Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dale, Dallas, Dad, and Dumbledore

Dale Jr.:  You would have thought Dale Earnhardt Jr. had won the race Sunday at Talladega...and he kinda did. He and teammate Jimmie Johnson stayed paired up all day long, even leading for a time. By the end, everybody was looking at Jeff Gordon/Mark Martin, Clint Boyer/Kevin Harvick, and Edwards/Biffle for the win...then, on the inside, a bullet 48 car was being pushed like hell by another bullet, his teammate, Dale Jr. If it wasn't for some strong hands and good pushing, Jimmie probably wouldn't have won that race. It was a helluva finish.

After the race, Jimmie credited Dale for the win, even handing him the checkered flag. When he finished 2nd to Harvick at Martinsville, all of the talk was how Dale should've shoved Harvick out of the way for the win.  Anyone who has followed this sport knows that Dale is not that kind of driver--he's a gentleman driver, much like Mark Martin.  People love to point out his winless streak, intimating he should have been someone he isn't just to get that win.  That's not him, and I hope it never will be. There are more important things.

Now, as far as this two-car tandem-style racing? Not really sold on it. Yes, it made for a fantastic finish, but it's just not the same as the old style. I dunno. Just my gut reaction. 

Dale finished 4th and moved up to 3rd in Spring Cup Standings.

Dallas Mavericks: Gotta tell you, I, like many Mavericks' fans, am annoyed by players and even a coach (I'm looking at you Karl) dogging my Mavs! So, it was sweet satisfaction to see the Mavs win the first game against the Trail Blazers. I know we've got a long way to go--and I know it's been a tough go here for a while--but that first win was a step in the right direction...and a boot up the bums of the smack talkers. Game 2 is tonight.

Dad & Dumbledore: I loaned Dad my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other day. He wanted to refresh his memory before watching Deathly Hallows, Part One.

Dad: "This one's about Dumbledork, right?"

You read right.

Me, eyebrows raised, unsuccessfully trying to hide a smirk: "Dumbledore, you mean?"

Dad, smirking: "Yeah, Dumbledork, that's what I said."

This is a time-honored tradition, or so it seems.  When I was a toddler, it was Mickey Moose.  I'd stomp my footy-pajama-foot like there was no tomorrow.  My love of Scooby-Doo prompted him to turn Scrappy-Doo into Crappy-Doo, guaranteeing wild amounts of foot stomping. 

This is my daddy. :) Characters run in the family.


  1. haha your Dad cracks me up. You lost me on the racing but won be back at anything Harry Potter and Daddy related! :) Hope you are well, sweets.

  2. LOL! Your dad sounds a lot like my pa in law!

    I'm not a fan of this new racing style myself; sad to admit that I actually got bored with the Talladega race and went out and mowed the lawn :-(

  3. If I mentioned Dumbledore to my parents, they'd just look at me like I'm nuts. They've never seen Harry Potter and probably will never see it, either. Totally missing out. lol

  4. i love your mom and dad stories/anectdotes!

  5. Your dad and my dad would get along famously!

  6. Jewels: I can't help it--I have to talk racing!! lol Harry is a universal language, though. :)

    Chocolateangel: The old style was so exciting--you couldn't turn your eyes away or you might miss something.

    J.Day: LOL They are missing out!!! Maybe you could convince them to watch it or something. lol It's such a fun series.

    Yvonne: :) They really are characters--seriously, a day doesn't go by without one of them doing something funny.

  7. Carole: lol I'll bet they would! :)

    kitkat: Me too! :) He's a stinker!

  8. Love your Dad's sense of humor!

    My Boston Celtics won their first two games of the playoffs!

  9. Eva: I saw that!!!! I was thinking you must be one happy fan!!! :) Hopefully, our teams can keep it going!

  10. 1) i want footie pajamas now
    2) your dad has a great sense of humor!

  11. Agreed on tandem racing.

    Your dad sounds so cute! My daddy always used to intentionally mispronounce things. He would call "Steinfeld" instead of "Seinfeld" and stress the "T" in "Home Depot". ;)

  12. I'd like to see the Mavs finally win the championship. I wish Mark Cuban had bought the Cubs.

  13. Aubree: LOL--I wore them all the time as a little bitty. Oh, he really does.

    Jenner: Ah! I forgot about that one! My dad does the same thing with Home DePOT! LOL

    George: Oh, me too. I would LOVE to see that!!!

    You know, my Papaw was a huge Cubs fan--Mark Cuban would have done wonders for them. He's a brilliant business mind and so passionate about sports--I really respect his passion and commitment.

  14. haha your dad sounds like mine. always changing things or not knowing what they are called, hysterical the first couple of times but worthy of a foot stomping after a while :D

  15. My grandfather used to say Mickey Moose, too! Your dad is brilliant, love! No wonder you turned out so awesome.~

  16. Jax: LOL, yep, sounds about right.

    Kat: *Hugs* You make me smile!!!