Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eleven, Part One

Since there a few of these to do, I thought it would be better to split them up over a few days. Otherwise, this would be a very loooooong post. ;) 
The Rules
1) Post these rules.  
2) Post 11 random things about yourself. (I'm splitting these up over several posts).
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. (Again, split up)
4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. (Will do in the last post)
5) Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.
6) No cop-outs in the tagging section like “if you are reading this/follow me,” blah blah blah. you have to legitimately tag people. (Last post, again)

So, today, we have Jay's Questions. 

Jay's Questions:

1) Do you like staying in hotels?                

Yes, but not the creepy ones with doors on the outside, facing the street.  Yeah, I saw Psycho.  Never.  Again.

2) Beach or swimming pool?

Beach.  I love standing in front of the ocean and feeling so tiny, like a little action figure.  The sound of the sea is like a lullaby. Plus, sand is a great natural exfoliant.

3) Which movie can you watch over and over and over again? 

Honestly, probably too many to count.  Right now, it’s been Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.  I just think it’s an exquisite film.

4) Why do people do these tags?

They’re fun and really good for a brain that just refuses to think on its own.

5) Have you ever seen an eclipse? 

Not really sure.  I vaguely remember seeing one, I think, but that could have been a dream or something.  I do remember seeing comets.  Awesome.
6) What is your favorite word? 

Christmas—it encompasses everything: love, family, tradition, hope, miracles, and the list goes on. It’s just such a happy word. :)

7) What is your least favorite word?

It’s more like a category—cruel, hurtful words, across the board.

8) What sound or noise do you love?

My mom and dad laughing—cutest thing ever.

The LSU Tiger Marching Band would be a very close second. The Golden Band from Tigerland. :)

9) What sound or noise do you hate? 

Nails on a chalkboard.

10) What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Sideline reporter for ESPN or Fox Sports…or an imagineer for Disney.

11) What is your favorite curse word?

Sh*&  It just sums things up so nicely. 

Random facts: (Part one)

1) I can drink apple cider vinegar straight.
2) Favorite salad dressing is my papaw’s garlic vinegar dressing (my mom makes it now—it’s so yum).  Would not recommend prior to a date. 

3) I don’t like wind storms.  They make the trees crackle and the house makes shifty, popping sounds...oh, and the branches slam onto the roof.  Scary stuff.

4) Absolutely loathe drying my hair right after I get out of the shower.  It takes so long!  So, I try to let it air dry as much as possible.

5)  When I was little, I used to think I could fly. 

Tomorrow, we'll have questions from the wonderful Jewels!


  1. HOW can you drink apple cider vinegar straight? I cannot even tolerate the SMELL!

    1. LOL--I grew up with it. It was always one of those things that was deemed super healthy. My grandparents cooked with it so much--as does my mom--that it's almost second nature, kind of like garlic. :)

    2. Boy, vinegar! You might have liked that "ranch dressing" I got on my salad from the Chinese place a while back. I just picked out the feta cheese (which seemed fairly resistant) and the rest became "tossed" salad.

    3. I don't like ranch dressing, typically (makes me gag, actually. Yeah, I know--it's embarrassing), but if it was more of a vinegar based dressing, then I'd probably like it. lol

  2. Ok were to start well my favourite word is marshmallow and I have no idea why but it is a word that pops into my head at the oddest times...

    I don't like fiece storms they can be scary at times although that said sometimes I do think it is cool to be at home on a cold and stormy night go figure......

    I have a habit of saying bloody hell a lot and some people may think that is cursing but to me it isn'

    1. Marshmallow! That's too cute!

      Oh, yeah, I know where you're coming from. I love stormy days, so long as they aren't severe. It's a little bizarre. lol

      LOL--I don't think of "bloody hell" as cursing either. It always reminds me of Harry Potter, which is such a good thing. :)

  3. Vinegar of any kind and I are rarely friends. My mother used to make us help her while she made her own about clearing up your sinuses. lol

    I always love your answers for these things. :)

    1. Oh, I hate pickles. lol Love vinegar, hate pickles. How does that happen, exactly? lol

      :) Thank you. Tomorrow I'll have answers for your questions. :)

    2. I love you for hating pickles. Pickles are evil. Cooking pickles stink -- a stench so horrible it makes me sick. I am the President of the Pickle Haters Society of America. Would you like to join? Annual dues $1,000. Our goals: 1) putting every pickle company on Earth out of business 2) stamping out the making of pickles at home -- even if it requires Big Brother-like tactics. NO MORE PICKLES!

    3. LOL--That's too perfect! Sounds like an awesome club! I've never liked the taste of a pickle. And if one surprises me on a sandwich or hamburger or something, I make THE most God-awful face. lol

  4. I love it that you think your parents are cute when they laugh. I love every single thing I learn about you, even though I'm not a sports fan (do you forgive me?). You are an interesting person. You are never dull. You are always kind. I like you.


    1. Awwwww, thank you so, so much. That just means the world to me. Heck, I'm gonna cry here! lol You know I think you're hang-the-moon awesome. *Hugs* And of course I forgive you for not loving sports! lol Doesn't take away from your awesomeness at all. :)

    2. Awwwwww! You're even cuter now than you were two minutes ago because that's such a sweet response to my comment.

  5. Seriously - you wrote "nails on a chalkboard" and I got the shivers. Happened again.

    Moving on.

    I could also watch Harry Potter over and over. Although, now whenever I see Hedwig or hear her name, I think of her delivering pizza. lol ;o)

    1. Oh! You know that part in the original Jaws when the guy scratches his nails down the chalkboard during the town meeting? I have to mute that part. lol

      OMG! So true! LOL

  6. Just reading the words 'nails on a chalkboard' makes me cringe. Hate that sound!

    And the fact that you can drink apple cider vinegar straight just baffles me :O

    Loved reading those random little facts about you :D

    1. LOL--My mom ate tons of vinegar-garlic salads when she was pregnant with me, so maybe that's why I love the stuff so much. lol

      :) *blushes* Thank you. :)

  7. Very interesting questions and answers! I don't know how you can drink vinegar though!

    1. :) I don't make a habit of it, but when we have my papaw's salad dressing, I for sure drink some vinegar. lol