Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smile Time: Dale Jr. Has Some Fun!

I know not all of y'all are NASCAR fans, but I figured you wouldn't mind some laughs, especially around tax time.

Not only has Dale been having some fun on the track (he's up to 6th in Sprint Cup standings, after another top ten finish at Texas this past weekend), but he's also joking around behind the scenes.

When you get a chance, and if you need a smile or two, check out the video here: Dale Jr. & The Prank


  1. I feel bad because I have only watched one race this year.

  2. I feel bad because I have no idea what you just said! ;) But I'm super excited that you are enjoying your NASCAR girlie! :)

  3. HAHAHA! Evil. Funny, but evil.

  4. What a great prank! I wish I had one of those!

  5. OT: Aww, I hope you will be able to catch more of them really soon. I never miss a race, not even Nationwide--I love racing. :)

    Yvonne: lol, I am!

    J.Day: I know I would have fallen hook, line, and sinker for that trick! Funny stuff.

    Eva: I know! Clever as all get out.