Tuesday, June 18, 2013

True Blood Tuesday: Who Are You, Really?

Season six, Episode one

They’re back! Um, and so am I! Did y’all really think I’d let you down on True Blood Tuesday? Actually, I’m kinda hoping writing these will help me get back into the swing of things on the blog—my time has been pulled very thin…add a nice sprinkle of insomnia and it’s so super fun (note the sarcasm). You know I've missed you all SO much...and if I keep going, I'll get all sappy, so...

Anyway…let’s get going, shall we? AND I promise to add some entertaining personal thoughts for those who might not watch the show, but like a good dose of sarcastic goodness.

Billith, Eric, & Sookie: We see through Bill’s eyes in the beginning—his vision is crackling, like fire; he focuses on Sookie, unleashes a God-awful screech, bares some mega-fangs…and that’s when Eric screams, “RUN!” Sookie and Eric book it to the elevators (Sook now covered in vamp-guts after slipping in the lobby. What luck is that, right? Your ex just became some uber beast, and the best fate can give you is a SPLAT in vamp-guts.). But Billith destroys all electricity in the Authority complex, trapping Sook and Eric inside. Using her fairy glow as a flashlight, Eric was able to punch through the top of the elevator.

Jason, Pam, Tara, Jessica, and Nora: Nora was going all commando-bitch, and Pam was having none of it (love the hate fest there). Pam apparently doesn’t know who the hell Nora is (i.e. Eric’s ‘sister’).

Sam, Luna, & Emma: Freaking knew this would happen…Luna dies after asking Sam to care for Emma. :(

NOTE: Luna’s death slapped me upside the head. It was SO quick. I mean, I think we all knew it was probably going to happen—I guess I wanted a little more buildup and a more emotional farewell. [Enter the pouting] Of course, reason finally voices up and says, “Uh, dumbass, it’s one hour show. They can only do so much.” And then I stop pouting.

Eric & Sookie…Pull up in a van, surprising Jason, Pam, Tara, Jessica, and Nora—all thought the pair died in an explosion at the Authority. After another massive explosion, they see Billith emerge…and fly away.

Taking off for Bon Temps, the gang hears a public address over the radio made by the governor of Louisiana. Basically, he’s oozing a pile of political garbage—when you dig through it, you hear a declaration of war against vamps: Vampire curfew (must remain indoors/underground after sundown); shutting down all vampire-owned business (bye-bye, Fangtasia); encourages all citizens to buy a gun & wooden bullets (yeah, that’s really responsible, there, Gov). Some chick throws blood on the mayor shouting stuff I, for the life of me, can’t figure out.

Pam and Nora get into a verbal spat, and Eric pulls the car over. Pam wants to kill ‘Mary Poppins,’ but Eric tells her Nora’s his sister, which Pam never knew about.

NOTE: Not loving how jerk-wad-y Eric is being with Pam.

Nora & Eric: Eric asks if Nora has any inside information on a Lilith rebirth. Unfortunately, Nora knows nothing, but insists Billith must be destroyed if, in fact, Lilith has been reborn within Bill. Jess overhears this and doesn’t take it so well. She clearly can’t separate Bill from Billith (I’m not sure many of us can).

Pam & Tara: Pam actually cries in front of Tara…AND let’s Tara comfort her. Big step for Pam!

Sookie & Jessica: Jessica is upset at the possibility of Eric and Nora killing Lililth, which, of course, would mean killing Bill (Oh no! They’re gonna Kill Bill. Sorry, couldn’t help it.). Both Sook and Jess are afraid of Bill now. Confusion is the name of the day.

Eric, Nora, & Jason: Warlow-talk begins. Hurrah! Jason tells Nora what he knows about the mysterious floating-biting-dude (vampire; killed parents; floating in Sook’s bathroom). Eric says it’s ridiculous. Nora says Warlow is in the Book of Lilith; he was a progeny of Lilith, one of the first vamps.

Jason threatens to shoot the vamps, but Sookie blocks him from causing any harm. Jason freaks out because Sook has chosen vamps over him/their parents. He storms off.

NOTE: Okay, well, Jason is all pro-human, anti-vampire now. Really didn’t want that to happen. This is going to annoy the hell out of me.

Jessica, Eric, Sookie, Tara, Pam, & Nora: Billith summons Jess. The ‘call’ is much more powerful than normal, almost as if he’s pulling her body towards him. Eric tries to stop her progress, but Jessica pukes blood all over him (kinda cute, funny, and gross at the same time) and falls to the ground, writhing in pain. Sookie finally decides to take Jess to Billith in the car. Meanwhile, Eric is an ass to Pam (“Get out of my way. How many ways do I have to say it?”) and flies off with Nora.

Alcide & the pack: Ew. Hungry werewolf just ripped into a severed arm. A naked Danielle offers her everything to him, much to Rikki’s annoyance.

NOTE: All I could think when he bit into that arm was, “Oh, Alcide…your breath is gonna stink.”

Andy, Arlene, & Terry: Very cute scene with Arlene & Terry trying to coach Andy on diapering the fae-babies.

Sam, Lafayette, & Emma: Luna’s transformation from Newlin back to her original self is all over the news in a bad way. Little Emma tells Lafayette that her mommy’s dead and she’s hungry. Lafayette was SO sweet with her, taking her right back to whip her up some southern fried goodness. Sam warns Lafayette that he can’t tell anyone he and Emma were there—Emma’s life depends on it.

Jason & mysterious car dude: Anyone think the old car dude kinda looks like Warlow? And, um, Jason? Dude, you DO NOT get into a car with a stranger in vampire-central AT NIGHT. And what’s with all the talk, talk, talk?! Are you nuts?! WTH?!

Jessica, Sookie, & Billith: Arriving at Bill’s mansion, poor Jess is weak and seriously hurting. Sookie walks her through the house, following Billith’s bloody footsteps to his upstairs balcony. Damn. Bill’s dressed like Bill…as he gets up to approach Sookie, Eric and Nora swoop in; Bill shoves Nora off with ease and slams Eric against a pillar. Sookie runs up behind Bill and…STAKES HIM! Well, than was ineffective. Bill removes the stake and heals. He wishes no harm to anyone, unless they force him to defend himself again. Nora asks if he’s Lilith; Bill answers that he is Bill Compton…just something more.

Sookie tries to get Jess to leave with her, but Jess is loyal to her maker. Jessica bares her fangs at Sookie, angry she tried to stake Bill (very cute how Eric went all protective when Jess threatened her). Jess tells Sook to get out; Bill orders them to do as Jess says, and, when he does, some odd earthquake thing shook the house and ground. Is he Mother Nature? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Governor of Louisiana: After basically declaring war on vampires, he puts the power squeeze on a plant owner who supplies vampires with True Blood. It sounds like she may have owned one of the TB the Authority destroyed. He meets her in an empty plant owned by the state, I believe, and offers her the use of the plant, free of charge. Basically, he wants to be her silent partner, with his sole goal being revenue for Louisiana (make TB, feed vamps, make them tax-paying citizens).

Note: Totally thinking he’s up to something. I don’t trust the dude.

Alcide, Danielle, Rikki: Alcide’s butt. Alcide’s butt. Sorry. What? Where was I? Oh, Alcide’s butt. Sorry. Aw, Alcide, don’t go making out with Danielle! You have a girlfriend! And here comes Rikki…okay…well…looks like she’s either gonna kill Danielle, or it’s threesome time…looks like it’s the latter, with Rikki telling Alcide to never forget she’s his number one bitch.

Pam & Tara at Fangtasia: Tara’s all “Eff Eric.” Pam disapproves. Tara thinks Pam’s too busy obsessing over Eric to give their relationship a chance. Pam says they aren’t going to be some great romance. Armed officers from the government storm in, aiming guns at Tara and Pam. When Tara threatens one of the officers in an effort to protect Pam, the officer shoots her with some sort of laser thing, I think (it wasn’t clear). Tara fell, writhing on the floor, partially off-screen. For someone who doesn’t see a great romance evolving, Pam sure did seem crazy-worried about her.

Sookie & Eric: I love these two together. Sorry, I do. He walks her home (swoon) and offers her money so she can escape Bill. As Sook reminds him, Bill has had her blood—he can find her anywhere she goes.

Eric never expected Sook to stake Bill in order to save his life. She talks about how she has changed into something she never thought she’d be. Eric: “To me you’ll always be that girl in the white dress, the one who walked into my bar.” SWOON…again.

Once inside Sookie’s house, Eric asks for a pen and paper. When Sook gets it for him, he stabs his wrist with the pen and uses his blood to return ownership of the house to Sookie. Because she wants to get back to being that girl in the white dress…she rescinds Eric’s invitation!

NOTE: Oh, honey…when you have a man like Eric in your life, you DO NOT rescind his invitation, fangs or no fangs. I mean, really, what’s the risk of a little bite and blood-draining when the man attached to the fangs looks like Eric? I expected more from you, Sook.

Eric & Nora: Nora’s waiting on Sook’s porch when Eric is forced out (btw: loved how they filmed his exit like a slow parting, rather than a quick, angry tossing). Nora asks what all that was about, but he rather sternly says it’s none of her business. She then asks Eric what the plan is with Bill. Eric calmly states, “We find his weakness.” Nora suggests using “the fairy.” Eric angrily says Sookie stays out of this, and they will stay away from her from now on. Nora snottily says, “Eric, you’re in love with her.” Eric replies with a somber, “In another lifetime.” Nora, rather smugly, realizes she may not know Bill’s weakness, but she now knows Eric’s. Ooh, Eric does NOT take kindly to her tone or her words. Zipping over to her, he places his hands on either side of her face, and says, “Nora, my darling sister, don’t stir this pot.” He zooms off. Nora takes a moment to stare through the window at Sookie, and then hurries off after Eric.

NOTE: Okay. Did anyone else feel a twinge of concern about Nora double-crossing Eric down the road? It just seemed like she was quite keen to know Eric’s weakness and take that last lingering look at Sookie. Perhaps she’ll join forces with Warlow??

Andy, Terry, & Arlene: Oh, wow! Guess what? Fae babies grow FAST! They’re already happy little toddlers, much to the shock of Andy, Arlene, & Terry!

Bill & Jessica: Bill warms some True Blood for Jess and brings it to her room. When Jess nearly spills the glass, Bill is able to stop it mid-spill and place it back on the nightstand…all with his eyes. He apologizes for the pain he caused her when he summoned her. Bill focuses on William Sherman (General of the Union in the Civil War)—how he started good, but as he grew powerful, he fought harder, uglier than any of his contemporaries. Bill needs Jess to keep him honest because surviving a staking is some heavy effing s#*t. Jess is the only one he can trust. He needs her for his own good.

NOTE: So, Bill is concerned with getting power-hungry and cruel. I SO want to trust him. To me, we saw a bit more of the old Bill we all loved in the first season. Still…when he hugged Jess, I wasn’t sure if that was truly old Bill or not.

Jason & creepy car dude: Freaking Jason has the disease of FLAP JAW! Dang! He just WON’T STOP TALKING TO A COMPLETE STRANGER! What the hell?!

Creepy car dude says: “You cannot keep Warlow away from Sookie.”

YEP! There we go! Creepy car dude IS WARLOW! Jason tries to shoot him, but he disappears, leaving the car careening out of control.

NOTE: Technically, he didn’t actually reveal himself as Warlow. Jason came to that conclusion, but, to me, it was pretty clear. Could be wrong, though—this is True Blood!

Sookie: While Sook sleeps (finally, poor thing), the contract with Warlow glows on her nightstand.

Bill: Memories or thoughts or noises (not sure which) invade Bills mind; he follows a voice calling for him; he walks into the office and…OH S.O.B…naked Lilith appears to him. Did we have to see her bloody, naked body again? What’s worse, THREE naked Lilith figures surrounded him, then zoomed in and invaded his body.

End of episode.

Thoughts & Highlights:

* I really enjoyed the episode, overall. It felt more like the early True Blood days with more focus on the characters we’ve all grown to love.

* JASON PISSED me off!!! OMG! I’ve never been so irritated with him before. How thick can you be to hop in a strange dude’s car, in the middle vampire-ville, AT NIGHT…THEN proceed to spill your life story, your sister’s life story, all the family secrets, etc. Seriously, he made my pores hurt.

* Warlow. Love the choice of actor: Rutger Hauer.

* Alcide’s ass. What? It’s a highlight. I’m just being thorough.

** Line of the night: Goes to Pam! Who else, right? “I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch.”


  1. I don't watch the show but I wanted to say welcome back! Missed hearing from you and hope life is treating you well.

    1. Awww, thank you, Jay! So good to 'see' you again! I'm doing well. Just trying to work on a way to be on here more often. :)

      True Blood is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows. lol I do like the vampires. lol I hope everything with you is good!!! :)

    2. I've missed you so much. I don't watch True Blood, but I think The Hurricane does.


    3. I've missed you, too!!! <3 True Blood has very good eye candy--Eric, Alcide, Bill, Sam, Jason (although he's irking me right now). It's a fun, escape-happy show. lol

  2. Well hello there Miss Frisky. I've missed you and your witty blogging!
    xo Carole

  3. *squeals* I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!

    Um, anyway . . . yeah, so I kinda miss ya when you're gone. lol

    1. OMG! My blogging sister!!! <3 I've missed you too much!!! *HUGS*