Monday, July 8, 2013

True Blood Tuesday: At Last

Season six, Episode four

Sookie, Ben, & Jason: Ben helps Sookie bring Jason back inside the house while Gramps goes after Nora. Once inside, Ben determines that Jason’s pulse is very weak. Sook hurries to call 911; while she’s out of the room, Ben…BITES HIS WRIST AND FEEDS JASON HIS BLOOD! I SO knew it!!! He has GOT to be WARLOW!!!

Gramps & Nora: Gramps catches Nora and wants to know how she heard about Warlow. Nora tells him about Lilith; apparently the vampire bible mistranslated some of the original text—it wasn’t the ‘people’ who drove Lilith to the sun, it was the ‘progeny.’ Warlow. Nora has concluded that Warlow is the only one who can defeat Lilith. Nora’s lust for the king’s fairy blood gets her fairy-blasted right into the road, where the governor’s men shoot her down. Looks like Nora will be another captive of Camp Crazy.

NOTE: Now, if Warlow is the only one who can defeat Lilith, does that mean he may not be the baddie we originally thought? Remember when Lilith told Bill about some new evil rising? What if she didn’t mean the humans? What if she meant Warlow—the only one who can destroy her? Maybe Lilith/Billith really is the big bad? After all, Lilith is supposed to bring destruction, right? Hmm.

Sookie, Ben, Gramps, & Jason: Jason is up and feeling fabulous. Ben tries to pass it off as Jason just waking up, voila! Yeah, we’ll see how long that weak statement lasts, Warlow! Anyway, Gramps claims Nora got to the main road and the governor’s people got to her before he could. Um, wait, huh? That’s a LIE, right? He DID talk to her and then SENT her flying into the street where the soldiers picked her up.

Alcide & Pack: Ugh, they’re going after Sam, Nicole, and Emma. Alcide, you have totally fallen off my radar. Get back to being nice, will ya, huh?

Sam, Nicole, Emma, & Lafayette: Lafayette has the getaway car ready and waiting…and they all escape!

Ginger & Governor: Despite Ginger’s delay attempts, the governor isn’t buying. Gov. and his men storm Ginger’s house. She’s a screaming mess. Gov. sends Ginger to camp, even though she’s not a vamp. Idiot—Gov. punches some wood and cuts his hand (starts screaming like a fool).

Pam, Tara, & Eric: Pam and Eric catch up to Tara, who has hidden Willa. Eric demands Tara reveal her location, which she does. Pam gets a little upset that he manhandled Tara, pinning her to the ground.

Terry, Arlene, & fairy tweens: Tweens can hear Terry’s thoughts—they know he shot Patrick in the head. Arlene hurries in and claims Terry has an overactive imagination and tells them it’s rude to snoop around in it. Andy hauls the girls off to bed. Meanwhile, Terry is distraught, crying on Arlene’s shoulder.

Tween fae: Once Andy puts them to bed, they turn out the lights and begin to change again—meaning they’re aging once more. On goes the light, and the fairies are full-fledge teens now. They decide to raid Arlene’s closet, steal Andy’s cop car, and head out for some drinking and partying.

Bill & Jessica: Bill and Jess are watching the mansion as the girls leave in Andy’s car. Naturally, they follow the fairy teens.

Sookie & Jason: Sook walks in on Jason doing chin-ups (and, yep, he looked quite sexy…sorry, but he did); she heads downstairs, finds a drop of blood on her floor and, recalling the strange, glowing blood Gramps showed them, shined her fairy light on the blood—yep, it glows. She knows. Ben is Warlow.

Bill, Jessica, Fairy Teens: Fairies attempt to buy beer at a convenience store. Jess convinces Bill to let her lure the fairies back to their place; she doesn’t trust the Lilith side of Bill not to drain them. Jess glamours the clerk into selling her the beer and not remembering seeing any of them. She proceeds to earn the fairies’ trust, despite revealing her true nature as a vampire. They agree to go party with Jess and Bill back at his mansion.

Jason & Ben: LMAO! OMGOSH! Enter sexy music and Jason receiving a shave from Ben! ROFL! Jason is having a sexual dream about Ben!!! LOL Okay, for those that don’t know—drinking vampire blood makes one VERY sexual; the person doing the drinking will fantasize about whatever vamp he or she drank from. Jason finally woke up, freaking out in bed! LOL

Bill & fairies: Bill brought one of the fairy teens into his office. He fitted a little belt-like thing around her wrist. Once he clamped it on, it took a sample of her blood. Of course, the little fairy was all into Bill. Um, aren’t they technically related?

Bill & Professor: Bill brought the cuff/wrist-belt with the blood sample to the Professor (creator of Tru Blood), who is locked in the basement of Bill’s mansion. Bill has essentially recreated the professor’s Tru Blood facility/lab right there in his basement/prison. He hands Professor the cuff and basically tells him to find a way to duplicate the blood, like he did with Tru Blood.

Eric & Willa: Eric finds Willa at the park, where Tara left her. I think he’s a little surprised she waited for him. He asks Willa if she truly wants to help him. She does, of course. Duh. Who the hell wouldn’t? Eric carries her to a large, empty area, digs a hole, and places her in the ground. He rips off his shirt—YUM—and climbs in with her. Willa: “Just so you know, I’m a virgin, pretty much.” Eric: “So much courage, so little experience.” Eric lays his shirt down on the ground for her to rest upon. He asks how she’s feeling; she says she’s excited and a little scared. Willa: “Is it gonna hurt?” Eric: “Not the way I do it.” SIGH. And…he turns her into a vampire, removing all of her father’s small mindedness, cowardice, and hate.

NOTE: OMG. That is all.

Sam, Emma, Lafayette, & Nicole: Nicole’s bite is pretty bad. Lafayette and Sam change her dressings. Nicole decides to try it on her own so she wouldn’t slow Sam and Emma down. Unfortunately, she can’t even stay on her feet. Sam tells Lafayette to get on home and stay safe. Without a car, Sam transforms into a horse right in front of Nicole. Nicole’s reaction was priceless: with a shocked face, she said, “Sh*&!” lol

Sookie & Ben: Sookie heads to Ben’s hotel and invites him to her place for a home cooked meal as payment for all of his help with Jason. She leaves him all smitten…as she walks away with a determined face.

Sookie: Sook’s shopping for groceries for Ben’s dinner. She calls and leaves a voicemail for Jason, so she can get him to take Gramps to the movies or something. She wants to have the place to herself...with Ben, a.k.a Warlow. Sook doesn’t let Jason know about Ben’s true identity.

Andy: He’s going ape, worried about the fairies. He wants an APB put out: 4 Caucasian females, between 4-7 ft tall, 60-260 lbs., and 10-50 years old. LOL Andy even lashes out at Terry, wanting to blame him. Terry and Arlene try to calm him, telling him the girls went out on a joyride, but he’s a wreck, worrying about his daughters.

NOTE: I’m LOVING Andy this season. I really hope he isn’t the one who dies.

Jason & Gramps: Jason asks Gramps about having a sexy dream about another man. Gramps uses his seeing power to view Jason’s dream. Talking it through, they realize Ben is a fairy-vampire…WARLOW. Gramps doesn’t want Sookie to know the truth—he supposedly wants Warlow for himself.

NOTE: Okay, is it just me, or did Gramps come to the realization about Ben being Warlow awfully quickly? And, why not warn Sookie? Why leave her out of it?

Gramps & Jason: Jason’s able to procure the keys to Ben’s hotel room. They head inside, Jason armed with a vamp-gun and Gramps with his supernova fairy light. They think Ben’s in the shower…Gramps fires, but he’s not in there. A naked Ben strikes down Gramps with his fae power and glamours Jason—AND Ben is English! Ooh, the accent! Anyway, he allows Jason to say goodbye to Gramps and glamours him into forgetting about everything that happened today. Before Jason leaves, Ben makes certain Sookie doesn’t know his true identity—and, for all Jason knows, she doesn’t.

Ben/Warlow then begins sucking blood from Gramps…and spits it out in the tub.

NOTE: MAJOR issue here. Warlow doesn’t drink the king’s blood, which tells me he doesn’t want him to die and he *may* want to protect his fairy kin. So, what does that tells us about Club Fairy? Did he really attack the fairies in the club, or could it have been someone else?

Alcide & pack: They find Nicole’s old dressings. Alcide orders Rikki and the others to go back and make sure they cleaned up. He’s totally power-tripping…and really pissing me off.

NOTE: What the hell happened to Alcide?! Where’s the sexy gentle giant we all love? Because this is definitely NOT the same Alcide.

Bill & Professor: Unfortunately, the fairy blood doesn’t have lasting power. The blood is so unstable that it turns to ordinary human blood outside of the host (the fairies). Bill says he’ll get more. The professor tries to balk, but Bill floats him to the ceiling, demanding that he find a way to synthesize the blood.

Eric & Willa: Willa, now a baby vamp, feeds from a hired human Eric paid off. She’s loving being undead—now she wants Eric…only he commands that she return home to her father. He wants her to prove to her dad that she isn’t a monster, that they are not to be hunted, and that they were all once human. She is only the second vamp he ever made—so, he didn’t make the decision lightly.

NOTE: I’m confused about Eric’s feelings towards Willa. Sometimes, I think he’s quite taken with her, but then he lets her go to her father without ANY instruction or guidance on being a new vampire. I thought it was important for the maker to guide and teach their progeny. I mean, he just sent her right into a trap. :/

Pam & Tara: Walking down some train tracks, Pam spots an empty building that may be safe. They get into a little fight about Tara’s possible desire to try and make peace/work with the humans, rather than be part of a war. Tara, upset, takes off just before the governor’s men spy Pam. They shoot her down with UV bullets. Tara witnesses all of this from the shadows.

Sarah & Governor: Well, well, well, Sarah is the governor’s lover. And it seems like she’s trying to tell him something—maybe she’s pregnant? His men interrupt him, telling them they had to invite his daughter in—Willa walks into her father’s room, dried blood on her gown and mouth. She tells him she’s still his daughter, begging him to see truth. Willa pleads for him to shut down the camp, reverse those heinous laws, etc. In fact, Gov. seems to bend a bit…until Willa smells her father’s blood from the wound he stupidly gave himself when punching the door. She tries to bite him, but Sarah shoots her with the UV gun. The Gov. is distraught and confused, but Sarah insists he let his daughter go and send her to camp.

Sookie: Setting the table for Ben, she sprinkles his food with liquid silver.

Ben & Gramps, on the bridge: Gramps is still alive. Ben only drained him enough so he couldn’t fight back. Ben-Warlow talks about not being able to kill a child (Gramps at the time) back in the day. He speaks of how he battles the dark within himself every single day. Ben opens a portal on the bridge and sends Gramps to the horrible place where he (Warlow) spent so many years.

Sam & Nicole: They’re now in a hotel. Little Emma is asleep in another room. Nicole is really upset, not able to remove the screams of her friends from her mind. Sam says he still sees Luna, dying. They share a kiss in a moment of shared grief.

Sookie & Ben: It looks like Ben is late to supper. When he finally shows up, Sook is none too happy. He brings flowers and wine. He’s super charming…dang it. Ben smells the food and digs in…the liquid silver has zero impact. In fact, he’s totally loving every single bite. Sookie confesses that her ex was a vampire, which Ben admitted he guessed. When he asks why it all went south, Sook said he lied to her, misled her, etc. So, she asks what it is Ben wants from her. Ben moves closer to her, saying he knew Sook understood him from the second she found him by the side of the road.

Jessica, Fairies, Bill: The teen-fae are getting restless. They want out, and they’re not letting Jess stop them. Unfortunately, when they try to get out, Jessica’s fangs pop out… “You smell like honey.” And Jess digs in.

Andy & Jason: They finally find Andy’s sheriff’s car in front of the convenience store. When the clerk knew nothing, Jason suggested that he might have been glamoured. Andy takes that bit of speculation and connects it to Bill, asking Jason if vamps can smell fairy blood. Jason emphatically confirmed Andy’s worst fear. Andy jumps in his car and takes off, presumably for Bill’s mansion. OH MY.

Jessica & Bill: Bill was with the professor in the basement when he heard Jessica’s desperate scream. He rushes up to find ALL of the teen fairies on the floor, possibly drained to death…by Jessica. Jess is sobbing, pleading with Bill to tell her they aren’t dead. Here she was so worried about Bill harming them, and it turned out to be her.

Ben & Sookie: Sook puts on an old record, ‘At Last.’ She and Ben start making out on her couch. While he’s on top of her, she forms her supernova above him and says, “Okay, you can get off me now. Get the fu*! off me or die, Warlow.”

Thoughts & Highlights:

-Totally knew Ben was Warlow…what I didn’t expect was walking away from this episode wondering if Warlow was really as bad as we thought.

-I’m also feeling a little iffy about Gramps. Something just isn’t adding up with him, but maybe I’m over-thinking it.

-Alcide isn’t the same and it’s disturbing. I’m not liking the turn his character is taking.

-I’m leaning more and more to a Lilith/Billith and Warlow/Ben showdown, with Warlow *possibly* being the good guy in this equation. 

-The fairy teens. :( I'm sad and feel SO bad for Andy. I hope they aren't dead. :(

-Have to say, this season is hitting it out of the park so far! WOW!  

Scene of the night: Tie: Eric and Willa in the open grave…and Sookie calling out Ben as Warlow. Two very badass scenes.  

Line of the night: No competition—Eric’s reply to Willa. Willa: “Is it gonna hurt?” Eric: “Not the way I do it.” Double sigh. You had to know that would be my favorite line of the night, right? ;)

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