Monday, April 25, 2011

The Mavericks WIN GAME 5!!!!!!

Whoop! Whoop! Despite my slightly tight tummy...that is churning...with lingering game-time nerves...and too much chocolate...I'm bouncing! Now the series is 3-2, Mavericks.

I KNEW they could overcome Saturday's loss--that game was a gut check game, and they checked, cleared, and cashed in. Way to go, MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!! That's heart! Man, I WISH I could be there. Did y'all see those empty seats? Dang!

My mom called during the 4th and this is what I get:

Me: "Hello?"

Mom: "Shhhhhh."

Me: "Huh?"

Mom, whispering: "Have you seen the score?"

Me, whispering back: "Oh, yeah."

Mom, still whispering: "Okay, now, shhhhhhh. Maybe if we don't cheer loudly, they won't realize they have a massive lead."

I just burst out laughing. Only my mama.


  1. I love that SHE called YOU and then told you to "shh" haha.

  2. Empty seats! Really?
    I just don't get that.

  3. Well, I'm very happy for the Mavericks, although I don't really follow any sports. Just for you, I'll say: "Go Mavs!"

    PS: I giggled when I read the conversation between you and your mom. Ya gotta love moms, right? :)

  4. I'm with you on the Mavs win, Frisky!

    Unfortunately, should they go up against the Lakers next . . . all bets are off. I'm going to have to boo you from then on. No hard feelings, I hope? :)

  5. I am glad your team finally won!!!

  6. Came here via Pencilgirl's blog, and am so glad I did. The conversation with your mum cracked me up.

  7. I'm a Halifax Town Football Club follower myself.

  8. i hear ya!

    i have all kinds of ritualistic stuff attached to my sports teams...

    the pistons have sucked since chauncey left...

    thank god i have hockey and the REDWINGS!

    just stopping in to say hello!

  9. If they charged reasonable rates there wouldn't be any empty seats. In Chicago the legal scalpers (known as ticket brokers) buy up all of the seats early and raise the already high ticket prices even higher. Good luck to the Mavs.

  10. Jewels: I know, right! lol

    Carole: Yeah, it's painful. Playoff game + empty seats = one wishing virgin. lol

    Candice: lol Thank you! We'll take all the good vibes we can get! You do have to love moms! She's a character, that's for sure.

    Eva: :) It was hilariously adorable!

    David: Aw, man, you're a Lakers' guy! All right, then--if our teams meet up, it's on...GRRRRR. ;)

    OT: They're a great team, sold short sometimes.

    damy: lol Thank you so much for visiting! Yeah, my mom provides a boatload of funny. :)

    Tony: That's soccer, is it? Very cool. ;)

    Bruce: Oh, I am superstitious personified when it comes to my teams in any sport. lol Redwings are awesome, I must say. So glad you visited! :)

    George: VERY true. I hope they can advance!!! I know they have the talent to do this!

  11. hahaha she's hilarious! i dnt blame her though, i can see myself saying that too lol

  12. That is awesome!!