Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please, May I Have A Soda?! Soda Poll....

Can't sleep, thanks to my nose. Apparently it's not done singing kumbaya with the Kleenex and Vick's VapoRub. It's just revolting, really.

Been thinking (nuthin' else to do): Since I'm feeling a little cruddy...and my shower door enjoyed making me nervously squirm in the nude...and an ice dam decided to spring a drip right near the toilet...and my Mavs you think maybe I could have a soda?

I've been BFF's with the goody-goody water for a while now; I'm craving the imperfectly perfect soda.

What do y'all think? Soda or no soda? *sniff, cough, gag, whine*


  1. Hoho.We have the same problem right now. Mine nose is like a leaky faucet. Soda! You.Must.Drink.Soda. You'll feel better.

  2. Definitely have a soda! You deserve a treat! We all need them from time to time - You don't have to drink a gallon of the stuff - Just treat yourself to a glass /can. It's what life is all about!


  3. A very well placed round of pitiful noises at the end of the question there, but unfortunately for you I am a cruel master. No soda! Bwhahaha.

  4. A hot toddy will cure that cold and cough..believe me...

  5. I'm with Kalei. I say a little nip of something stronger than soda will wipe that cold right out of your system. That's my thinking anyway.
    Go ahead though, girl, I won't deny you a soda. Drake is the DEVIL! ;-)

  6. I'd go with the hot toddy, too. I think drinking a pop would taste awful with all that nasal goop. Ick. I had an ex-boss who always claimed a shot of peach brandy would set you straight, so maybe try that. I've never done it.

    Feel better soon!

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Be strong little one! Be Strong!

  8. Haha, Just have a soda if you think you can stop at one. Anything to make you feel better!

  9. Since you're sick, have the soda. But just one! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  10. Cherry: One vote for soda! Yay!

    Drew: Aww, thank you! Vote: Yes!

    Drake: I haven't a clue what you mean by well placed pitiful noises. *she says innocently* total dementor! Deny the sniffly girl one itty bitty soda! *sniff* One vote, no. Boo. ;)

    Kalei: You're probably right, but I'll count that as a yes to soda. hehe One vote: Yes!

    Jewels: Aww, another vote for soda! Yay!

    ms. caboo: You make a good point. One vote: No.

    Average Girl: Aww, you called me little one. My mama calls me that! You make me want to be good and strong. Vote: no icky soda.

    Stephanie: Vote: Yes! Yay! *giggles, then sneezes*

    Yvonne: 'Nother vote for the soda! Yay!

    So, if my calculations are correct it's 6 votes FOR soda, 3 votes no.

    The "Yes" votes have it! Hurray! I'll let you know if I go through with it and pop that little fizzy can. ;)

  11. Hope the soda makes you feel better..
    Have something else at my blog for you... Hope it makes you feel good too.. :) :)

  12. Sometimes you just NEED a soda! I have been trying to axe the soda from my diet as well...but just NEED that bubbly goodness. AND if you are sick...bubbles totally make you feel better.
    Enjoy your soda Honey!

  13. Soda always makes me feel better... I've been without soda for almost a year. BUT, it depends on why you gave it up in the first place! :)