is a Marine, my dad is Navy, and my cousin is marrying an Army man. It's about time somebody took him out!

  3. My Celtics got beat last night...hoping they can bounce back tomorrow night!

  4. Go Mavs...Go Dale...I have kept the south east in my thoughts and prayers...and AMEN! :)

  5. Isn't it weird how life still continues even when awful things happen. On the way home from my best friend's funeral two years ago I saw little kids playing, people riding the bus, teenagers laughing and all I could think was "how can they do that on a day like today?"

    On a lighter note...Go Mavs Go!

  6. Yeah, I hate to say it Frisky . . . but it's ON now! :)

    May the best team win. And by best, I'm mispelling it. It supposed to go: L-A-K-E-R-S!!!

  7. I just finished watching the Mavs vs. Lakers game and OMG the MAVS pulled out for the win!!!! Exciting game, too busy jumping up and down to remember what the rest of your post is about....


  8. I thank my husband all the time for having served our country. He is a disabled vet. I am always touched when people actually seek him out to say thanks. It means more than one could imagine.

  9. OT: If they play they way the did tonight, there's no need to be sorry. ;)

    Chanel: MAVS WON!!!! I know it's a long road, but that first win on their turf feel amazing! The race was good, but I felt really bad for Dale at the end. LOL--blame it on the BBQ. ;) I love our military--my dad was Navy too!

    Eva: I saw that. It seemed like an uncharacteristic loss--they'll bounce back! :)

    Jewels: Go Mavs! Go Dale! Go Military! And let's rebuild the South! I'm way too hyper right now (Mavs just won game 1).

    Carole: I wonder that all the time. And....go Mavs! :)

    David: Oh, um, I'm thinking you might have misspelled "best" twice now...let me help--M-A-V-E-R-I-C-K-S. ;) Oh, yeah, it's ON. ;)

    Jax: LOL--I was bouncing up and down, too!!!! AWESOME game!!!! So excited! I'll never sleep tonight. lol

    Jenner: Please, shake his hand for me and give him a hug...and thank him for everything. *sending hugs* If I could be there in person, I would do as much in a heartbeat. :)

  10. i wish i cld throw a party for the men in uniform! they deserve all the love they can get