Thursday, September 29, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth is: I still like to sing the Toys R Us song. You know, “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid…” I heard it on the radio (commercial for Toys R Us) the other day and it just brought me back to being a little girl in Texas, walking through these monstrous aisles jam-packed with toys, singing the Toys R Us song.  I haven’t lost my inner child, apparently. Reckon I never will.

Truth is: I can’t stand crab meat. It makes me gag.  Literally.  Anything that shares its name with an STD just doesn’t seem right. Leave ’em in the sea.

Truth is: Lord help me, I love t-shirts.  I just bought two more. 

Of course, while doing so, I managed to be an idiot.

I spotted a Mountain Dew shirt, which I didn’t have.  It was so random, much like how I found my AMP shirt.  Well, I had to have it.

Me: “Ooh, a Mountain Dew shirt!”

Mom, who was shopping with me: “Is there anything Dale on it?”
Me: “No, nothing…just Mountain Dew, so no chance of a jinx. I have to have it. Now, I’ll have AMP and Mountain Dew. This is bizarre luck, here.”

At this point, I half-notice a guy kind-of hanging around, grinning.  And then my eyes and mouth get together and blow the whole NASCAR-88-girl-fan image.

Me: “Oooh, a Popeye shirt!! How cute is that?! I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eats me spinach! Aw, and, Mom, remember when I used to sing the Olive Oyl song when I was just a little girl?”
Yes, my eye was all squinty.  And, yes, I sang.  The guy disappeared.  Yeah.

Me: “I really never cease to amaze myself sometimes.”

Mom: “Honey, if a guy can’t appreciate a girl who is full of life and fun, then he can go shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Gotta love moms. :)

Oh, and, um, I bought the Popeye shirt...and the Mountain Dew shirt.


  1. He must have been hoping you'd put on the t-shirt and let someone hose it. How do you like crayfish?

  2. How can anyone NOT sing the Toys 'R Us song? It's a catchy tune :-)

    I now have a mental image of you pretending to be Popeye, lol! And I totally agree with your Mom too :-D

  3. Your mom's right. And Toys R Us is awesome. I used to visit it just before Christmas time and load up on stuff I wanted.

  4. Can't stop singing the toys r us song now. Also have I'm Popeye the sailor man running through my head. Maybe if I think of the Winnie the Pooh song I can make them go away.


  5. GB: Well, that's certainly one explanation. lol I'm not much of a seafood person. It's the Texan in me--meat and potatoes.

    chocolateangel: It really is a catchy tune! LOL--Really can't think about my Popeye moment. *blushes & shakes head* Leave it to me! Now if only a guy would come along who agrees with Mom. lol

    Jay: :) I have so many memorable moments related to Toys R Us. :)

  6. LOLA: I know! I've had them in my head, too! lol The second I heard the Toys R Us song, I couldn't stop singing it!

  7. Yeah!

    So glad you could link up!

    Men... ugh. Thing is, it's expected that you stick around when THEY act like that...

  8. Julianna: This is such a fun idea! I'm so glad you thought of it!

    LOL--Good point. I mean, really, the moment was actually rather amusing in retrospect, so maybe that guy just needs to find his laugh box or something.

  9. I love crab even though it is technically a sea spider and I have an insane fear of spiders...I try to ignore that while gnawing on their legs. Sorry...that probably made you gag.

    I love t-shirts too though mine are mostly Phillies, Flyers, or something drinking related. My goodness I am classy. haha.

  10. Gotta love you and your mom, Toys R Us (I'm glad to live close to one), Popeye and Mtn Dew. It's all good.
    Be well, dear friend.

  11. Jewels: Oh. No. *GAG* I literally turned green, I think. Spiders...gnawing on legs...and I'm going to hurl. *Gag*

    LOL--Oh, I have my sports t-shirts too...and Dr. Pepper, A&W root goes on. The classiest, most elegant person in the world loves a good comfy t-shirt, mark my word. ;)

    Robyn: :) Thank you, you're too sweet. *Hugs*

  12. What a jerk. My guy friends would have jumped right in and joined you in song. Maybe you're living in the wrong city.

  13. Oh cool, I'm a meat n' potatoes guy, too! I actually can't eat seafood. Don't know why, but I just never liked the taste.

    And, yeah, you don't want the kind of guy that can't appreciate a gal singing the Popeye tune. I'm shy, but even I would have approached you after hearing that. It's so something I would sing! :)

  14. Yeah, crab meat is kind of "blehhh". I've heard that it's full of cholesterol anyways.

    If he didn't like you singing Popeye, then pshhh! That guy wasn't worth a blink of the eye. Who needs a guy that won't let you be a dork sometimes?!

  15. Chanel: Maybe I am in the wrong city. lol Aww, see, those are some cool guy friends! BFF would have done the same had he been there...if he could get over the laughing.

    David: Same here!!!!! And the texture? *GAG* I just don't like seafood. SO glad I'm not alone there. My mom loves it; my dad, eh, not so much. Think I inherited his non-fish-loving gene.

    Awww, thank you! That makes me feel better! lol I couldn't help but sing the Popeye song! I mean, who doesn't sing it when they see a Popeye t-shirt? ;)

  16. Anna: So true! Everyone has their dorky moments--people just need to have a laugh and not be some stuck up snob. lol

  17. Haha I bet shopping with you is your mother's highlight of the week! :)

  18. That was hysterical! My husband makes Tshirts for a living and people do ask him for the oddest things. I think it's so fun. Last customer wanted the Pillsbury Doughboy..I couldn't stop laughing but in a good way, of course.

    IF you want your own custom Tee, stop by the website:

  19. Wish I'd been there to see that! Are there special moves to the song?

  20. Go figure! That exact Popeye phrase is my tagline on one of the "social networking" sites that I hang around on now then. I think I need one of those t-shirts!

    As for that guy? Zero taste and similarly, zero class! He obviously doesn't recognize the perfect woman when he hears her! ;~)

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm back in the blogosphere. (well... making a slow comeback, that is) Missed you and your posts a bunch, so I'll definitely be checking in with my favorite frisky virgin more often from now on.

    Oh.... and your mom? Truly a class act!

    Mrs B

  21. Hazel: LOL--It's never dull, according to her, so you may be right. lol

    KG Style: Awww, my mom LOVES the Pillsbury Doughboy! lol I will absolutely stop by the website! What an awesome job to have! Love t-shirts! :) Thank you for stopping by! :)

    Carole: :) You know, I don't know. Lord, I hope I didn't unwittingly do some little move to go with the song. Can't even think about that. lol

    Mrs. B: Aww, really?! I love Popeye! The shirt is sooooo cute, too! Maybe I'll take a picture of it.

    And could you be any nicer?! Thank you for that! *Hugs*

    I am SO glad you are back! I've missed you, my friend!!! *Hugs*

    :) Mom is truly a gem and I just love her to pieces!

    Cherry on freakin' top: :) Thank you--she always says it like it is. :)