Monday, September 12, 2011

Bullet Points

Awards will be on Wednesday. The need to rant has officially taken over.

There were some seriously great things from this weekend: My college teams put on a show and, the thing that absolutely made the weekend, Dale Jr. will drive for the Championship! I'm so happy for him!

 Here are a few of the other highlights from my weekend of fun:

* Apparently, I'm in my 60s. One of those junk mail letters listed the members of my family along with their approximate ages.  I'm listed in my 60s and single.  Awesome.  Didn't screw up my single status, did they? Nah. Now, my mom says it's just a typo.  Probably true.  Really should focus on the typo theory...

...So, along with those random Howler-type letters subconsciously screaming, You're single! Join today to meet your true love, I can now look forward to the Sign up today for your free pair of therapeutic shoes, sure to help with those bone spurs of yours, you old fart. See, I'm not focusing on the typo theory.

* I tripped over my mom's weather radio, set off its ridiculously loud alarm thingy, and freaked. You know how you want something to shut the heck up, but at the same time you're too alarmed (pun intended) to focus on what needs shutting up? Yeah, that.

* On a weekend when my sinuses were beastly, I really didn't need to cry...which I the end of True Blood.  (We'll get into that tomorrow).

*  Cowboys.  Sigh.  My Cowboys dominated the game.  My Cowboys had it won.  My Cowboys looked impressive on defense. My Cowboys lost. 

Tony "No-no" Romo made a couple of big no-nos. Sure, we had a blocked punt (unfortunate, but it happens) and Dez was shut down late in the game (um, we have a plethora of talented receivers Romo can throw to).  Romo's fumble on the Jets one-yard line started the free-fall. The interception at the end was just sour icing on a hard cake.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: As a fan, I do not feel confident with Tony at QB.  I just don’t.  Lord knows I’ve tried, but I know what it’s like to have a QB you have 100% faith in (Troy Aikman).  That feeling simply isn’t there with Romo no matter how hard I try to find it.  
Pressure + Romo = Mistakes.  If this equation changes in the near future, I will be the first to eat my words.  

Bright Side:

  • Dallas was the underdog and many thought the Jets would annihilate them. That didn't happen.
  • We outplayed a tough opponent on their turf.
  • Our defense is, for me, exceeding early expectations.  I knew Rob Ryan would bring back the Dallas defense--I look for them to only get bigger and better.
  • It’s only the first game.
  • We have backup QBs.  Just sayin’.  If Romo can’t get it done, put Kitna in—he did one helluva job last year when Romo broke his collarbone. And, no, I’m not giving up on Romo…yet. I am wary, though, and very weary.

Overall: We are on the brink of something really great. I see it. I just wish I had more faith in our QB. 

And, yes, I took a Dramamine after the game.  

***The changing-font-thing is at it again.  NO idea why it happens.


  1. I admire you devotion to your team!

  2. Eva: :) Thank you--my nerves may not admire my devotion, though. lol

  3. Have you ever tried to write humor? You'd be really good at it, especially about getting old :p You rant the right way, it's entertaining. And you're not old :)

  4. Oh them Coyboys. :-( I thought for sure they were going to get the win. So close! Then Romo wasn't ready for that snap, fumbled, and threw it away...wth? He's beginning to remind me of how Rex Grossman used to play when he was the Bears starting QB - wilting under pressure.

    I know the coach was looking pretty peeved at the end of the game...

  5. You sound like the Notre Dame fans at work. It's early in the season. The only difference is that the Cowboys will come out of it.

  6. I'm finally caught up on the past episodes of True Blood and watched the finale today. I must be a heartless b***h because I didn't shed a single tear. If anything I'm getting more and more angry that it is SO far from the books. Guess I'm a purist. There is nothing wrong with the books and if they stayed closer to them the show would still be plenty exciting. I don't know why but it really gets under my skin.

  7. Jay: LOL--Well, thank you. My mom is a funny ranter. Maybe I got that gene. lol

    chocolateangel: I heard a lot of Grossman comparisons last night (Rex had a good day with the Redskins, beating the Giants). Romo put up the numbers, but stats don't win games. I'm not giving up on him, but he has got to handle the pressure better than that.

    George: Hey, I'm focusing on the bright side. lol I believe in my team. It was just painful to see them lose that way. I enjoyed watching our defense, though--they look GOOD. Like I said, they are on the brink of greatness.

    Jewels: I understand that completely. Like with Harry Potter or any book series that has been turned into a movie/t.v. show, I work really hard to separate the two. There have been a lot of differences with True Blood, though.

  8. I am 36.

    AARP continues to send me their magazine.

    Every month.

    Now if I could only get all those Senior discounts...

  9. Julianna: You cannot be serious! AARP?! At 36?! Wow. Might not turn down the discounts, though. ;)

  10. So, neither of us had a great weekend, then? Pass the cookie dough, please. LOL

  11. If it makes you feel better, I'v been receiving AARP crap since I was 34, I'm about to turn 45!!!

  12. J.Day: Yes, please pass the cookie dough! lol

    Yvonne: That's so ridiculous!!! So in about a year I can look forward to AARP crap and can't even get the discounts. Terrific.

  13. Yep, I loved it when the Red Hat ladies asked if I belonged to their society. Um. no. The pink hats are for ladies in their 50's, and at the time I was about 35. Thanks. So far, no AARP stuff yet.

    And I haven't seen the last few episodes of True Blood, but I will. I already know what happens. Thanks to E! Entertainment. I am a bit disappointed they are so far from the books. I thought the books were great, and not too dark.

  14. My girlfriend gets emails trying to convince her that her penis is too small...

    ... I'm not sure what else to say.

  15. True Blood's finale was scatter-brained, as usual. Much like the show's protagonist at times. But it was still pretty good. I don't for a second believe that what happened at the end really happened. You-know-who will be just fine like 2 minutes into the season opener next year. They always do this. I bet you they'll do something stupid with the character, though, like have him/her have amnesia or an altered personality or something equally stupid just to annoy us fans.

    Oh, and great ending to a terrible nail-biter of a football game for us NY fans here! :) Phew! I'm sorry that your team dropped the ball (literally) when you were counting on them the most, but . . . GO GANGREEN! :)

  16. Lost: Um, yeah, I'm not sure what to say either. Clearly, there are a lot of people who simply not well-informed. :/

    David: I hope you are right, actually. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing said character become something maybe something said character was fighting against early in the season...

    Well, if we had to lose, I'm glad it was to the Jets on 9/11 in New York. That's what made the loss sting a little less. The Cowboys will be back. ;)

  17. ms. caboo: Okay, I absolutely didn't mean to forget to respond to your comment. *blushes* I'm sorry.

    The Red Hat Ladies and you were only 35!!! That's absurd! What is it with people in their 30s getting this kind of thing?! Crazy.

    True Blood: You're right--the books aren't as dark. The show is very, very dark. The final scene, for me, was so sad. The acting was brilliant--you really felt the loss. :(

  18. Being startled by an alarm is ladylike behaviour, Miss Virgin. I hope you eventually managed to shut it up.

  19. GB: I did figure it out, but, wow, it was loud!