Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flu Shots Suck

Morning: Failing Flat Iron.

Um, why is my flat iron getting too hot on setting 1? 

"I only use you for bangs! You can't be breaking!"

If it gets too hot, the bangs get all flat and springy, as in they stick out. It's like they're waving at people when I walk. So not good. 

Lunch: Flu Shot Fun

I'm not sure what's worse: the actual shot or the the part where the nurse rubs the area with a cotton pad. Just the feeling of the cold, wet, cotton pad on my arm is enough to bring the chills.

The area where they give the shot is open to passersby, so there is no privacy (i.e. I can't make faces, white knuckle the chair, or otherwise act like a big baby). 

When my mom got her shot, there was no one there. Me? Oh, well, I had a mini audience. Two little boys stopped, pointed, and laughed. Little buggers. And just when the nurse started wiping my arm with that slimy little cotton pad, an older woman quite literally STOPPED IN HER TRACKS and proceeded to smile at me. It was...odd--almost like she wanted to ask me a question or something.

Now, I'm all for smiling, but at that moment, smiles are the last thing on my mind. I managed to urge the corners of my mouth into a weak smile.

Luckily, she left, or so I thought.  She walked around me and began asking the nurse all these questions about the flu shot!!! WTH!!!!

"How does this work? Do we need an appointment? Do we need to bring anything?"

The questions just kept coming and I wanted to grab the big plastic pumpkin thing across from me and throw it at her.

The nurse finally had to end the question/answer portion of today's flu shot demonstration because the woman clearly didn't care that she was about to give a shot.

What happened next is predictable: I braced, she stuck, and I bought myself a bag of candy corn.

Night: Post Flu Shot Fun

My arm hurts and I'm achy.

They say flu shots can't make you feel icky. What a crock!

Well, I don't give a flying fart what they say--flu shots make me feel cruddy. 

I'm going to grab a few candy corns and watch Harry Potter.

The Cowboys play the Redskins Monday. I will likely need more candy corn...and Harry Potter


  1. I'm up in the air about flu shots. Some years I get one and some years I don't. I swear I only get the flu on the years I get the shot.

  2. How could she be that oblivious to someone's discomfort? I've never had a flu shot myself. My parents never did it either and they passed the 'who cares?' gene on to my sister and I. On the bright side, these awkward experiences give us something to smile about. Thanks :)

  3. I've never had a flu shot. Ever.

    I'll be cheering for your Cowboys next Monday night!

  4. Eva: My mom swears by it. We've pretty much always gotten the flu shot. And it pretty much makes me feel crappy every year. :/

    Jay: :) It was one of those "you've got to be kidding me" moments. It was just really bizarre. lol

  5. chocolateangel: Well, the anticipation of this one, coupled with the question-asking woman, made me want to pitch a plastic pumpkin. I'm thinking you aren't missing much by not getting one. lol

    Thank you! :)

  6. I don't understand why people subject themselves to the flu shot.

    I make a point of only getting the shots that the law requires. No voluntary voodoo doll experiments for me, thanks.

    You're very brave. But I wouldn't do it. Not for a million dollars.

  7. Chanel: :) I get where you're coming from.

  8. flu shots suck but i figure i should probably get one anyway. in high school i got the flu from shaking hands with someone at church (one thing i don't like about going to catholic church, having to hold/shake hands with germy strangers) and got the flu the next day (day after christmas). it sucked!

    and flat irons are so fickle. i remember (also in high school) i straightened half of my hair and then the straightener started to MELT. needless to say even though i put my hair in a ponytail it still looked waaaay weird that day.

  9. That is bizarre and quite unprofessional! I don't mind needles, I happily watch the nurse take bloods from me because I find it fascinating lol! Am I weird? :P

  10. You should have told her to shut the f*ck up and let the nurse give you the shot. Or grabbed the syringe and chased her round the room. That would have taught her a lesson she'd never forget.

  11. The one and only time I had a flu shot, I came down with the worst flu I've ever had! Now I'm afraid to get one.

  12. Half of the people in the office get sick after getting the shots here. It always hurts at the injection site for a couple of days afterward as well.

  13. Hazel: LOL--Well, it might be just a little weird, but not in a bad way. It just means you are one strong girl. Me, I have to avert my eyes. :/

    GB: LOL! Yes, I do believe either of those scenarios would have taught her a lesson. lol

    Plain Jane: I can completely understand. I'm like that with vitamins. Every time I've started a vitamin routine, I've gotten a cold. So, now I associate vitamins with colds. lol

    George: Well, that's good to know. It has always made my mom feel icky, but never my dad. I guess it depends on the person or something. Oh, and my arm is sore as heck...I'm sure I didn't help it by rolling over on it in my sleep. :/

  14. You should have slapped those damn little boys and poked the woman's eyes out, or at least threatened to go all Oedipus on her. I love you for loving Harry. Harry and Someone I Love have the same birthday. Hope you feel better.


  15. LOLA: LOL--Y'all are seriously bringing the laughs! It was annoying, I can tell you that! lol Nothing compares to Harry! It's such a wonderfully fun series (book and film). Thank you--I'm feeling better, just a little sleepy and sore. :) *Hugs*