Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, So That's Exhaling...

You ever have one of those weeks where the days seem like your worst enemy and the nights are somehow way too short?  This was one of those weeks.  I am ridiculously behind on reading, posting...breathing.  I'm so sorry--many promises I'll catch up on everything. 

Now that I'm actually exhaling:

*  Last weekend was phenomenally good for my college football teams.  Quirky Alert: You might wonder why I never really talk about my college teams, but will go all blog-ape for my's a jinx thing. Stupid, I know, but I always think I'll jinx my college teams.  I dunno.  Don't ask. 

*  Keeping with that jinx trend--Because I don't want to jinx my driver, I'll simply say this: Dale can lock into the chase this weekend.  Whatever the outcome, he's had a great season and it's only bound to get better.  Last weekend's weather delay threw off my AMP shirt's ability to, you know, work its magic.  It'll be ready to go this weekend. Go get 'em, Dale!

* So, this weekend is America's Team, The Dallas Cowboys, v. The New York Jets, in New York, on 9/11. Emotions will be running high in this game. This is going to be a tough game for my Boys.  I'm going to need a gallon of soda...and Captain Crunch...then a Dramamine. 

* The Horny Mosquito:  A mosquito apparently decided to get quite amorous while I was showering the other night.  The horny little bugger left me with two bites in two rather blush-worthy areas.  Perhaps he was mocking me.  Sarcastic little hornball. 

We'll have some awards to hand out on Monday! And don't forget we have the True Blood finale this weekend. My Cowboys come first, so I'll have to catch it after the game, but I can't wait to see how they will wrap everything up.  Halloween in Bon Temps.  I can only imagine.

***While we all cheer on our teams with loved ones, let us take time and remember the lives lost on September 11th.  

They tried to take our freedom on that day, break our faith, and rip our nation apart.  And while we stood with tears pouring down our cheeks, we did so together, hand-in-hand, as one Nation under God.  Never will we fall.  Never will we fold.  Never will we forget. 


  1. Nice tribute to the memory of 9/11.

  2. Oh that horny mosquito just had good taste (get it, bite you taste you... lol)... he just saw a hot little chick and said, come to Papa baby! :)

    Have a lovely weekend darlin!

  3. Go Cowboys! My BC Lions play tomorrow afternoon but I can't watch it until I get home later. Don't anyone tell me the score!

  4. Average Girl: LOL--So, I was hit on by a horny mosquito. Great. lol

    Carole: Whoop! Whoop! Go Cowboys! Go BC Lions!!! I won't tell you the score, but you can bet I'll be checkin'! ;)

  5. Wait, the mosquito did that IN the shower? How did he not drown?

    I'm not American but I can still remember exactly what happened on 9/11. I woke up to that news on the radio.

  6. Jay: I have no idea. All I know is I stepped in without mosquito bites and stepped out with two. The shower is kinda roomy, so maybe when I was stepping aside to condition my hair?? Who knows, but that little jerk certainly had his way.

    It was a day I don't think anyone will ever forget. Sometimes I still can't believe it really happened--like it had to have been a nightmare.

  7. Always remember!!!! Wonderful tribute FV! Oh and what's up with the horny mosquito??? lol

  8. I believe that only female mosquitoes bite, Miss Virgin. It looks like you've had a lesbian experience! No wonder it knew where to bite you!

  9. eww i hate mosquitoes! or is there no e in that? whatever. hate 'em either way. and mosquito eaters are seriously even scarier. they are huge and they EAT! at least i think they eat mosquitoes, as the name implies they do.

    and nice 9/11 tribute, i was pretty young when it happened so i didn't quite understand the significance then. never forget!

  10. September 11th was a sad day for us all :(

  11. Mosquitoes love me, but never in the shower and never on my wowser.


  12. Yvonne: Thank you, dariln'. And I have no idea, but I was not thrilled. lol

    GB: Are you serious?! I never knew that! Learn something knew everyday! Well, then, it was a little bi^%!.

    That 20 Something Virgin: Oh you mean those giant mosquito-looking winged beasts? They are creepy!

    Hazel: It truly was. :(

    Lola: LOL--I really hate mosquitoes...even more so now, actually.