Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

First of all, has anyone had trouble signing into Blogger? Dang!

I have so much blog reading and writing to catch up on--having trouble signing in doesn't help. :(

Lessons Learned:

1. Stress, migraine, and cramps really don't mix well.

2. I'm thinking I should not be so emotionally involved in sports.  I really do get "into" the game. Last night, the LSU Tigers ended an absolutely phenomenal season (undefeated, SEC Champs) with one of the most bizarre offensive performances I've ever seen in football.  

MUCH love to the LSU Defense--y'all played to win. But the offensive strategy was like they were hoping to win, not playing to win. Why else would you keep an ineffective QB in the game with a Championship on the line? Would you not try something different?! How about putting the QB that got you where you are in the game?!

See, I get a wee bit emotional.  I'm going to try to calm it down and not get so involved. Why? Because maybe then I won't take losses so hard, won't get all stressed, and won't get queasy stomach. 

3. When a guy who can't get what he wants from you offers his support prior to said game, don't blindly believe he will actually end the evening being a good-sports-guy-friend. No, because so long as his perky controls his thinking, he will turn into an absolute a**. 

Um, and just for the record, LSU finished #2...where, Mr. A**, did your team finish? Oh, right, sorry about that. (Dang, I wish I had said that to him, but I'm a better sport).


  1. Blogger has been giving me loads of issues. Because I complained, they suspended my account for a few hours... it shut me up... (ugh)

    As far as college ball goes, it was an interesting game. I'm a USC fan so I can't talk trash, but it felt like LSU's offense just didn't show up, or weren't prepared.... Oh well.

  2. Lost.in.Idaho: Wow. Well, at least I know I'm not the only one having trouble. :(

    It was a bizarre game. Defensively, LSU looked strong, as they have all season. Offensively...I have no idea what in Santa's kitchen that was all about. There's still no reason for not at least trying another QB. Hell, the Bama D-coordinator said he was shocked when Lee didn't come in the game. :/

  3. 1. That sucks. Hope you're better :)

    2. Hoping to win vs playing to win. You just made me have an epiphany. That's the way Canadian's play sports. We don't feel we deserve to win, but it would sure be nice to win, and so we hope and hope and hope...Seldom works.

    3. I'm so glad you drop the a**'s. They deserve NOTHING!

  4. Isn't it rather unusual for a woman to be such an avid sports fan, Miss Virgin? It sounds as if that fellow was hoping your heightened emotional state would give Mr Perky a chance!

  5. I don't know if you recall, but I had this same exact problem with Blogger many months ago. I suspected it had something to do with Google, since they're the ones behind the login procedure (at least, for my account this is the case). I had a feeling that my Microsoft Internet Explorer browser had something to do with it. Besides being a "competitor's" product, it's a fairly outdated version to boot.

    So, I downloaded Google's "Chrome" browser and have never had a login problem ever since. Which browser are you using?

  6. I do not miss Blogger at ALL for my main blog. I have it still for my "naughty" one but use it sparingly so I'm not too concerned. It is a huge pain in the a** though. Sorry, sweets.

    Also...migraines are the pits...take care of yourself!

  7. I've had no trouble with blogger, but I now will go knock on wood!

  8. I haven't had any trouble with Blogger. Having said that, now I'm sure it will start. lol

    Sorry you had stress, migraines and cramps. That's just too much!

  9. Jay: I'm better now--those migraines can just knock you down, add the other stuff and ugh. lol

    I'm convinced that's what I saw with the LSU offense last night--hope to win. Can't do that against Bama. I'm not sure I'll ever fully comprehend what happened there. :(

    LOL--You know, I'm all for healthy competition, but if a guy acts like an a** towards my team, it's a deal breaker. lol

    GB: It is--it's always surprising for a man when he finds out how avid a sports fan I am. lol Actually, that's a very good point. But when he starts acting like an a** towards my team...yeah, not winning any points.

    David: Interesting. I use Firefox, which I have had some problems with lately. I think my dad said he had to download Google Chrome for similar reasons you stated.

    Jewels: I have so much to read, but when you can't even look at a computer screen with the brightness turned way down, there's pretty much no way I can enjoy catching up. :(

    Eva: Yep, knock on that wood! lol

    J.Day: Oh, it's really too much...and a beloved team loses to boot. Gah! lol

  10. I realize it's not the NBA, but my boys had to play AGAINST each other tonight. AND Tony was one of the coaches.

    It was horrible.

    I had no idea who to root for.

  11. I'm having tons of fun with Blogger, too. It's always something, as Roseanne Rosannadanna's father said.

    Janie Junebug.

  12. Don't bother getting caught up. I tried and all that did was distract me from the new things which meant I was behind again!
    Men! Cramps! Blogger's been good to me so far. xo

  13. Nope, I haven't been having trouble signing in.

    You sound really sick, get better soon :/
    Hahaha, you sure are enthusiastic about sports :P

  14. The only issue I have with Blogger is that I have to keep multiple GMail tabs open for work - i.e. one for my personal e-mail account, and one for my work. Invariably, when I try to post, it seems to default to my work account, so I have to make sure I'm logged out of it.

    Also, guys are pretty insidious when it comes to being "just friends." Frankly, we don't really lay off unless we're just not interested to begin with. If you're the one rejecting him, just assume he's not going to stop hounding you, and spurn him. Spurn him and his "perky" aggressively!

  15. Julianna: Oh, that's a nightmare. :/ Dang, I wouldn't even know where to begin with that situation. Yep, you're Wonder Woman. :)

    Janie: LOL--It sure is!

    Carole: Very good point. lol

    PurpleMist: I'm feeling much better now. Migraines are tough, as are cramps, so the two combined...yeah, not fun. lol Oh, I am very enthusiastic about my sports. lol :)

    Steve G: Yep, the multiple tabs thing can be a bit of a pain.

    LOL--Interesting. So, I guess what Harry says in "When Harry Met Sally" is true: Men and women can't be friends. I mean, there are some exceptions to that rule, of course, but if there's an attraction from either party, I guess a friendship can't really be *just* a friendship. :/

  16. @ TFV - I think When Harry Met Sally simplifies things a bit, since it is a movie. Here are the exceptions I've found to this:

    1) If you have a girlfriend and meet a girl, she might get into Friends Zone just because you're wrapped up in that current girl, and thus, you can be friends. (NOTE: This can quickly revert if something happens to that relationship.)

    2) Generally, guys are more willing to date their female friends than the other way around. Usually if you're a guy, you become a girl's friend because she doesn't want to date you.

    3) Guys are much more cutthroat, for better or worse - if they're not at all attracted, they normally won't be your friend.

    4) Much like #1, if either person is in a relationship, it can complicate things briefly or permanently. I'm friendly with one of my ex-GFs, and one of her friends once made a move on me, but all of the baggage made me give her the "let's just be friends" speech. (Of course, given that I'm an evil and cutthroat man, if my ex ever moved far away, then I would pounce.)

  17. Hahah, I get emotionally involved with sports too. Mostly my Green Bay Packers. It's so hard not to!