Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perspective: Helping, Not Hurting.

While one side of the pond celebrates a royal wedding between a prince and his Cinderella, the other side faces catastrophic loss after what many are calling the worst tornado outbreak in nearly forty years. 

While so many of us watched t.v., talked with friends, cheered for our teams, or just thought about life....people in the deep south were losing their homes, their loved ones, their livelihoods, and even their lives. Nearly 300 innocent people have lost their lives, and that number is expected to rise.

This morning, all I could think about was helping those who have lost everything. In times of tragedy, you always hope to see the very best in people.

While every headline, whether on the television or online, focused on the devastation across the south, someone decided--after so much human tragedy--that this morning was a critical time to send me a rather pointed message about how I (and others like me) am wasting my time waiting for the right man...that I should, in essence, chalk my life up to this point as a massive mistake and give up.

My response? Delete. I don't need to defend who I am or what I stand for, not anymore.  Comments like these, I assume, are meant to tear people down, yet, for me, they only make me that much stronger. It's a sad day when an individual makes it a priority to down someone they don't even know for their beliefs, rather than taking that time and energy and using it to aid fellow human beings who are suffering.  Shame. 

For every individual such as the above message-sender, there are far more who are ready and willing to provide hope.

Please, let's all send prayers, hope, and love to the victims of these horrific acts of nature. 

If you would like to help further, please visit the following sites to learn how:

1. American Red Cross

2.  Salvation Army

3.  You can also visit the Alabama Governor's Emergency Relief Fund.

God Bless all those impacted by these devastating tornadoes.

When you have some free time, please take a few minutes to listen to the lyrics of this song--this is the South, and they need all the love and hope we can give them.


  1. I am still taken back when someone feels the need to shread on my writings, or my URL.

    I, and we, are better than that.

    Sending all good thoughts to the South, and you :)

  2. That so easily could be the Midwest in another month. Always sending good, swift, happy thoughts to those who are suffering in the South.

  3. I will never understand the kind of person who makes themselves feel better by putting others down! Ever! I am heartbroken over these tornados and all the damage and destruction they have left behind! My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

  4. I have never understood why "friends" say and/or do things that not friendly. I also don't get why strangers get off trying to tear people down and make them believe that your decisions are wrong.

    And I cannot believe what I've read about those tornados in the South. It's horrible. Sending so many good thoughts and prayers!

  5. Julianna: Well said!

    ms. caboo: I'm so worried for the Midwest--the weather has been crazy scary so far. I hope we don't see anything like this for another 40+ years, or, better yet, ever. :(

    Eva: Thank you so much, my friend. *Hugs*

    Jewels: I don't get it, either--never will. It's absolutely devastating what has happened. My mom, dad, and I are figuring out what we can do to help.

    J.Day: I'm not sure which is worse--when friends say unfriendly things or when strangers try to rip people to shreds. Either way, it's just sad.

  6. This is one of my favorite songs. It's a good choice.

    Trolls are all over the internet. They are sad, bored little people who don't have the guts to say the things in person that they do on the internet. I've been hit once and the best thing to do is delete the comment and not respond to them.

  7. Um. WHY are people so obsessed with telling you how to live your life? Seriously. It blows my mind.

  8. I echo your sentiment on all counts. It's horrific what has happened to all of these people. As for the idiots who continue to bring people down, shame on them! They've nothing better to do with their time or their lives.

  9. Excellent read I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile so let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming.

  10. :( i just heard about that a few hours ago.

    and you're doing the right thing with dumb email - ignoring 'em. it shouldn't bother them how you, who is not them nor someone they know personally, choose to live your life.

  11. Why do people even waste their time sending emails like that if they really think the person they're addressing is so pathetic? I mean, wouldn't it be "beneath them"? It just proves that they're the pathetic ones... Good for you for ignoring it!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to the people who are suffering right now!

  12. Damn those tornadoes. One is bad enough without a whole plague of them. You have a compassionate soul, Miss Virgin.

  13. Great post, I couldn't agree more! There are bigger things going on in the world right now that need to be addressed. You seem like someone with their head on straight. Ignore anyone trying to tear you down, that's probably they only thing they were ever good at anyway.

  14. Internet trolls. How come nobody ever sends me abusive messages like that? I’m brash and rude all the time. :P

  15. I love getting e-mails from shit-talkers complaining about something I said in my blog. I shit-talk right back at them! :)

    I paid not one ounce of attention to this Royal Wedding nonsense. It warms my heart to see you caring and actually doing something about the devastation that has ripped through this country. You are an awesome human being, Frisky. Don't let anyone put you down.

  16. It's a beautiful song and an equally beautiful tribute to the South and the courageous folks who are being continuously assaulted by what seems to be an inexplicably angry and cruel Mother Nature. I am just stuck right through the heart for these good people. My prayers are with them all.

    As for this person who's found it necessary to try and tear you down for who you are at your core and what you believe... Your blog is about your life and your truth. This "person" has no right and certainly no business judging any part of that. Who the hell are they? Have they got it all figured out? He or she has only shown just how small minded and bitter they must be about their own life.

    Stay strong and proud my friend and keep living and writing about the life that you believe in. It belongs to you and you alone.

    ~Mrs B

  17. You are doing the right thing. Ignoring the idiots and helping those in need. Love wins over hate.

  18. omg these natural disasters are so scary! may the souls of all those people that died, rest in perfect peace. it really is sad :/

  19. I know how you feel, I was watching t.v. last night and hoping all my friends down south were okay. I got word from all of them this morning and I am greatful none of them or their homes were harmed but everyone who was are still in my prayers. I love the song that you posted :D

  20. Chanel: I like your description of "trolls." lol Delete is a best friend in those circumstances. :)

    Jenner: I have NO idea. :/

    Yvonne: "Shame on them." Sums it up perfectly. :)

    Ceska: Aren't you sweet! Thank you. I'm glad you found the information so useful. :)

    Aubree: No idea why people get so bothered by my choices. :/

    Beliza: Excellent point. :)

    GB: Thank you, good Mr. GB. :) You are right--the number of tornadoes this storm produced is astounding.

    Marlee: Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean so much!

    Drake: I'd love to see you take them on! I'll bet you could put them in their place, no problem! ;)

    David: You are a sweetheart, thank you! *hugs* And I have no doubt you can handle those smack-talkers!

    Mrs. B.: Mother Nature is a bit frightening right now. :( And thank you so much--your words are always so moving and very true. *hugs*

    Carole: "Love wins over hate." So very, very true. I wish more people could see that.

    kitkat: Beautifully said.

    Jax: Thank God they are all safe! Even before this tragedy, this song has always made me cry happy tears, remembering my childhood in the south. :) It's a beautiful, heartfelt song. :)

  21. Thank you for this post. You are wonderful.
    Virtual hugs to you.