Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Award Time

I don't know about y'all, but this week has been jam-packed with stress and general ugh. I blame tax time--it always seems to put people in a cranky mood.  So, in an effort to tackle tax grief, I have an award to give out!

Award:  I have to give many, many thanks to Starlight, who surprised me with the Blog With Substance Award! It couldn't have come at a better time! If you haven't visited her blog, please do so when you have the chance--she's so creative, kind, and fun!

Rules: Reveal 7 random things about yourself and pass this award to 7 fellow bloggers.

For the reveal:

1.  Bring It On Home by Little Big Town is one of my favorite songs. I love to turn it up, rest my head, close my eyes, and hope.

2.  Football Tears: When another season passes by (both college and pro), I feel a sense of deep and profound emptiness. How will I spend my Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and sometimes Thursdays? Thank The Good Lord NASCAR starts pretty quickly thereafter. ;)

3.  Dance With Me and Cocktail are two of my guilty pleasure movies. Salsa, sand, and two handsome leading men--need I say more?

4.  Gross Grass: I can't stand the smell of freshly cut grass--literally.  It's not that it smells particularly bad, but the minute I catch a whiff, my nose and eyes react something awful!

5.  90s R&B: Honestly, those years produced so many AMAZING songs. I actually miss R&B like it was in the 90s.

6. Rudolph & Frosty: When I was little, I used to cry at the end of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer--I didn't want Santa to fly away. I cried during Frosty the Snowman as well--two words: Frosty Melts.  

7.  Chipmunks: I love 'em. They are the cutest little peanuts! I have one that likes to sleep on my doormat. He just popped up for Spring and was back on my doormat the other day. I love him. His name? Duh, Chip!

Pass to 7 bloggers: You know what I have to do--EVERYBODY! If you want this award, pick it on up, and have fun with it! Everybody needs smiles, right? :)


  1. Congrats on the award. I'm totally the opposite on 5 and 7. Oh and 4 too : ) I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

    Other kinds are very good too.

  2. aw that chipmunk sounds so cute! the only "wild" animals around my neighborhood are coyotes :/

  3. Porkstar: lol I just heard some 90s R&B the other day and it reminded me of how much I liked it. But, yes, other kinds are fantastic as well. :) I technically don't mind the actual smell of cut grass, but my sinuses can't tolerate it at all. :(

    Aubree: He is so cute! Oooh, coyotes! You must hear them howl from time to time--eerie and cool at the same time!

  4. congrats! I like the smell of cut grass, and I especially love finally having the lawn mowed and trimmed. It's a pain, but always look so nice when it's done.

  5. Congrats!!! :D :D
    Chipmunk sleeping on your doormat?! That is soo cute!! My neighbor had this baby squirrel once, and he was called Chip too.. And apparently that one used to love sleeping in his pocket!! :D :D

    My blog address has changed, so find me now @Conquering the World

  6. Congrats for the award and thanks so much for passing it on! I am so happy to receive it! :)

  7. Ha! I was just thinking of doing a post about Spring smells I love like lilac and fresh cut grass. Grass allergies are no fun, I know a couple of people with them and they have the same reaction you do.

  8. Congrats to you! I happen to love the smell of freshly cut grass. But I feel your pain on the bad reaction!

  9. I love that you have a chipmunk that sleeps on your doormat. And I love it even more that you named it Chip. Because that is exactly what I would do! lol

  10. ooh i also cried at the end of rudolph the red nosed reindeer. i never get too old or tired of seeing it :p

  11. I'm glad that I made your week a bit sweeter by giving you this award. I still think you totally deserve it! =)
    And you should start watching Formula 1, I love it!

  12. For some reason I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I don't know why, I just do. But chipmunks! I love them! THEY ARE SOO CUTE!!!

  13. Rita: Thanks! :)

    ms. caboo: I wish I could like it...if it weren't for the dang feeling like I'm gonna start sneezing, I'd probably like it! lol

    OT: Thanks! :)

    Pencil Girl: Oooh, I wish little Chip would sit in my hand or pocket or lap or something. He's so darn cute when he's all curled up on my doormat. And THANK YOU for your new address!!!

    Jenner: You are very welcome! You deserve it!

    Barsola: I love the smell of lilacs!!! Yeah, freshly cut grass and I just don't get along, unfortunately. :/

    Yvonne: Thanks. :) Yeah, it's not fun.

    J.Day: lol If he had a buddy, I'd probably name him Dale.

    kitkat: Oh, me either! I will never get too old to love the classic Christmas specials. :)

    Starlight: Thank you, sweetie! I've watched some Formula 1 and I do love it. :)

    Lex: They really are the cutest little things!!!