Wednesday, August 29, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: Save Yourself

Ah! Okay, I'm a little behind schedule and on reading e-mails!!! Grr! I'll get to everything, though!!!

Episode twelve, season five

Russell, Sookie, & Fairies: The fairies blast Russell with everything they have, but it’s not holding him back…he’s inching closer and closer to Sookie and the entrance of club fairy. WHOOSH! In flies Eric…he delivers the true death to Russell. Steve saw the whole thing and ran away crying, like a scared baby vamp. Eric: “Well…that felt even better than I thought it would.”

Note: It was SO right that Eric was the one to take down Russell.

Sookie, Eric, Nora, & Jason: Nora zooms in and catches a whiff of Sookie as she leaves the entrance of club fairy to find Jason. Instantly intoxicated by her smell, Nora takes off after her; she doesn’t get far before Eric puts a chokehold on her. Nora: “But I want her.” He then makes her swear on Godric not to harm Sookie.

Since being knocked out, Jason sees their parents.

Note: Okay, now we’re getting a glimpse of that banter I was hoping we’d get with Nora, Eric, and Sookie. Loved it.  

Bill & Sam: Sam is brought forth as Bill’s breakfast. He scoffs at him being a shifter, but also recognizes him as a liability. Thus, Bill flashes his fangs, prepared to kill. Sam, however, shifts into a fly. Bill super-vamps all over the room, trying to squash Fly-Sam, but the wee little bug squeaks into an airshaft and out of harms way. 

Eric, Nora, & Tara: Nora, still flabbergasted she never encountered a fairy, goes to Fangtasia with Eric. Upon arrival, Tara informs him that Pam has been taken by the Authority. Eric collects a load of hidden money from within one of Fangtasia’s walls, intending to stash it somewhere else. Tara hauls some flimsy-looking, new-age coffins for them to hide in during the day journey to New Orleans. Eric instructs Nora to be nice to Tara because she’s family, too.

Note: Oh, this could be so great! Imagine all the family fun with Eric, Nora, Pam, & Tara, and then add Sookie to the mix!

Sookie, Jason, Eric, Nora, & Tara: Sookie’s trying to talk to Jason, but he’s too busy listening to their parents, who are sitting on either side of Sookie, only visible to Jason. Jason, much to their parent’s approval, is all anti-fanger. Eric, Tara, and Nora swept into the living room to basically gather Sookie for a showdown at the Authority. Jason and Eric exchange some hilarious barbs: Blood-bag—breather—deadf*!k—meat-sack. LOL. Once again, Nora is a bit hypnotized by Sookie’s scent. Nora: “You smell like something I once dreamed of.” Sookie: “Please tell your sister not to look at me like that.” Tara isn’t exactly friendly with Jason or Sookie, but she is at least civil. She’s all about Sookie owing Pam. Jason doesn’t want to Sookie go, but his father says, just think about all the vamps you’ll get to kill…so, Jason decides to go with them. 

Bill, Salome, & the Authority Guards: Stupid Bill gives a little ‘we’ve been breached’ speech, ordering them to hunt for any fly, mouse, roach, etc. Bill turns to Salome. She asks about Kibwe. He tells her he killed Kibwe because he claimed to be the chosen one. Only, Lilith appeared to Bill, saying Salome was chosen as the prophet for the new age. On Lilith’s command, he is to serve and protect Salome. Salome, of course, was out of her mind happy.

Note: Well, clearly Bill is playing Salome. I’m just worried he’s playing her for his own personal gain.

Luna, Emma, & Sam: Luna’s comforting Emma from a nearby cell. Sam returns to human form to tell her Bill has lost his mind and should they come for her, she needs to shift and escape. Luna doesn’t want to leave Emma, but Sam assures her she’ll be safe—they don’t feed on weres. Sam’s (in fly form) off to search things out.

Pam & Jessica, locked in cages: Jessica says both Eric and Bill are religious fanatics. Pam refuses to believe Eric is a part of the Lilith craze. The downside to being immortal, according to Pam, is that they have to watch the same stupid scenario over and over, though it’s usually humans, but now it’s them…just goes to show the vamps are as screwed up as the humans.

Alcide & Jackson: Al and his dad apparently took down a buck earlier that morning. Now, they’re having a little buck-bbq. Jackson muses about wishing you could protect your children from the crappy ways of the world. Martha shows up with Rikki going completely crazy in the backseat of her car. Al pulls her out of the car…only to discover she has been force fed vampire blood by J.D. Martha is afraid she might die from too much V. Al slings her over his shoulder and takes her into their trailer.

Fly-Sam: Buzzing along the airshafts, he spies on Bill and Salome in bed, and then takes off again.

Sookie & Jason: We see three modern-age coffins in the back of Jason’s truck as he and Sook prepare to load up on supplies at the stake shop. He sees and hears his parents encouraging him to take down any and all vampires. Jason vows to take out Bill—and any of the rest of them—if he has to. His parents express their pride in Jason protecting his sister. Time for tolerance is over.

Note: Anybody else find the parents a little creepy? Could they be some manifestation of Jason’s inner turmoil? Perhaps he’s projecting all the conflicts in his mind?

Alcide, Martha, Rikki, & Jackson: On the television in the trailer, the video of Russell and Steve entering the frat house is breaking news. Jackson had Al administer liquid silver to Rikki. Apparently, it forces the V out of her system through sweat. She’s clearly in agony. Al asked if J.D. has done anything else to her. She said J.D. called a meeting, and then held them down, and force fed them V. For Rikki, that was all J.D. did to her, but some of the younger female weres weren’t as lucky. Al wants to take him on, but knows he can’t fight him. Jackson just so happens to have some extra-powerful V on hand—it’s time for Al to fight fire with fire.

Note: They made a pretty big point about that V being pretty powerful. Whose blood do you think it is? To me, Al looked WAY fiercer than J.D. had looked while on Russell’s blood.

Luna & Sam: After seeing some clothes, Steve’s ID card, and a picture of Steve and Russell, Fly-Sam heads back to Luna with an idea.

Holly, Lafayette, Arlene, Andy, & Maurella: Laf has whipped up some super yummy drinks and brings them to Holly and Arlene. The three of them are drinking, dancing, and chilling. Andy comes into Merlotte’s with Maurella. He has to talk to Holly, but before doing so, Maurella asks for salt. He grabs a container, and she literally starts pouring it down her throat.

Andy confesses the whole Maurella thing to Holly. Before Holly can digest this information, Maurella’s “light” breaks. Yep, she’s having a fairy.

Bill & Salome: In bed, Salome rises, presumably to prepare to drink Lilith’s blood, but Bill swiftly pulls her down and starts making love with her. What’s he up to?

Sookie, Jason & their parents (visible only to Jason): While driving to New Orleans, Sookie refuses to believe Bill is evil. Jason’s dad says she’s blinded by love. Jason wonders if someone can ever really know another. He says the problem is with them—humans think they don’t deserve better than someone who is in some way unavailable. Jason thinks it’s better to expect the worst—can’t get hurt that way. Sook refuses to think so negatively. She asks how his head is and reaches over to feel the bump—it’s as big as a walnut. Eric pops down from the hood, peeks in the window, and tells them to pull over.

Note: Ah! He has a bump the size of a walnut on his head. Maybe this accounts for him seeing their parents.

Andy, Holly, & Maurella: While Laf, Arlene, and Jane look on, Maurella—fully enjoying childbirth—gives birth to a baby girl…and then she starts delivering another one.

Steve Newlin (Luna): Luna-Steve takes Emma from her cage and starts to leave the Authority when Chelsea, the receptionist, starts talking to him and picks up on his lack of a southern accent. Luna-Steve tries to leave, but is caught off-guard by the lockdown procedure (needing the blood of a council member). Luckily, or unluckily, Rosalyn shows up, completely perturbed at Steve for allowing the whole frat house thing to get out of control. She insists they go on damage control…now…by having him give an interview. She, Luna-Steve, Emma, and Fly-Sam leave.

Andy, Holly, & Maurella: FOUR girls are born. Maurella hops up off the pool table and just leaves the babies with Andy. According to Maurella, at least half of them must reach adulthood.

Note: I’m thinking his story will cross with Sookie’s on this Warlow thing somehow. Now, why would Maurella just LEAVE the babies? I thought the fae were supposed to be uber-protective of their kind?? Odd.

Alcide, Jackson, J.D., & the pack: Al takes on J.D, and he’s having NO problem fighting him. Though Jackson says he’s won, Al snaps J.D.’s neck. The pack all bow to Al, including Martha, who was making sure none of the weres interfered. Alcide tells the weres it is going to be a different pack from now on. He says, “We choose pack.” No more taking advantage of those who are younger or weaker.  

Eric, Nora, Sookie, Tara, & Jason: Eric and Nora pull up to the Authority with Tara, Sookie, and Jason bound and gagged in the back of the truck. When the guard questions him, Eric simply says the humans are lunch, and Tara is a mainstreaming spy. The guard comments on how amazing the blond smells.  Eric: “Yes, she is amazing…and she’s mine.” Swoon. Bill, meanwhile, sees Sookie in the back of the truck on his computer screen.

Luna-Steve, Emma, Fly-Sam, & Rosalyn: Well, it’s interview time. Rosalyn is putting the heat on Luna-Steve to sell the heck out of the script to the public. Luna-Steve is just doing a miserable job. Finally, Luna-Steve shifts back to Luna-Luna and tells the truth about what the Authority is doing—that they are hoarding humans to feed upon. Rosalyn is in shock as were-Emma jumps from her arms and runs to her mommy. Rosalyn pops out the fangs, but Fly-Sam crawls into her mouth and shifts to human form inside of her, causing her to explode. Luna, relieved and happy, smiles at Sam…and then she starts to pass out, falling sideways, as Sam calls her name.

Salome: Salome is kneeling beside the vile of Lilith’s blood, saying vampires shall rightfully rule this earth. Meanwhile, Eric, Sookie, Nora, Tara, and Jason load up with weapons in the elevator and break into the Authority. Salome holds the blood, but as she’s about to drink it, Jason shoots Chelsea and the alarm goes off. Jason then shoots out the cameras, clearing the way for Tara and Sookie to find Jess and Pam. Eric and Nora had already zoomed off. A bunch of guards storm the meeting room, but Nora and Eric are waiting for them, poised high up, near the ceiling. They swoop down and take out all the guards. Eric turns to Nora and says, see what you’ve been missing being with the effing Authority? She grins like a cat, and they head for the control room.

Jess, Pam, Sookie, & Tara: Sookie and Tara find Jess and Pam. Jess is elated to see Sookie, but Pam wants to know what the hell Tara is doing. Tara: “Getting you the eff out of jail, bitch.” A tender, proud smile appears on Pam’s face. Tara tells them they are waiting for Nora and Eric to disarm the system. Pam: “Nice plan.” Tara: “Sure beats yours.”

Eric & Nora: More cute sibling squabbling as Nora tries to disarm the locks on the cells.

Pam, Jess, Sookie, Tara, & Pam: The doors are unlocked, but Jess needs Sook to open them because they’re silver. She opens the doors for Jess, but Tara can’t wait and opens Pam’s. She yelps as she burns her hand, but rushes forward and kisses Pam. Sookie: “Oh okay.” Jess: “I KNEW IT!”

Bill & Salome: Dressed in white, Salome tells Bill he will tell her story many times. She drinks all of the blood. He sort of tries to talk her out of it—weakly. She’s committed to the rapture.

Jason: Sookie and Tara rejoin Jason, with Jess and Pam close behind. When Jess sees Jason, she flings herself upon him, telling him she was stupid and wrong and that loves him. But Jason says he can never love a vampire. Eric and Nora zip in. Pam and Eric share a moment before he has them all get into an elevator. Apparently, there are people set to meet them on the roof and get them out of the Authority. Pam soon realizes Eric isn’t going with them, nor is Sookie. Eric and Sookie are determined to get Bill. Sookie tells Jason to make sure the roof is safe and they’ll meet them up there.

Salome & Bill: Salome is writhing on the floor, clearly poisoned. Bill tells her she was so impatient for the rapture that she didn’t smell the silver in the blood. He knew she’d be too impatient with her lust for greatness. He swapped the blood, so he can now drink Lilith’s blood. Before he stakes Salome, she says, “Lilith chose wisely.”

Sookie, Eric, & Bill: Eric zips in ahead of Sookie and quickly tries to convince Bill that Lilith is a mad God, nothing but destruction. Eric begs him not to drink her blood, but Bill immediately thinks Eric wants it for himself. Eric tells him to throw it in the effing fire. Sookie says this isn’t you, but Bill lashes out at her: “What the eff do you know about me.” He proceeds to talk down to her, claiming her light may be a handicap, making her blind to truth…she’s an abomination. Eric looks both outraged and alarmed at the words Bill is speaking to Sookie.

Crying, Sook says he is stronger than this—he is kind and compassionate and unlike any vampire she’s ever known. She begs him not to throw it away. Bill is tired of living in fear of God. Lilith showed him he is beyond fear and retribution. Sookie tries to say if she ever meant anything to him at all, he wouldn’t do this…and he coldly reminds her of something he mentioned the first night they met: Vampires often turn on those they love most. In less than a second, he pops the top of the vile and drinks Lilith’s blood. Bill starts convulsing and bleeding from the eyes. Eric protects Sookie as Bill—OH MY—explodes into a bloody mess.

Sookie sobs into Eric’s chest. Eric, still staring at Bill’s blood pool, stunned, holds Sookie in his arms. But something starts happening…Bill is reborn from the bloody mess with fangs as big as Lilith’s. Bill is Lilith—Lilith is Bill. Sookie: “F*&!” Eric: “RUN.”

BONUS SCENE: You may not have seen the extra footage shown after the credits, but the big thing we get from it is this: Nora knows of Warlow. Jason says, “I’m coming to get you, Warlow.” Nora hears this and quickly says, “Warlow? What do you know about Warlow?”

Note: So, could Warlow be Godric’s maker?

Thoughts: WOW. First off, I thought it was a fantastic finale. Eric was epic, the whole fairy birth thing was pretty funny, and Bill…
So, do we think Bill is dead and gone forever? Well, we kind of know the answer…Alan Ball gave an interview and said Bill is still Bill, only fiercer. He is transformed, yet not a completely new person. He also said that we don’t really know what Lilith is or what her intentions may be.

I did notice before Bill died, he cried, “God.” I don’t think he meant Lilith; I honestly think he was calling to God, whom he abandoned to join the Lilith crazies. Of course, at that point it was too late.

My mind is swirling with ideas, but I’d really love to know what y’all think might be going on here!


  1. Loved this final episode! The first two minutes.. And what a great line from Eric after he killed Russell.
    Knew Bill would eventually get his hands on the blood and be "reborn".
    I didn't get to see the bonus bit :(
    Loved the little sibling squabble between Eric and Nora in the control room.
    Glad Al has finally won his pack back. I liked Marthas involvement in that story line.
    Poor Andy... four fairy babies.. although he looked pretty happy.
    Warlow Godrics maker? wow I thought Godric was old.. that would make Warlow one of the originals or something? Powerful Vamp.
    Oh and I totally agree with you about Jasons parents.. they were overly malicious. I am thinking it's his own inner thoughts manifesting themselves.
    It's going to be an interesting season 6. Sad that this one is over. Wish it was longer than 12 episodes.

    1. Eric was brilliant. LOVED what he said after offing Russell! lol

      I think the video of the bonus scene is on HBO's Youtube channel?? Or maybe it's on

      I really ended up liking Martha a lot--she's strong, yet caring.

      I'm really wondering if Warlow might be related to Godric. Maybe not, but that whole bonus scene with Nora seeming like she knew of Warlow made me wonder.

      Agree about Jason--I really think it's his own thoughts manifesting.

      I know! Did you hear that season six will be two episodes shorter? That's going to be SO tough to have such a short season! BUT, it's for a really awesome reason--Anna's pregnancy. So happy for her and her hot vampire husband! lol

    2. Oh I didn't know about the shorted season. Dang it, I want them longer! lol.
      But it IS for a good reason :)

  2. Frisky--this is the first season of True Blood I haven't watched--so thank you for the updates. It sounds like it was a truly whacked out season!

    1. Awww, I'm SO happy you enjoyed them! It was a crazy season, especially with all the Lilith stuff. lol