Friday, April 1, 2011

An April Fool, Text Spam, & The Single Gal

April 1st is traditionally a day where tricksters like to pull pranks on the unsuspecting person.  However, it is not a welcome idea to try and make a fool out of the single least, not this single gal.

Late today, I received three text messages back-to-back. Without initially looking at the number, I glanced at the first few words and saw the following: "...U requested daily mymobilelove texts."

Me: "Huh? I didn't request daily love texts!"

At first, I thought it might have been an April Fools' Day prank.  However, I didn't recognize the sending number.

Before I could read the whole message, another text came through.  This one, I assume, was one of their sample daily love messages, which focused on forgiveness and regret.

Me: "Um, no, they did NOT just send me that!"

As my temperature began rapidly rising, yet another text jingled my phone: "Enjoy your daily love texts, daily alerts billed at $9.99 per month!"

Me: "Ten bucks a month for something I NEVER REQUESTED! Oh, I don't think so!"

I immediately did a little Google surfing and discovered that this is quite a widespread problem. Apparently, this third party can charge your phone without you ever having to participate and/or request the service. Having your number is all they need to charge you.  Basically, I could expect a $10 charge on my bill at the end of the month. 

With the research in front of me, I called my service provider, who immediately knew what was going on.  She put a block against them and a note on my account; should the charge come through, she informed me it will be removed. 

However, she did tell me that some people simply ignore text spam as you would, say, e-mail spam.  Unlike e-mail spam, charges will likely appear on your phone bill. 

Details: If you receive text messages from 34095 or 340-95, My Mobile Love Texts--and you did not register for them--call your service provider immediately.

Now, the irony: No single woman, in her right mind, would EVER subscribe for daily reminders that she is single, much less pay for said reminders. I mean, really? You think you are going to get $10 bucks out of me...that I am just oh-so-desperate to receive love texts? Darlin', I may have my moments, but a fool I am not.


  1. LMAO!! I got something similar to that once! It's very important NEVER to ignore something like that. I just wonder- how did they get your number?

  2. Estefanny: I have no idea. My service provider told me they can get your number if you add it to any website, say Facebook. Thing is, I have NEVER given out my number. Very odd. It could have been a random draw, too. :/

  3. how random! i used to have my phone connected to my instant messaging so people could message me when i wasn't logged on and i started getting weird spam ones. not ones that charge me, but they were so annoying (thinking someone was actually texting me when it was just crap!) i had to disconnect my phone from the instant messaging. lame!
    and you're totally right haha i don't know who would request that in the first place, much less someone single.

  4. That was so funny!! I really did think that someone was pranking you when I started reading.. :P
    My grandad has this problem on his phone as well, and the lamest thing is that the service provider is doing absolutely nothing about blocking the service!! >:x He's thinking of changing his number entirely, but it's going to be such a pain for him.. :(

  5. I recently got text spam about heating bills...I mean honestly-how do they get my number!? You are so right though--no single lady wants a daily reminder that she's alone.

  6. My BFF's mom kept getting porn messages on her cell phone. Of course, her parents in their 70s, so they had no idea how to get rid of these picture text messages. My BFF only found out about it because her mom got a message one day in front of her, screamed "OH!" and dropped the phone. My BFF had to spend quite awhile with the provider to get a block on the number.

    I'm like you, I don't give out my cell number, especially online. It's really creepy how these people can find your number and send you stuff you don't want, AND have the cajones to CHARGE you for it.

  7. looool! i receive this silly txts and they drive me nuts! even when i text STOP, after some days, it starts to send the stupid texts again!!! i know what to do whn nxt i receive one of them.

  8. What appalling crookery! There must be loads of man who would send you love texts for free, Miss Virgin.

  9. I’ve never really understood this problem. How can a company legally take money from your phone without even asking?

  10. Good job on being so quick about it.

    My plan doesn't have texting on it, so it costs a lot to text for me. I don't do it and have no desire to!

  11. oh my gosh! that's ridiculous! lol

  12. Wow, that is wrong on so many levels.

  13. They are so slimy. Thanks for this post.
    Big hugs, Frisky!

  14. Oh my God that is so damn ridiculous. And you are right, who the hell would want to get text on BS like that? Single or otherwise, why or who would be interested in paying for that?

  15. lol!! quick acting. i got some stupid text about the name of my crush. i promptly had my service provider block them.