Sunday, September 25, 2011

That Win Is Coming

Today was another solid day for Dale Jr.  Had it not been for two flat tires, he would’ve finished top ten or better, no question. 

Stupid tires.  

After the race, he said he was frustrated—he wants a win and felt they had a chance at it today. 

I really feel he will win—he’s so dang close.  I like to think it will happen when and where it’s meant to happen. Maybe it will be at Texas or maybe at a restrictor plate race where he’s Yoda Dale.

Wherever, whenever it will be, it will happen, I really have no doubt, none.

Although NASCAR has him 8th in points, he’s tied with 6th ranked Kyle Busch and 7th ranked Matt Kenseth, so it’s basically a three-way tie for 6th in my book.

Now, a Redskins win would totally start his week off on a good note. The problem? They’re playing the Dallas Cowboys. Sigh. Well, Monday night will be one of those times where I will have to look on the bright side if the Cowboys lose.

Any given race can drastically change the course of this chase. That’s the thing about racing, you just never know.

Next week is the Monster Mile. Let’s take ’em out and knock ’em down.

GO DALE!!!!!!!! 


  1. You are such an enthusiast about your sports. I love that! The question is: Will there be an NBA season this year???

  2. Eva: :) Thank you.

    It's not looking good is it? Preseason games canceled, training camps postponed indefinitely...

    I can't imagine not watching the Mavs for an entire season. Same for you with the Celtics, I imagine. I really hope they get it together. We need our NBA!!!

  3. Go Dale! Go Dale!
    My team lost - again... the only plus side to todays Bears game is that Hubby slept through the whole thing!

  4. chocolateangel: I saw that. Green Bay is a tough opponent, though. It seemed like they were so close to making big plays and then the penalties just hurt everything.

    LOL--Sleeping through a loss is a good thing. lol

    Cowboys-Redskins tomorrow. I'm fairly nervous. :/

  5. The Texans lost! Boo! I was hoping for a 3-0 but it just didn't happen! It ALMOST did though! :)

  6. You're supposed to hate the Redskins. You can't cheer for them being a Cowboys fan, no matter who they play. That would be like me (being a Bears fan) cheering for the Packers.
    Maybe you should pick another driver, I don't think Junior is ever going to win again.

  7. Yvonne: I saw that! I really thought they were going to win that game! They are a good team, though. :)

    George: Oh, hell no, I'm not pulling for the Redskins. I'm just saying *IF* they were to beat my Cowboys, the bright side would be a happy driver. I always try to find a bright side...even if it's really, really tough.

    No can do--he's my driver...and he will win again, many times, including a championship. :)