Thursday, January 12, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: Utter Confusion & Clarification

Truth Is: I’m still bummed about LSU.

Truth Is: I shouldn’t be bummed—the only game they lost was to Bama (who they already defeated once during the season) in the National Championship.  Otherwise, they had an undefeated regular season and won the SEC Championship.  Clearly, I’m being selfish. 

Truth Is: A** Football Dude was convinced I “wanted” him and now he’s got his boxers in a wad.  Um, I was talking football, and ONLY football.  Please, someone, tell me how football talk translates to “I want you?”

Is there some secret sports code guy talk I’m unaware of? Do words like offense, defense, option, pass, screen, trick play, and quarterback have double secret meanings?

How do things like “Bama is b*&$@-slapping us!” “Lee can throw downfield—put him in, take some shots!” and "That's freaking holding!!!" translate to “Please, take me, I’m yours?!”

And just to clarify, I did not put any spin on how I said anything. I didn’t emphasize certain words or give some stupid sexy wink-eye.  Like I’ve said, when I’m in the game, I’m in the game—flirting is the last thing on my mind…I’m there for my team and that’s it. 

BFF finds me totally hilarious when I watch football, but, then, he’s a fellow football fanatic, so he gets it.  

So, what is it?  Is it so rare to hear a girl talk sports that certain guys think we’re just doing that to impress them, ergo it must be flirting-sex-talk couched in football terms?  I just don’t get it. 

Clarification: The following commercial aired a while back—when my Mom, Dad, and friends first saw it, they laughed and pointed to me saying, “That’s you!”  When you first get to know me, you might think I’m a lot like the first part of the video (the clueless girl).  Then, you learn I’m much more like the second part of the commercial (the, um, sports fan girl).

So, just to clarify, here's an ad that gives you a pretty good idea of how I am when I watch sports. 


  1. Loved the video! haha! So are you more intense than the girl in the ad?


    You're close to being right. In my opinion a woman like you is rare enough that when you show that interest in sports, whether you're flirting or not, he might reason in his own mind that you're interested in him because of it. It kind of works with anything that a woman shows interest in that is typically a 'guys only' thing. In any case, it also shows that he's a little desperate if he's reaching that hard.

    Then again, I might just be making this all up :)

  3. Yeah, sad to say that sports talk means sex talk to most men. It starts with teh same letter even, and as with most men, all the subsequent letters after "s" are insignifigant.


    Tony once told me the sexiest thing he's ever seen on a woman is a baseball cap. Until he saw me in hats. Epic fail.

  4. J.Day: Um, I might be. *blushes* I'm pretty intense. Between my mom and dad, I was bound to be a sports fan intense one. :)

    Jay: LOL-What's funny is I have ALWAYS screamed at the refs just like that. lol That ad came out and my face bypassed pink and went straight for maroon.

    That's really interesting. So, if a woman is interested in something that is typically "guy only," it puts things in a sort-of gray area? And, perhaps, the men honestly don't know how to interpret a female fan...interesting. Could very well be.

    Julianna: LOL--Sports talk from a woman = sex talk. I will have to remember kind-of explains a few rather confusing situations over the years. And here I was just in the game with my team, totally oblivious. lol

    Awww, I doubt that--I'm sure he found you adorable! :)

  5. Frisky: Yes, especially if it's more of a one on one thing and if you joined him rather than he joined you. (once again, I could be making it up :)

  6. There's no explaining some guys' ignorance.

    By the way, your Mavs beat my Celts the other night! I was bummed. But I was glad to see Delante West (former Celtic) is playing well. We stunk for most of the game. Hopefully, we will improve.

  7. So, what is it? Is it so rare to hear a girl talk sports that certain guys think we’re just doing that to impress them, ergo it must be flirting-sex-talk couched in football terms? I just don’t get it.

    Given how piggish most of his interactions have been with you, yes, I think this is the proper read on the whole thing. Also, desperate / crappy guys can read into things way more than they should. Every "hello" becomes "hiiiiii". Most of us grow out of it around 15 or 16, but some of my friends still suffer from that sort of arrested development.

    And finally, I would do horrible things to the girl in that commercial. She's really foxy to me for some reason, and I'm not even into "sports" girls, for a lack of a better term. (Meaning: Someone liking the Red Sox doesn't make me any more or less likely to bone them.)

  8. Men parlay ANY word into sex! TRUST me! lol Sorry about LSU, a good friend of mine is still also bummmed and moping around. I wish I was a "sports watching kind of gal" like you. I bet men find that most attractive! :) Favor? PUHLEASE send the Texans good vibes so we can win on Sunday! Thanks in advance!!! :)

  9. Jay: See, these are things we just don't think about. It wasn't a one on one kind of thing, since it was a gathering of fans and people were always on the phone or texting with fan-friends, etc.

    Eva: I know. :/ While I was elated they won, I kept thinking, "Oh, I feel bad for Eva." Seriously. I knew you would be bummed and that makes the win a little bittersweet. :/

    Steve: I mean, I've had men tell me the sports talk is sexy, so I figured it was a turn on to some men. But this guy seemed to actually turn the football talk into sex talk. lol Oh, and you are so right about some guys turning a "hello" into a "hiiiiii." Great example, btw. Um, yeah, I can tell you there are men in their 30s and 40s who haven't grown out of it. :/

    LOL-Glad you liked the commercial.

    Yvonne: LOL--I trust you! lol Yeah, it was a tough loss. It's not the losing so much as the not trying anything different when our offense clearly wasn't working that really gets to me. IF we had tried something different, could we have won? We'll never know. :(

    LOL--Well, I'm not sure how attractive it is when the pacing takes over...or the yelling at the refs. lol

    Favor, granted! I will absolutely root for the Texans!!!

  10. I think just being in a room with you gives some guys the idea that you want something more. I mean, why else are you enjoying their company? Right? :)

    Hey, sorry about LSU. But their record speaks volumes, and you're right to feel proud.

  11. I have no idea how one could be interpreted st the other, but I also have no clue when it comes to sports, but unlike the first girl, I don't even pretend to know or like sports. which might partly explain my lack of getting asked out on dates (back in the day).....

    (via Thruth Is Thursday Link Up)

  12. I swear if I'd played scratch golf or tennis like one of the Williams sisters, hubs would have proposed years earlier. LOL (little did he know that I went to watch him play tennis so I could see him take his shirt off!)

    Some guys just don't need much encouragement and a girl who really gets into sports is like finding the holy grail. And, if he (foolishly) bragged prematurely to his boys and got shot down, that could definitely bruise the old ego. Sadly, it might even make him pursue you more aggressively, so be prepared.

    You just keep on being you, darlin'. Frustrating as it can be, the good ones are worth the wait.


  13. Frisky: Men will find sports talk a turn on by a woman no matter how innocent you do it. They will always think you want them--I don't get it at all!