Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dallas Cowboys WIN, Thanks to Tony Romo

I was so frustrated with Tony Romo last week, but I didn't give up hope, though I was weary as all get out.

I said I'd eat my words if he played like a wizard under pressure...

Hello, Dumbledore! 

So, this is me, eating my words. 

Not only did he play under pressure--having to rally from behind in a hostile environment--he played with a fractured rib. 

Gutsy, heartfelt performance today from Romo. 

Amazing win on the road. This team has gone from Dallas to New York, back to Dallas, and then out to California.  Talk about a travel-heavy schedule!!!

They finally get a home game next week against the gritty 2-0 Redskins, my favorite NASCAR driver's favorite team.  Um, yeah.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ha! Congrats on your win girlie!

  2. Yvonne: :) Thanks!

    Eva: :) Thank you! It was a great sports weekend!

  3. Did they taste good Frisky Virgin? Go Cowboys!

  4. Carole: You know, those words didn't taste bad at all! :)