Tuesday, July 2, 2013

True Blood Tuesday: You’re No Good

Season six, Episode three

Eric & Governor’s daughter, Willa: Oh, Eric. Sigh. Sorry. Distracted. Eric seduces Willa, telling her she will die for her father’s sins, not her own, but she will die. In a last ditch effort to save her life, Willa quickly said she could tell him things about experiments. Eric stopped his near-biting-seducing process and asked about the experiments. Meanwhile, the governor’s men are heading upstairs…too late—Eric and Willa went bye-bye out the window. Imagine flying away with that man? *fans self*

NOTE: Seriously distracted by Eric. It was hard to pay attention to much else.

Bill & Jessica: Bill reveals to Jess that he saw her being toasted by the sun in some strange room. Once again, he vows to follow Lilith’s word; he won’t let anything happen to Jess.

Sookie, Jason, & Gramps: Sookie’s up in her room practicing her supernova talents, while Gramps and Jason hangout, waiting for Warlow. Jason is having some serious head pain—he heads to the kitchen for some pills left by Lafayette. Gramps senses Warlow and heads outside to track him down with Jason quick on his heels. When Gramps does his super-fairy-disappearing act, Jason gets another sharp pain and falls to the ground. Sook sees Jason in trouble and runs outside to help him. Gramps sees Sookie outside and rushes back to get her inside.

Eric, Pam, Tara, & Willa: Pam is not thrilled Eric brought Willa to Fangtasia. Pam wants Willa killed, but Tara is all about showing compassion. Eric instructs Pam and Tara to grab what little they have of meaning so they can go into hiding. Willa wants to help the vampires and even talks about the experiments being absolutely horrible. The camp is part-prison, part-research facility. She said it’s sick, sick, sick sh*!

Steve Newlin: Well, we have our first vampire inside the governor’s camp. Looks like he’s about to be a guinea pig…a vampire guinea pig, but ya know.

Eric, Pam, Tara, & Willa: Tara and Pam emerge with a small box of items. There is a clear sadness about leaving Fangtasia. Eric is bringing Willa with them, much to Pam’s disgust (she wants him to behead her and leave the head on her stomach for daddy to find). Eric: “The world is changing, Pam, and we have to change with it.” In other words, Willa is their only leverage.

Sam, Lafayette, Nicole, & her friends: As Sam wakes up, he finds Nicole and one of her group members in his house. Lafayette turns on his awesome self and threatens the group—they need to forget everything they’ve seen, etc. Nicole apologizes about coming on so strong early on; she wants to help him get Emma back. Lafayette immediately recognizes that Nicole is going to be trouble for Sam. Laf offers his help to Sam.

Eric, Pam, Tara, Willa, & Ginger (at Ginger's house): Eric entices Ginger with the promise of a little one-on-one fun. Pam, Tara, and Willa soon follow. Ginger is pissed that he isn’t there to, um, ya know, but Eric promises the day will come. Eric will take Willa to the coffin, while Pam and Tara sleep in the crappy underground cubby. Pam wants to know why the three of them can’t sleep together and leave the girl out…Eric’s response? “The girl is sleeping with me as I don’t trust you NOT TO KILL HER!”

NOTE: I’m LOVING having MORE fierce, awesome Eric this season.

Bill & Jessica: Bill is on the porch, awaiting sunrise. Jess is trying to pull him back inside, but Bill feels immortal—he wants to stand in the sun. Standing in the front yard, the sun rises on the horizon and…he bursts into flames!!!! Crawling to the door, Jess grabs a blanket, covers him, and closes the door. Laying in Jessica’s arms, he doesn’t understand what happened, why he couldn’t walk in the sun.

Gramps & Club Fairy: I KNEW IT! Totally called it last week! Club Fairy is a mess and Gramps senses death, screams, destruction. He finds one fairy barely alive (was that Claude?)—extremely powerful vampire got in, yet he has no idea how. The fairy asks Gramps for the ultimate kindness. Gramps turns him to dust, sending him “home.” Gramps also finds an odd blood on the stage—not fairy, and I’m guessing not vampire.

Note: Okay. So it had to be Warlow or Ben, right, especially if they are the same person. Only a part-vampire who just so happens to be a part-fairy could gain entry, maybe???

Sookie & Jason: Jason’s headaches aren’t getting any better. He mentioned the hallucinating has subsided. We have another sweet little Sookie and Jason moment. So cute.

Andy, Holly, Fairies: Andy receives a shipment with those special anti-glamour contact lenses and guns with the ultra-violet bullets. Um, the fairies are now either tweens or teens—they have no names…just numbers. Lol Andy decides to personally help Holly with her vampire problem (vamps are scratching on her windows all night). He invites her to accompany him somewhere.

Alcide, Rikki, Martha, & Emma: Police show up looking for Emma. Alcide and Rikki deny seeing Emma. The cops insist on seeing Martha. Okay, Rikki’s a bitch—she scared little Emma into shifting. When the police search the place, they find nothing but Rikki sitting with Puppy-Emma. Puppy-Emma spots an owl watching her from the roof—betcha that’s Sam!

Note: Thank you Alcide for yelling at Rikki for acting like a bitch to Martha and Emma.

Andy, Holly, & Fairies (at Andy and Terry’s special hangout from their youth): Andy’s teaching Holly how to shoot. The girls use their fairy power to shoot down the bottles, to which Andy shouts, “Damn it, girls, how many times do I have to tell you—hand lasers off!” lol Holly handles the girls like a pro…like a mom, and the girls respond really well to her. Aww, and Andy wants to be Holly’s safe place. *melts*

NOTE: I think Holly and Andy may very well be my new favorite again-couple.

Eric & Willa: Willa awakens Eric with, “Mister? Mister? Mister?” Eric: “I’m a vampire. I’m meant to be dead during the day.” Willa tells him her mom had an affair with a vampire who owns a bar in Hollywood. Eric’s ears start to bleed, and Willa wipes the blood and tries to lick her fingers, but Eric won’t allow her to have his blood. He licks his blood off her fingers and instructs her to put the tape back on her mouth.

NOTE: Willa, I feel your pain. Better luck next time.
Ben & Gramps: Okay, so Ben is JUST NOW arriving at the club?! Seems suspicious to me. Gramps reveals his history to Ben…odd. Why is he blabbing away to Ben? Anyway, Ben is aware of Warlow, kneels before King Gramps, and agrees to be part of his army of fae.

NOTE: Ben, Ben, Ben. I’m not thinking you’re entirely Ben.

Bill & Jessica: Now healed, Bill wants to leave, but Jess won’t let him work on his own. Bill sends Jess to find the professor rumored to have created Tru Blood. He tells her to dress inappropriately because the prof likes ‘em young.

Steve Newlin: OMG. Sarah, Newlin’s ex-wife, arrives AT THE CAMP and sees Newlin. He’s all relieved to see her, but she is SO not there to help him out. This place is God’s master plan to save the human race and eradicate the vampires. She’s also in politics now. The doctor shows up and asks Newlin to spill the beans on Eric Northman, to which Steve has no problem.

Jess & Professor: Jess asks for private tutoring to catch up in his class…except once the students left, Jess vampire-zoomed up to him and covered his mouth. Think he’s been had!

Sookie, Jason, & Bill: Bill tries to tell Sook about his visions, seeing the future, but she doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t invite him in…but super-Bill no longer needs an invite. He storms inside, holds Jason hostage with his mind, and demands Sookie go with him to synthesize her blood (via this professor). Sookie tosses plates at his head, but they either smash on contact or he freezes them midair. Sookie: “If what you and I shared meant anything, will you please get the eff out of my house?” Bill: “You won’t reconsider?” Sookie: “Absolutely not.” Bill: “You are dead to me now, Sookie Stackhouse.” Sookie: “I’m good with that.” Bill leaves, but not before releasing Jason from his invisible binds.

Nicole, her group, Sam, Emma, & Alcide’s pack: The group tries to reach out, but they have ZERO tact. They have these special recording glasses that they’re hoping will catch one of the pack transform. Nicole attempts to reach out, but it’s not going well at all, so she quickly backs off. Unfortunately, Alcide finds the recorder and glasses. Alcide wants to collect their equipment and send them on their way, but Rikki initiates an attack on them—we’re talking ATTACK, as in dinner time. Before were-Rikki can fully attack Nicole, were-Alcide stops her. Nicole hobbles off into the woods.

Meanwhile, owl-Sam swoops in and rescues Emma after having returned to human form. Sam spies Nicole trying to get away; he and Emma follow her to try and help.

Eric, Pam, Tara, Willa, Ginger, & Governor: Gov. calls Eric’s phone, which Ginger answers. Eric leaves Tara in the back room with Willa while he talks to the gov. Willa alerts Eric that her dad will be tracing the call. Eric says his phone is untraceable. Eric tells the gov that he has every intention of killing her. When the governor’s techie rather loudly let’s his boss know they’ve located Eric, our Viking vamp hears him and knows they’re on their way. When Tara overhears Eric’s plan to kill Willa, she places a fresh piece of tape over her mouth. Eric hands the phone to Ginger, tells her to stall, and heads to the back room…where Tara and Willa are now gone. Pam flies out the window after Tara/Willa, soon followed by Eric.

Sookie, Jason, Ben, & Gramps: Gramps shows up back at Sookie’s house with Ben. Sook is a little standoffish. Gramps shows Sookie, Jason, and Ben a vile of blood he retrieved from Club Fairy. Ben listened in on her thoughts and Sook snapped.

NOTE: When Sookie opens the door to find Gramps, Sook says, “Jason and I were convinced that Warlow—”And at that word, Ben pops into frame. Coincidence?

Sookie & Ben: Ben asks to help clean up the kitchen with Sookie. Sookie can feel Ben listening, but she can’t feel other fae doing the same. Uh-huh, he’s different.
NOTE: Dude, when a man asks to help CLEAN, you know he’s not right.

Gramps, Sook, Jason, & Ben: Senses who he *thinks* is Warlow. Turns out, it’s just Nora, who is hunting Warlow. When Jason goes to follow Gramps, he collapses. Ben runs back inside to help Sookie with Jason.

Bill & Andy: Andy has to arrest Bill for curfew violation, even though he doesn’t want to. Bill initially resists, subtly, but then he smells the fairy scent on some toys in Andy’s car. Bill speaks about the blessing of children. Andy lets Bill go. Bill walks away smiling—he has his fairy blood after all.

Thoughts & Highlights:

-I’m still on the Ben-is-Warlow bandwagon, BUT…maybe it’s something a little more complicated—maybe Ben is working for Warlow or maybe Ben doesn’t realize he’s Warlow. Something is up with Ben.  

-Now, Nora. Don’t you think it’s odd that her Warlow-tracking takes her straight to Sookie’s house right when Ben arrives there?

Scene of the night: Tie: Eric and Willa in the coffin (seriously, sigh) and Sookie and Bill’s ultimate breakup scene.

Line of the night: Andy: “Damn it, girls, how many times do I have to tell you—hand lasers off!”


  1. Hi! Long time no see! Glad to know you are still alive and well!

    1. *HUGS* Hi Eva!!! I've missed you!

      Yeah, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with blogging--True Blood is helping me with that, I think. lol

  2. Hi! With the start of the new True Blood I remembered your fabulous TB Tuesdays and realised I hadn't seen you around for ages.
    Have been liking this season so far.
    Totally agree with you that Ben is not what he seems to be. Love the fae Babies!
    Not loving Alcide at the moment, or Bill for that matter. What is up with Jason? Is he finally going through werepanther transformations? Or is Warlow messing with his head?
    Nora worries me.
    And I am worried about Andy's girls now that Bill knows of them. Are four teen fae a match for Billith?
    Luna :(