Saturday, September 10, 2011

DALE JR. IS IN THE CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. My. AMP. Shirt. That was one of the most stressful races E-V-E-R. 

Dale had to finish 20th or better to lock into the race. 

Can you guess what happened early in the race? Wreck--and it collected Dale in the process.

The rest of the night consisted of watching him fight to stay on the lead lap, get back on the lead lap, gain spots, lose spots, and crawl his way to that top 20. (During this time, there is a very strong possibility I fussed at my AMP shirt to start working its magic, drank far too much soda, and, on a couple of occasions, felt the urge to gag).

After all of the setbacks, he finished 16th!!! Let me tell y'all, only a team destined for great things can overcome everything they had to face tonight and finish 16th. 

Without Steve's calm, steady support, Dale's  talent & determination, and the team's hard work fixing the car, this could very well have been a 30+ place finish.  

His ear-to-ear smile during post-race interviews said it all. I'm so happy for him, Steve, and just the whole team! I knew they could do it! I knew it!

It's Chase time and Dale and the 88 team will give it everything they've got!!!

Remember what they said about the Mavericks this year.  Believe.  



  1. That sounds like a really good race. I think I understand what you find interesting about it :)

  2. My heart dropped when that wreck collected Jr. :-( He overcame a lot of odds to finish as well as he did last night. Go Team 88!

    Have to add I didn't care for the trash-talking Kurt Busch did on Jimmie Johnson. He really needs to get over himself.

  3. Jay: It was probably the most intense race of the season. Short track racing is non-stop action. I think you'd really enjoy it, especially now with the chase for the championship. :)

    chocolateangel: Oh, I know, me too. I just couldn't believe fate would be that cruel. Dale deserves all the credit in the world.

    The whole Kurt-Jimmie thing will be interesting to watch in this chase--I don't think it's anywhere near over between them. There is clearly no love lost. I thought Jimmie handled the post-race interviews really well.

  4. Carole: It almost is. lol But, I love it. :)