Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Virgin's Tale About Her Dallas Mavericks

Last night, I nervously watched my Dallas Mavericks break a depressing losing streak against none other than the Los Angeles Lakers. HUGE win...a win of massive proportions...we're talking enormous. Think you get it. Three words: Welcome Back, Dirk.

Anyway, after watching the game, I couldn't help but think about the ONE time I could have actually seen them play.

I was in professional school. The bigwigs my friend interned for had a private box at the American Airlines Center where the Mavs play. One evening, she called and asked if I would like to go to the game later that night.

ACTUALLY SEE MY MAVERICKS PLAY!!!  Could this be real?! Could one of my dreams ACTUALLY come true?

Hyperventilating ensued...before the second shoe dropped. There's always a second shoe when it comes to dreams, isn't there?

The conversation went a little something like this:

Friend: "Um, there's something you should know about tonight. My bosses are entertaining some really important business associates from Chicago."

Me: "Okay..."

Friend: "Well, they asked me to invite one of my friends...a 'pretty one.'"

Me, more than a little uncomfortable: "Uh-huh..."

Friend: "They kind-of want us to entertain the men coming in."

Me: "Exactly what do they mean by 'entertain?'"

Friend: "Oh, nothing like that. Just talk to them, maybe flirt a little."

A conditional dream come true--how could I not predict something like this? I felt completely deflated. When I watch my teams play, I'm there to support and cheer for MY TEAM, not be some guy's little barbie doll who will bat her eyes and giggle like a moron at everything he says.

I had a choice: Go and be someone I'm not or go and be who I am, potentially risking any opportunity my friend may have at a job offer.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't go watch my Mavericks just to not watch my Mavericks. And I knew what would happen--I'd go, WATCH the game, which means barely making an effort to "entertain" the men, and end up hurting her chances for a job offer.

Me, with a heavy heart: "You know, I wish I could go, but I really need to work on this paper."

Friend: "Are you sure? We'd still have fun!"

Me: "Yeah, I'm sure. Besides, I'm afraid I wouldn't show very well for you--I would probably come off rude because I would want to watch the game and wouldn't be as sociable as they would like.  You know me and sports."

She went to the game; I stayed home and watched on television...and worked on my paper. Thrilling. As I recall, I saw more of the game on television than she did actually being there.

The one time I could have seen them play and my dang principles had go and get in the way.  I just couldn't see myself flirting it up, being someone I'm not. I've never done things just to get things I may want. So, I reckon, I can be proud of hurts to know I was THAT close to seeing my Mavs and Mark Cuban--love how much he loves the Mavs. I mean, how many opportunities like that actually fall in your lap?

I'm watching them battle Chicago right now...from my recliner...while researching.  The lack of change in my life is glaring.

Maybe one day I'll have another chance...for now, it's all about cheering Dallas to a win. GO MAVERICKS!

UPDATE: Mavs lost, but they played a great game. 


  1. Oh sweetie. I wouldn't have been able to do it either. Not because I have a problem flirting with men...but because if I go to a game (hockey preferably) there is no way (AT ALL) I could not pay attention to the game. In sporting events I am much better at playing the cool chick you want to hang with. I hate pretending I'm not passionate about a sport for the sake of a guys ego.

    Now if it was basketball or football (neither of which I care about) I could happily spend the whole time flirting just to go...but then again...I really wouldn't want to go that bad. :-)

  2. I couldn't do it on principle, either. I don't mind flirting, but I don't want to be invited to a game to be "entertainment".

  3. Oh hell no! I would definitely watch the game!

  4. *Pats head* I’m proud of you. Very few people are willing to stick to their convictions when a large carrot is dangled in front of them. In fact most people claim to have principles, but fail to live up to them every day of their lives.

  5. I'm glad to hear that didn't try to be what you are not. I like Mark Cuban myself. I wish that he could have bought the Cubs. Things would have really changed.

  6. You're a strong one, huh? Sticking to principles when you have something tempting you so badly, is quite an achievement.
    Way to go, girl!! :) :)

  7. Jewels & J. Day: Exactly. I'm all about being a true fan to my team. And, let's face it, those men probably didn't even like the Mavs! How could I entertain non-Mavs fans?! That would have been traitorous! ;)

    Yvonne: Yep, and I knew that's what would happen. Didn't want to potentially cost my friend a job offer. :/

    Drake: *Hugs* Thank you so much.

    George: Mark Cuban could have done wonders for the Cubs. My papaw was a huge Cubs fan, so I was hoping he would buy them and turn them around. :(

    PencilGirl: Thank you so much! I try. Lord knows it isn't easy! lol A Mavs game was quite the temptation.