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True Blood Tuesday: Livin’ on a Prayer

Season six, Episode two

Bridge, night: We’re looking at the bridge where Sookie’s parents were killed. There’s a weird light thing going on—the contract on Sookie’s nightstand is glowing, and the print lifts from the page in a 3D-like manner—emerging from inside the weird light thing is…WARLOW! Ew. He’s creepy.

Note: Okay, so the dude in the car with Jason WASN’T Warlow, I guess?? Maybe he’s the grandfather??

Jason: The car is out of control, but old-car-dude stops it with…fairy power?! There we go…old dude with Jason is their—wait for it—fairy grandfather, Grandfather Niall (hereinafter known as Gramps). He claims to have watched over Jason and Sookie their entire lives.

Note: THANK YOU, Gramps, for telling Jason how freaking stupid he was walking along a road AT NIGHT, climbing in a stranger’s car, & spilling his entire family history.

Pam, Eric, Tara, and Nora: Tara’s in A LOT of pain, and she can’t self-heal. When Eric goes to pull the bullet out, it burns him. He finally digs it out using a broken bottle. The bullet is glowing: it’s a silver bullet that emits UV light. DAMN! The humans are fighting back. Pam is freaked out, but Eric isn’t…yet. He SCREAMS for Nora to pour through the vampire bible and find out what the hell Bill has become.

Bill & Jessica:  Bill’s screams wake Jess. Jess runs downstairs to Bill, who starts rattling off a bunch of visions, including a small vamp child being burned, a vamp being pulled behind a truck by silver chains, etc. He can feel the pain of all the vampires, and it’s unbearable. Bill falls into a catatonic state.

Naked Lilith-women deliver Bill via his subconscious to Lilith (clean and clothed). Lilith’s words are sort of cryptic. Apparently something is coming and it’s up to Bill to stop it, suggesting he’s not really Bill Compton any longer, at least not 100%. She warns that a tyrant is rising and it’s the beginning of the end…only he can complete her work (what that is, we have no clue).

Arlene & Terry: Patrick’s widow shows up wanting answers, thinking he’s left her for another woman. Though Terry is tongue-tied, Arlene steps on up and confirms that Patrick left her for someone else.

Sookie & New half-fairy dude: Sook stumbles upon a hot half-fairy dude writhing on the ground, having been bitten by a vamp the night before. They spoke telepathically with one another. She brings him back to her house to treat his wounds. He didn’t see the vamp that attacked him and was only able to escape using his fairy light power. 

NOTE: Yeah, cute guy...don't trust him. Something seems off about this whole scene.

Sam, Arlene, group of out-of-towners at Merlottes: While Lafayette takes care of Emma, Sam tends to the bar. The main chick of out-of-town group wants to “help” Sam—she knows he’s a shifter. She wants him to come out as a shifter. Nicole (now we have her name—the leader of this group) seems to think if all supernatural creatures stepped up and came out, the government would back down. Her grandparents bravely helped end segregation—she wants to help mythological beings do the same.

Bill & Lilith: God made Adam & Eve as human and made Lilith as a vampire. Lilith says there is but one God, though some may come to worship Bill as a god, just as they worshipped her.

Jessica & Bill: Jess orders food from a vampire service. This kind of slutty-looking lady arrives to feed Bill, but he’s totally catatonic. Finding his state too disturbing, the lady decides to leave, but…OMG…every bone in her body starts breaking and bending in odd angles, as she is drawn back to Bill; falling before him, her mouth opens as does Bill’s, and the blood from her body leaves through her mouth and enters Bill’s. YIKES! Jess is freaking out, crying in the corner.

Sookie & Ben: Ben recognizes Sook as a nice person. Sook says it seems like a liability these days. HA! Does it ever, Sook. Gotta agree with you there. Anyway, before he leaves, she decides to lead him to the fairy club, where he will be safe.

Andy & fairy babies: Andy shows up in the field where the fairy club is located, with the little fairy children running around, laughing and giggling. He’s yelling for Maurella to help him, but she’s not responding…

NOTE: Um, why do I have a bad, bad feeling about the fairy club? It just seems like they’re building up to something happening inside the fairy club…and with Maurella not answering…I just have a bad feeling. Hope I’m wrong.  

Jason & Gramps: Jason takes him to Sookie’s bathroom, where Warlow appeared to her. Gramps says Warlow was trying to break through. In order to see if he succeeded, Gramps jumps through the portal (which, according to him, leads to a horrible place) and disappears. A few seconds later, he leaps back through, covered in gooey gunk, saying it was worse than he thought.

Sookie & Ben: Sook walks Ben down the road to the fairy club. Halfway there, Ben asks to take her out sometime, but he hears her thoughts about it being too soon and hears the name Bill. He asks who Bill is, but Sook gets a little standoffish and decides not to walk him the whole way. She just tells him to follow the “signs” and mentions how her walks with men usually end badly. Lol

Pam & Nora, Fangtasia: Nora is busy digging through the vampire bible. She reads something about “people sending Lilith to the sun.” For whatever reason, this seems to invigorate her, like she’s finally realizing something. Pam emerges from her coffin, cranky and mad (more hurt) at Eric. Nora explains that the only reason Eric never told her he had a sister in the Authority was to keep his progeny safe. Nora said she certainly heard all about Pam, considering Pam is Eric’s greatest achievement and what he is most proud of…and loves.

Eric & Governor: In order to gain entrance into the mansion, Eric assumes the identity (uh, he bites, drains, and strips the guy of his clothes) of some geeky dude; in the process, he meets the governor’s daughter.

OMG, even donning the glasses, smoothing down his hair (dude has bangs!), and dorky speak…he’s still HOT. Eric is kissing up to the governor, commending him on his handling of the vamp situation, and the gov just eats it up. Slowly, Eric walks the gov down a nice little path full of word games…eventually ending at VAMPIRE ERIC!

He zooms up to the gov, and glamours him into backing off, declaring his love of vamps, removing all restraints against vamps, & persecuting any hate crimes against vamps to the fullest extent…but the glamour DOES NOT work! They’ve created special contact lenses to protect against the glamour power. Gov orders his guards to take Eric to “camp.”

Sookie, Jason, & Gramps: So, Jason introduces Sook to Gramps. They sit down and have some spaghetti. Gramps announces that Warlow is now in their world and we get a little Warlow-centered background:

Warlow is a vampire who has been obsessed with the Stackhouse family for thousands of years. The Stackhouses are the first ever fae family—Gramps is the king, Sookie is a princess, and Jason…is nothing because the gene skipped him. Gramps heard Warlow murder his parents when he was young. He tracked Warlow over the centuries. The only way to stop him is with a secret power passed down through their bloodline for generations. They can channel their light into a supernova which will kill ANY vampire—Sookie can only use it once because she is part-fae; once she uses it, she will no longer be fae. She starts to practice creating it in her hands—and she’s doing dang good!

Note: I DO NOT want Sookie to lose her powers. Question is…which vamp will be killed with this supernova ball of light? I have a feeling it won’t be Warlow.

Eric: As the guards are escorting Eric to the van, Eric escapes them by flying away…something they apparently did not know was possible.

Sam, Lafayette, Emma, Alcide, Martha, and Danielle: Alcide basically shows up to take Emma with them. Sam refuses. Crap. Nicole and the out-of-towners are taking pictures of everything from the bushes. Emma runs out, calling for Sam. Martha snatches Emma, while Alcide attacks Sam, and Danielle goes mental on Lafayette. Alcide, Danielle, and Martha with Emma leave Sam and Lafayette passed out on the ground.

Note: ALCIDE?! Dude, what was that?! Freaking power trip needs to stop! How could you do that to Sam?! Ugh, I’m so mad, and I’ve never been mad at Alcide. Oh, and Danielle? Yeah, I don’t think I like her. We’ll see, but the way she talked to Sam and attacked Lafayette…yeah, not digging her at the moment.

Eric: Appears outside the governor’s daughter’s window. She had just removed her special contacts, so Eric is able to glamour her into inviting him inside.

Jessica & Bill: Bill is still catatonic, sitting in the chair in his office area. Jessica falls to her knees and prays to God, whether that’s now Bill or not. The prayer was really, really sweet—she goes through all of her sins and begs for his forgiveness. She prays for everyone, her friends—Sookie (she’s been a good friend, and she loves you [meaning Bill or God], I know she does), Jason (good man in so much pain), Eric, Pam (give her the courage to let happiness in), Tara (find whatever it is she’s looking for), Sam, Lafayette, Arlene, and all the good people of Bon Temps, for they know not what they do, and Hoyt, wherever he is, and Bill…

Bill & Lilith: Trust what you see—you will know what to do. He’s the one to save them all.

Bill & Jessica: Bill is back. The television turns on by itself. Jess runs to Bill and hugs him. On the television, they show a vampire chained, being dragged behind a truck. This means only one thing: Bill can see the future.

OH CRAP…he has another vision—Eric, Pam, Jess…everyone—in blue prisoner-like suits, standing in a smallish, creamy-white, circular room; the roof of the room opens, exposing them all to the sun…

Bill: “They’re all gonna burn.”

Thoughts & Highlights:

-Okay. Ben. My eyebrows are raised and not in a good way. His timing and placement where Sook would just happen to find him…I dunno. Maybe I’m too jaded to trust, but Warlow just returns the night before and BOOM here’s Ben? Seems a little too convenient. Could he be working for Warlow…could he be Warlow in disguise?

-NOT loving Alcide. Frankly, I’m not even liking him right now. He didn’t care about Sam’s feelings or little Emma’s. He’s letting the power of being the Alpha intoxicate him. I’m sad. Alcide, not even your very sexy body (and awesome buttocks) can save you this week.  

-Jason officially reversed my irked feelings from last week. He was back to old Jason tonight.

-Okay, I’m still not completely trusting of Gramps. He’s a little spooky. Maybe it’s the actor’s past roles that taint my brain, but still…he’s creepy.

-I’m concerned about this supernova power of Sookie’s. She can only use it once and it kills ANY vampire. Someone dies this season, we know this—and it’s an original cast member.

Scene of the night: Jessica’s prayer.

Line of the night: Eric: “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war.”

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