Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Blood Tuesday: Don’t You Feel Me?

Season six, Episode six

Sookie, Lafayette (possessed by her father), Bill, & Warlow: Laf-Dad is drowning Sookie. Bill senses Sookie is in trouble (for someone who says Sook is dead to him, he sure did look frightened to lose her). Because it’s daytime, Bill can’t help her. Cut back to Sookie underwater—she stopped breathing. Whoosh! Warlow throws Lafayette against a tree and pulls Sookie from the water and sets her down beside a tree, talking to her like a man in love (it was pretty endearing, actually). Sook starts breathing again. When Laf tries to attack him, Warlow nearly bites him, but Sookie stops him, telling him that her father has possessed Laf. She suggests Warlow use his light power to blast the spirit right out of Lafayette.

NOTE: Kinda digging Warlow. Is that bad?

Pam & Eric: With stakes in their hands, facing a kill-or-be-killed situation, Pam angrily asks Eric if he actually created another progeny; he confirmed that he did. Pam isn’t pleased. She elevates off the floor, as does Eric. The governor is acting like a little punk, all excited for the “show.” Pam and Eric stare at each other for a brief moment before zooming across to room and taking out both of the “concealed” shooters. They brought one of those shooters down to the mirror and shoved the stake through his head, which went right through the mirror—Eric peeked through the hole and saw Steve Newlin’s scared mug. Eric: “I see you, Steve Newlin.” Steve pathetically tries to backpedal. Before any more damage could be done, guards storm the room and remove Eric and Pam.

NOTE: Really loved this scene…and very glad Pam and/or Eric didn’t bite the stake, so to speak.

Sookie, Warlow, & Lafayette: As they inform Lafayette about Warlow’s true nature, Bill begins to call him—it’s the same type of pain that we saw when Jess was called by Bill at the beginning of the season. Sookie says she can save Warlow, but she needs his help; she yells for him to take her hands; when they join hands, Sookie transports him to safety in fairyland—a place where Bill can’t reach them.

Bill: Confused, and perhaps slightly pissed, Bill realizes something is off now that Warlow isn’t immediately coming when he calls. He runs up to Jessica’s room, asking her about the strength of his summoning…only, Jess isn’t there. Bill realizes his vision of the future has started—Jess is at the facility.

Jason: Jason gives one hell of a performance in order to join the upper ranks of the governor’s task force.

Bill & Professor: Bill needs to speak with Lilith. He glamours the professor so he will drain all of Bill’s blood until he just shy of death.

Sam & Nicole, still at the hotel: Nicole tells Sam that Emma is crying. She misses Martha. Sam is reluctant to let Emma go, but Nicole seems to convince him to think things through—he can’t run forever, especially not with a child who has lost everything.

Sookie & Warlow: Warlow asks Sookie to tie him up. Though it is always sunny in fairyland, he can feel the hunger when night falls on the human plane. Sookie reminds him that she has been with him at night before now; he says he had already fed prior to seeing her, and it’s not something he is proud of. He says she can’t trust him, at least not the vampire side of him. She takes a vine, ties his hand behind a headstone, and seals it with her fairy light.

Alcide & Alcide’s father: Pops calls Al to the hotel to let him know Sam and Emma are staying there. However, he didn’t call Al until hours AFTER he first saw them, thus they were able to get away. Pops wants to track Sam and Emma with Al, but Al wants him to stay back. Pops: “Sometimes what’s good for the pack ain’t what’s good for the wolf.”

Bill: With his blood drained, Bill awakens on a subconscious plane to find Lilith’s bloody sirens ready to bring him to Lilith. 

Andy, fairy daughter, & Holly: Before Andy leaves for work, his daughter wants a name that embodies all of her sister’s names as well as hers. Andy gives her the name: Adilyn-Braelyn-Charlaine-Danika.

NOTE: Is it just me, or does the actress playing Andy’s living fairy daughter look SO much like him?! Nice casting, there!

Lafayette & Terry: In preparation for his set-up suicide, Terry gives Laf a key to his safety deposit box. Laf immediately picks up on Terry’s odd behavior.

Arlene & Holly: Laf phones Arlene to let her know. She puts two and two together and realizes Terry may be about to commit suicide. She tells Holly as much, and Holly has the idea of bringing a vampire over to glamour away Terry’s war memories.

NOTE: Why was this not considered, like, two seasons ago? I mean, the man has been in agony over his past, and there have been plenty of vampires who would gladly glamour him for Arlene or Sookie or Sam or Andy, even.

Sookie & Warlow: Warlow says he’ll rip up the contract if it would make Sook happy. He said he killed Lilith b/c he despises what she made him do. He wants to be with Sook—they could live together forever, would only need each other’s blood to survive, and there would never be anybody else…but Sookie would have to be a vampire.

Eric & Governor: Oooooh, I LOATHE the governor. Please, don’t let this prick last very long. Anyway, Eric is chained within a cage. In walks the cocky gov (sort of dancing, like an egotistical fool), along with a doctor. Soon, they wheel in Nora, strapped to a table (upright). Hepatitis V appears to be the new culprit—doctor injects Nora with the virus…she is their first host. Governor wants Eric to feel the pain he feels over Willa; he wheels Nora right up to Eric’s cage so he can watch her die. Nora, with bloody tears, tells her brother she loves him.

Bill & Lilith: Lilith knew Bill’s progeny was taken; she speaks in riddles (speaking of a blonde taking their salvation and a tyrant taking their freedom) most of the time, but says the time to act is now and not to come to her seeking answers again; all is on him.

Sam, Emma, Nicole, & Martha: It’s nighttime at a gas station and Sam turns Emma over to Martha, so long as she doesn’t take her back to the pack; Martha gives him her word and says it’s not even her pack anymore. Emma and Sam have a tearful goodbye.

Arlene, Holly, Terry, & Matt (vampire friend of Holly’s): Matt glamours away ALL of Terry’s awful memories. Now, he will focus on being a husband, father, and a cook. Afterwards, Terry seems happier, freer, and lighter—he asks Arlene to cuddle with him on his lap.

NOTE: BAD feeling. He won’t remember asking his fellow army buddy to off him, now. :(

Jason: Now at the camp, in full garb, Jason is entertaining a group with stories on the Authority and how many vampires he killed. In walks Sarah Newlin—the shocked look on her face is priceless. She asks to be alone with Jason to ask him a few questions before signing off on him. Jason says he’s there to rescue Jessica, and if she tries to stop him, he will tell all what a whore she really is. Sarah: “What the hell are you doing here?” Jason: “Grabbin’ you by your pretty little Texas balls.”

Willa & Governor: Willa is angry at being in solitary. He talks about finding ways to cure them. Willa mentions she has a friend, named Tara, who can help her understand what she is—if her father cares about her, like he says, he’ll let her out of solitary.

Alcide, Sam, Nicole, & Pops: Al shows up at the gas station, less than thrilled to learn Sam gave Emma to Martha, but only because of the “pack” mentality. Nicole says she has no desire to reveal anything about their kind any longer. Sam says it’s Al’s call—either kill them or not, but end it tonight. Al’s eyes flash wolf-y, but he finally agrees to let him go. He says to leave, never show his face in Shreveport, Bon Temps, etc. Basically, Sam’s dead—if he shows up in town, Al won’t protect him again. Sam and Nicole leave. Pops is proud of Al for, “Make[ing] the worst of the best decision of your life.”

NOTE: Um, why can’t Sam shift into some big, badass bear and threaten Alcide and the weres? I mean, they’re acting like Sam is a weakling. He’s not.

Bill: Professor awakens Bill. Bill wakes up to the television showing the governor’s pic—the program is reporting on the return of Tru Blood for the vampire population. He knows they have precious little time remaining. He demands the prof give him Warlow’s blood. He drinks the vial of blood and heads outside, into the sun. Yep, Bill is gonna do some awesome stuff now!!!

Jason, Sarah, doctor: Sarah, clearly up to something, invites Jason to one of the private observation rooms to “help make him feel like part of the team.” Welcome to the copulation room. Jason, after a brief pause, “Can you define copulation?” Sarah: “It’s fu*&%!#, Jason.” The female vampire…is Jessica. The male vampire is James (very hot). He refuses to force Jess to do anything against her will. They blast him with the “spotlight,” which is basically like a ray of sun, burning his skin. In order to keep James from being burned repeatedly, Jess says she’ll do it, however he refuses. James curses at Sarah and the lot behind the mirrors. Sarah has James blasted with light several more times. Finally, Sarah instructs the removal of Jessica. Poor Jason—it’s really painful for him to watch all of this.

Terry, Arlene, Lafayette at Merlotte’s: Terry is humming and happy, probably for the first time ever. He’s going about emptying the garbage. When he takes the bags to the dumpster out back and lifts the lid, we hear a gunshot. Terry was shot in the neck and is on the ground, bleeding profusely. Arlene cradles him in her arms, telling him to focus on her and think about all the joy—his family, their marriage, their baby boy. She starts singing the lullaby Terry used to sing to the baby while she was pregnant. Terry cries…until he dies in her arms. Arlene closes his eyes and kisses his lips one last time.

NOTE: This was sad, and I did choke up, I confess.

Governor: The gov. is reading from the bible in his yard…ooh…BILL walks in!!! The gov’s guards pound him with bullets, but they do nothing to him. Bill then uses mind control to have all the guards kill themselves. The governor is scared to BLEEP and has no clue how Bill is doing this! Gov. starts crying, talking about Willa, how she’s gone and was his reason for living. He won’t tell Bill about the white room where vamps meet the sun…so…BILL RIPS OFF HIS HEAD! GO BILL!

Eric & Nora: Black vein-y things are creeping up Nora’s neck. Eric tells her he will get her out. Willa, now out of solitary, is playing checkers with Tara. While she’s playing, she feels sick to her stomach; Tara tells her Eric is summoning her. Willa plays the guard, rips out his contacts as per Tara’s instructions, and glamours him to take her to Eric (off camera). Once with a very pleased Eric, she removes the doctor’s white coat for Nora to wear, along with the doc’s arm, which they’ll need in order to get through the automatic security locks. Eric dons the now-dead guard’s clothes; he says he’s not leaving without Pam…Willa says and Tara and Jessica—Eric: “I guess.” They make their way through the maze of locked doors and hidden rooms. Eric goes into a room where they are manufacturing Tru Blood and discovers that they are contaminating the bottles with Hep-V. Eric: “Fu*& me.”

Sookie & Warlow: Sookie admits to having feelings for Warlow, though she doesn’t want to have them. She tightens the vines, then offers him her neck to drink from; Warlow wasn’t greedy—he only took a little, really. She then bit his neck and, I’m assuming, sucked out some of his blood. She then undid his pants and undressed herself. You can guess what happened next. As they did it, their bodies both glowed with fairy light.

NOTE: Um, how did Sookie BITE that much out of Warlow’s neck?!

Thoughts & Highlights:

-Let’s start with the “big” death. Okay, it was sad…but…I wouldn’t say it was unexpected, especially with his memories being cleared and his complete attitude change from depressed to happy. On the flip side, there is something poetic about the death—that of a human, dying at the hands of another human in order to relieve him of human pain in a world of supernatural deaths. It was poignant, in a way—that even in a supernatural world, humans still suffer in human ways.

-What is the purpose of Nicole? I do like her, but I DO NOT get the reason for her being on the show. Maybe there’s something to come??

-Sam needs to stop running. He’s a damn shifter—let the man shift into whatever big, bad creature he wants and scare the hell out of the wolf-pack. I mean…really.

Scene of the night: Bill ripping the governor’s head clean off.  

Line of the night: Jason, after a brief pause, “Can you define copulation?” Sarah: “It’s fu*&%!#, Jason.”


  1. I had forgotten how entertaining your show reviews are... without having to see them lol

    Oh that last liner... LMAO

    If only i were in the mood ever, to watch that show...

    1. LOL--Thank you. <3

      The one liners they toss in there are brilliant.

      You know I've gotta say it...you should give it a try sometime--it's a show that has literally everything from mystery and murder to humor and action (of all kinds. ;)).

  2. Wow, that's one amazingly detailed recap of a True Blood episode. I enjoyed reading it. I used to be a faithful viewer of the show, but then it just got way too far fetched and weird for me. Someone told me that the show was returning to how it used to be so I began watching again this year. I have not been disappointed. I just love it when a character refers to "Fangbangers down in Shreveport". or when they just mention the city of Shreveport, because that's where I live.

    I am a new follower on your blog. Nice to meet you. I stumbled across the name of your blog on someone's blog list and I just couldn't pass up a visit. The name is so catchy it drew me in. Glad I found it.

    1. Totally agree. This season really has returned to the True Blood of old. It's been outstanding!

      Aww! Half my family is from Louisiana! I'm so glad to meet you! Thank you for following my blog--I need to get back to regular posting after True Blood. lol I'll head over and follow your blog right back! <3