Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Wednesday: Why Be A Joke?

Acquaintance She-Beast: "I don't understand why you're comfortable being a joke."

Me: "I didn't realize I was a joke."

Acquaintance She-Beast: "Oh, come on. You're a virgin in your 30s. Of course people are laughing behind your back. I do. Instead of poor you, I like to say pure you." She laughs.

Honestly, was that funny at all? On the joke scale, I'm thinking it's pretty lame.

Me: "Well, laughing is good for the heart, right? I'm just doing my part for mankind."

Acquaintance She-Beast: "I'm just trying to be a friend."


Me: "Ooooh, so that's what you're trying to be. Totally thought you were channeling something else."

Acquaintance She-Beast, missing it completely: "You're welcome." Did I thank her? "Now, you know it's a New Year?"

Me: "Yes, that much I am aware of."

Acquaintance She-Beast: "It's time to stop people laughing at you. Let's make a plan to get you laid. Shouldn't be tough. We just have to get you over this love thing."

Me, after a moment's pause: "Did you make any New Year's resolutions?"

Acquaintance She-Beast: "I never do, why?"

Why doesn't that surprise me?

Me: "Might want to consider making a few dozen"

Not sure she even got it, but I sure felt better. 

Here's what: If people are laughing at me, let 'em! I really just don't care. Besides, I laugh at myself all the time. I'm not trying to live my life the way other people think I should live it--nobody should live like that because that's not really living at all. 

Laugh on! :) 


  1. Well she's never gonna be a friend of yours, that I can tell straight away.

  2. Why would anybody laugh at a choice you have made? Unless detrimental to your health, a real friend would absolutely respect and stand firmly behind the choices you have made. She sounds hideous sweetie! You should drop kick her out of your life.

  3. She sounds lovely...why isn't she your best friend.
    Sweetie-I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times are perfect just as you are. She is a she-beast to be sure...and should keep her opinions to herself. Why do people think being hurtful is equal to be helpful?
    Don't listen to a thing she says. Once again I am in awe of your grace and politeness in the face of such rudeness!

  4. Honey, I will always giggle with you, but not at you. Anyone that does, has a special place reserved for them... you know where. :)

  5. This chicks sounds like a total bitch! She surely needs to make some resolutions and let you live your life the way you want! Stick to your guns girl! You won't be sorry!

  6. What a biatch! You know, people are people. Some are ridiculously dense, and closed minded and all kinds of crazy and cruel. Life is too short to worry about them. Who cares! Laugh on sister!

  7. Thought she was your conscience or something. Though I like to say that you should never give up your virginity to someone you don't actually like 'cause you know, that just sucks.