Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Innocent Isn't For Over 30

Recently, while watching one of those quasi-corny, yet strangely addicting Syfy super-storm-destroys-the-world movies, I thought I recognized one of the actresses from an old show I used to watch when I was younger. Over to IMDb I surfed, only to find that she wasn't the same actress. However, I discovered something much more interesting.

The actress is set to star in an upcoming film called, Scents and Sensibility. There is very little information on the film, but it seems to be a twist on the Jane Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility.  While glancing over the page, I spotted the following on a message board: "Actresses are too old."

Upon clicking the message, I was astonished to read a slight rant on casting actresses born in '78 and '80 to portray Jane Austen's young, virginal heroines. Simply put, if you are a woman over 30, you cannot possibly pass as a virgin, much less a young one. I believe the individual used the word "ridiculous" to describe such casting. 

As far as playing a youthful character, well, many women (and men) 30+ can pass for much younger.

Certainly, he/she is entitled to feel the way they do. There is no denying that an over 30 virgin in today's society is a scarce finding. Still, I tend to believe that innocence isn't defined by virgins, nor is it reserved for the under 30 crowd.  While virgins, like lambs or angels, are symbols of innocence, it's an individual's heart and soul that define it.

Maybe he/she has never met one of those "ridiculous," scarce oddities...

...um, yeah, hiya!  How ya doin'? Ridiculous scarce oddity here, dang glad to meet ya!


  1. Stand tall and a stand proud sister! ;) Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorites!

  2. It is pretty scarce, tho. :)

    But, yeah, I hate it when I hear that 30 is old. Like, WTF? Even when I was 19 I never thought that. I thought 35 would be a cool age to be. Funny that that's what I'll be in a few months, too.

  3. if they can pass for looking younger, i don't see a problem with it. there's nothing wrong with being a ridiculous scarce oddity! :)

  4. How old is the character? Wouldn't want it to end up like those school/college shows where actors who are so obviously in their mid 20s are playing teenagers. In fact that's so common it's become a running joke.

  5. I feel their argument is quite weak. It really has nothing to do with how old they are, and everything to do with how old they look. Dumb. And insulting.

    AND HELLO scare oddity! I feel like I fit into that category sometimes as well.

  6. haha you crack me up. You had better bet I can pass for under 30! Virginal no---but under 30 for sure! As long as the actress/actor looks young enough I see no problem with it. They cast younger people as older all the time...why not the other way! I had enough problems with turning 30...now I can't be an actress? Well shit! haha.

  7. Ah! This is one of those tricky captcha blogs....my first comment was lost. Too bad. It was a really brilliant one about Dobby and Hedwig and how wrong it is to kill two innocents for no reason in the same book...

    But I can't retype it because it wouldn't be the same.

    So I followed you over from my blog and I can't believe I haven't read you either and I am now following you, too! LONG LIVE DOBBY! (I cried, too, like someone had just taken my best friend away. I cried more for Dobby than I did for Dumbledore.)

  8. Oh, there was also something about how it's only stupid to cast actresses in their thirties for younger parts if they don't LOOK young enough. The number itself is irrelevant.

  9. I don't know if I'm thinking right, but I thought the whole point of being an actress was that you're supposed to be convincing people you're someone that you're not... :\ :\

  10. That is so ridiculous, nowadays people can look younger than their actual age, besides 30 is not exactly over the hill. We're so obsessed with youth and sex, it's not even funny.

  11. It's a personal opinion, yes, and the thing too is that people are just too used to generalizations and such. I've known of virgins well into their 40s, women, good looking and all. In some places, they are not scarce.

  12. It always bugged me to watch shows like Friends where actors try to portray characters so much younger than they are in real life. I don't know why I felt the need to mention that, just happened to think of it when I read this post!

  13. You give virginity a good name, Miss Virgin.

  14. i dnt believe age determines your sexual "innocence" lol. There are so many young people that cld put 50yr old ladies to shame in the "experience" department

  15. New follower :)
    Anyways, I think that whole argument is stupid. There are so many amazing women over 30 who look great! Why does the number even matter? If you look the part, I honestly don't care about your age.

  16. May the best actress for the role win, no matter what her age!

  17. Age is just a number and in the grand scheme of things, numbers don't matter. Loads of truly outstanding actors & actresses have played characters who were much younger than they are. Even if they didn't quite "look the part" at the beginning, within moments I've forgotten their "true" age.

    As far as virgins over 30 being a scarce find, my very dear Aunt was a highly successful, extremely independent and very happy virgin when she passed at the age of 88. Hmmm, Go figure!

    Keep slaying those myths my friend!

    ~Mrs B

  18. As one post-30 lady who gets told to produce ID whenever purchasing alcohol or tobacco, l am thoroughly on your side. Youthful looks should be celebrated, hang on to them as long as possible. I wish l had followed the same advice about virginity, buts that's another story ;) Glad l stumbled across you!

  19. Yvonne: I'm trying! It's one of my favorites, too. :)

    David: Same here. When I was in my teens, I never looked at people older than me and thought "old." Never crossed my mind. They were always just people.

    Aubree: :) Two thumbs up for ridiculous scarce oddities!

    Drake: I think it does come down to how young/old the actor/actress looks, regardless of their actual age.

    Eva: LOL *waves hello with big smile*

    Lex: Agree. HELLO, BACK! Yay for scarce oddities! ;)

    Jewels: LOL :)

    Chanel: So glad you found my blog! And I'm sorry your first comment was lost--I've had that happen, too. So annoying. OH! I cried far more for Dobby than I did Dumbledore, which kinda surprised me. lol I remember first reading the part where Dobby dies--I had to set the book aside, so I could sob. Hedwig--why did Harry have to lose Hedwig? :( I agree with you on the age thing--the number shouldn't matter.

    Pencilgirl: BRAVO! You hit the nail on the head! Well said!

    Alessandra: You're absolutely right. The obsession is insane...and, frankly, a waste of time.

    Porkstar: Really? Into their 40s? Good for them! That actually makes me feel less alone, I suppose. The generalizations/stereotypes are just plain sad.

    Jenner: lol :)

    GB: Thank you, that means a lot. :)

    kitkat: Ooooh, you are so right on that one! Good point.

    Anna: Welcome and thank you! Yeah, I don't care about age either, and, you're so right, there are so many amazing women over 30!

    Carole: Absolutely!

    Mrs. B: Agreed, and WOW, 88!? Major respect! BFF would say she became a saint upon her passing (he says that's the plus to staying a virgin. lol).

    Number Eleven: And, you know, I tend to think that part of remaining youthful, is FEELING youthful. My parents don't look their age, and they have always lived life with laughs, even when times were tough. They always joke about how they are two big kids. lol Aww, thank you for saying that, re: virginity. I'm so glad you stumbled upon me, as well! :)

  20. I love this post! I love your statement about how the soul defines innocence, I agree :D