Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update & True Blood Tuesday: Gone, Gone, Gone

UPDATE: So, this was a tough weekend. I won’t get into it just now, but suffice it to say, I needed my NASCAR race and hour of True Blood. Oh, and did I mention my internet connection has been completely horrible?

In keeping with the tone of the weekend, Dale Jr. saw a solid day go awry at the end of the race. Frankly, it really isn’t a huge deal because it was a road course race—that’s not his thing. He’ll be absolutely fine—his courses are coming up. Stupid twisty, serpent-y road courses are just evil.

So, that left True Blood to redeem the weekend. Yeah. Um, I spent most of the hour totally ticked…let’s find out why.

Episode ten, season five

Sookie: We start off with more news reports on the True Blood factory attacks. Though vowing to rebuild, it seems vampire attacks are already on the rise. Sook walks in with some Chinese food, hears Steve’s interview on the television, and clicks off the t.v. Before she can eat, someone rings her doorbell. She grabs her wooden bullet gun, but it’s just old Mike…looking very pale. Still, she invites him on in…and he sprouts fangs and attacks her. Unfortunately, Sookie doesn’t have very good aim with the gun. After a short tussle, Sook finds some chopsticks in her Chinese food bag and stakes him. Very messy.

Note: It was pretty obvious Mike was a vampire to me. Clearly, Sookie is a little off her game. Although, I guess she couldn’t have stopped him from coming in, since Eric owns her house, right?

Bill, Salome, Nora, & the Authority: Well, they bring forth the Techie vamp equipped with an electric stake. She refuses to apologize to the Authority or accept the word of Lilith. She gives them a piece of her mind, telling them that following their old book is the opposite of evolved. Bill activates the stake and it’s bye-bye Techie vamp. Steve is like a child at Christmas over the killing. While Russell finds his reaction adorable, Salome scolds him, much to Russell’s displeasure. Russell and Steve head out to feed, though Salome doesn’t approve.

Note: I was actually bummed to see them kill off Molly (Techie vamp). I thought she was a promising character with a lot of attitude that would have worked well alongside Eric.

Hoyt & his mama: Driving home from the hospital, Maxine talks about getting a room ready for Hoyt’s return. However, Hoyt wants to take an oil drilling job in Alaska.

Tara & Pam: The new sheriff isn’t impressed by the money Fangtasia is bringing in. Tara and Pam remind him that humans aren’t exactly going out these days. He suggests a little peep show—vamp pays for a leg or arm to suck for a certain amount of time. Pam just wants to run things the old fashioned way, but he’s not pleased with that. He informs them of a new directive: create 30 new baby vamps. If Pam and/or Tara refuse, he gets all of their assets, including Pam’s progeny. Tara looks horrified, while Pam looks pissed.

Bill & Eric: Bill uses Roman’s old blood-distributing thingy to collect a drop of Lilith’s blood. They bring Eric in and Nora holds Eric’s mouth open as Bill force-feeds him Lilith’s blood. Bill leaves to watch Eric and Nora “praise Lilith.” As a smoky figure emerges, Nora immediately thinks it’s Lilith, but, to her shock, it’s Godric. Nora, frightened, screams at him. Godric says his blood is still in her—he has done what she has failed to do…he has evolved. Soon, Lilith (still naked) appears and wraps her arms around Godric, silently threatening to kill him. Nora wants Lilith to spare him, while Eric screams for Godric to fight her, but Godric simply tells him that he’s not the one who must fight her. Lilith then scratches open Godrics neck, killing him. While Eric sobs, we see Bill sigh, smile, and say, “Praise Lilith.”
Note: Three things: 1.) is it just me or does that vile never seem to empty. If we go with the theory that the blood is tainted, perhaps it’s subtly being filled. 2.) I’m seriously sick of Bill and Lilith. This Lilith crap has got to stop. 3.) Okay. If this isn’t proof that something else is going on here, I don’t know what is—Godric is already dead-dead, so how could Lilith kill him again? It’s an illusion. Bill couldn’t see Lilith or Godric—the only explanation for why he couldn’t see them rests in that blood, which he didn’t have this time. So, is he that stupid and far gone, or was the “Praise Lilith” bit meant to be sarcastic??

Russell & Steve: Dancing together, their mouths covered in blood, Russell tells Steve about a way they can walk in the sunlight…and that it is very near them. Steve begs Russell to take him along. They get a little friendly while the camera zooms, revealing a frat house full of dead bodies.

Jessica, Lafayette, & Sam: When Jess walks into Merlotte’s, the few present humans get up and leave…all except two, both of whom threaten to kill Jess. Sam and Lafayette hold guns to both of them while Jess has a little fun threatening one of the humans with her fangs. Eventually they take off as Jason comes on in. Turns out, both Jess and Jason are there to meet someone…Hoyt.

Pam & Tara: Pam is completely against procreating. Tara questions what they will do—it seems she is a little hurt that Pam would just let the guy take the bar…and her. Pam says he can have the bar, but that she and Tara will go it alone.

Note: I loved how Pam made it known that she wouldn’t let the new sheriff take Tara. It was subtle, but very mommy-maker-like.
Jessica, Jason, & Hoyt: Hoyt shows up at Merlotte’s to tell Jason and Jess he’s moving to Alaska. In order for him to truly move on, Hoyt needs to forget about Jess and Jason. Thus, he asks Jess to glamour him. Reluctantly, she does—she tells him he’s a good man; that she and Jason will never forget him, but he won’t miss or remember them; she tells him he’ll be happy in Alaska and make some girl very happy—that she will be his first love, not Jess; she tells him to close his eyes and count to ten—when he opens his eyes, they’ll be gone and he won’t have a care in the world. Before leaving, Jason tells him he loves him, and Jess kisses his head and says goodbye. Jess and Jason leave Merlotte’s as Hoyt counts. When he stops counting, Hoyt doesn’t remember a thing.

Note: Wow. I have to admit, even though Hoyt has really bugged me the past two seasons, I was seriously moved during this scene.

Sookie & Jason: Jason surmises that Gran’s message meant something more than simply the box under the bed. He moves the bed, knocks around on the floor, and finds a hollow sound. Removing the floorboard, he pulls up a small box. Inside, was a scroll with an ancient language.

Sam & Luna: Sam is trying to get an interview with Steve Newlin in order to get Emma back. Luna hasn’t had any luck getting the media to cover Emma’s disappearance. Sam informs her that Steve is having a conference in New Orleans. They’re going.

Note: Bit surprised we didn’t see Luna’s interaction with Martha after finding out about Emma.

Sookie & Jason: They take the scroll to a language expert. He tells them it’s not of any known language…at least, not of any human language.

Lafayette, Holly, & Andy: Holly and Andy are having a little dinner date at an empty Merlotte’s. Lafayette cooks them up an especially delicious meal.

Jessica: Back at Bill’s, Jess remembers happy times with Hoyt. Not long into the memory lane walk, a bunch of Authority commando’s storm in to collect her, at Bill’s command.

Note: So help me if Bill brings her to the Authority to feed her tainted blood and force her to praise freakin’ Lilith.

Eric, Bill, Salome, Russell, & Authority: Well, Eric’s been transformed into a Lilith-lover. He apologizes to them all, claming that Lilith’s killing Godric made him realize he had been worshipping the wrong God. He then “forgave” Russell for killing his family…then he kissed Russell’s hand.

Note: Well, Bill may be a foolish ass, but I’m willing to bet Eric ain’t that impressionable.

Luna, Sam, & Steve: Two little white mice sneak into Steve’s dressing room while he carries on in the interview. Luna and Sam shift to human form, looking for Emma, but Emma is with Russell back at Authority headquarters. Before they could really dig around, Steve comes in, grabs his bag, and heads on out. I’m guessing Luna and Sam shifted and are in his bag.

Sookie, Jason, & Hoyt: Driving back to Bon Temps, Jason spots Hoyt’s truck and decides to pull him over, despite Sookie telling him he needs to let his former best friend go. When he stops him, Hoyt has no memory of Jason, apart from being Sookie’s brother. Hoyt said he’s moving to Alaska, “the last frontier,” and Jason remembered back to when they were kids, playfully saying that same thing, but Hoyt had no recollection. Jason gets back to his car and breaks down in tears—his childhood best friend is gone. :(

Bill & Jessica: Well, Bill welcomes Jess to the Authority, giving her a little tour. He’s acting like a complete ass. He starts his Lilith talk with Jess, which she doesn’t take too kindly to. He hands her the vampire bible. She starts looking through it when Bill says they are to lead their kind into the coming age. She questions him, but he says he’s getting ahead of himself.

Tara & Pam: Tara brings the new sheriff to Eric’s office, where she claims to have killed Ginger while trying to turn her. Well, it was all a rouse—Ginger stabs Elijah and Tara severs his head. When Ginger screams out a lung, Pam flies in and says, “You have got to be kidding me.” Tara: “We’re not running. No one eff’s with us in our house.”

Note: Best scene of the night thus far. The Tara/Pam alliance has been one of the greatest moves they’ve made.

Steve & Emma: Upon returning to the Authority, the secretary brings Emma out…in human form. Steve scolds her for shifting out of her were form, reminding her of the danger. Emma, showing great toughness, screams that she wants her mommy. He tells her that mommy doesn’t want her, calling her a little punk. She runs off, crying…but then so do two little white mice.

Note: For some reason, I found the little white mice so adorable. Maybe it’s a Disney fairy tale thing. I dunno. lol

Eric, Bill, Jess, Salome, Nora, Russell, & Authority: Russell finally shakes down Salome. He talks about the power of fairy blood—it’s the only way they can truly be powerful. Russell wants to study fairy blood—find a way to replicate it as humans did with True Blood, so vampires can rule in the day and night. Eric, Jess, and even Bill, look worried. Salome downs the idea, saying they are creatures of the night and fairies are an abomination. Sick of being under her thumb, Russell effortlessly tosses her across the room and reminds them all that he’s more powerful than all of them put together. He will have the sun…and off he goes. Eric and Bill look utterly horrified, knowing he’s going for Sookie.

Sookie, Jason, Claude, & Fairies: Looking over the scroll, Claude doesn’t recognize the writing, so they bring in an older fairy to take a look at it. The fairy they bring in is pregnant…and it’s the one who slept with Sheriff Andy. Yep. Anyway, she says the document is a sacred document, a contract in fairy blood. Running her hands over the document, she translates the text—5th of August, 1702, John William Stackhouse hereby grants Mr. M. Warlow my first born female fairy heir. The first female heir is Sookie.

Note: What’s the purpose of this contract? If Warlow WAS a fairy, perhaps Sookie was meant to be someone who would procreate the human-fairy species?? Maybe he was some fairy king or something. Then, over time, he was turned to a vampire, and now just wants her blood…or to create a vampire-human-fairy hybrid?? Agh! I don’t know!  

Thoughts: I’m so sick of Lilith. Her naked, bloody, evil-staring self just needs to go…and I’m seriously hoping it’s Eric who rids the world of her.

Did anyone else notice Russell’s accent shift when he gave his sun speech? I’m guessing it’s showing us just how old he is…and since he IS that old, what are the chances he at least knows of Warlow?? Or could Warlow save Sookie from Russell, only to take her for himself?? Maybe Russell and Warlow will be Team Sunlight or something and try to manufacture fairy blood? At this point, I’m thinking anything is possible.

Where do you think this whole thing is going?


  1. Hey there! I don't watch True Blood, neither am I a race car fan, but I wanted to jump in and say hi. I've missed your posts! :)

    1. Hey sweetie! I have SO much to post! True Blood is over in two weeks, so I'll get back to normal posting then...well, apart from my crazy sports posts. lol *HUGS*

  2. That scene with Hoyt, Jess and Jason was so heartbreaking, then his breaking down to tears later in the car. So sad.

    I agree..get rid of Lilith already! I have no idea what's going to happen.. I know that although Russell is all for free feeding on humans, he is not into the Lilith thing. I still think the weres are going to come into this story line.

    Yeah I was surprised they didn't do a scene between Martha and Luna. Luna would have gone ballistic.

    Loved Andy and Holly's little dinner date. So happy with Andy's life at the moment.

    1. I really didn't expect those scene to hit me as hard as they did--very, very sad.

      I'm hoping the weres make their move...and I'm seriously hoping it's Alcide to lead them.

      It was a little odd, wasn't it, not to have a Martha-Luna confrontation?

      Me too...though I wonder what will happen when he finds out he's about to become a father...to a little human-fairy hybrid. :/

  3. My internet has been out for a week now. I really need to work on that. lol I actually came to work at my local Sticksville clinic an hour early just to use the internet! LOL My phone only allows so many "windows" open so reading blogs is like a major no-no with my phone. Because I just get smacked down.

    And my time is nearly up. Meaning, I'll have to actually start working soon. Ugh! lol

    1. Yeah, I've been having AWFUL internet troubles, too!! What's up with that?! Some days, I can't get online, while others I get a little time, then it goes off, then on, then off. WEIRD!

  4. The storyline is certainly getting a bit strange...almost as if the writers were struggling to come up with something. While I don't watch the show, I do enjoy reading your recaps of each episode. This one kind of had me scratching my head.

    Due to lack of paid for tv, I won't get to watch another Nascar race until Bristol (August 25th). I've never liked the road coarses, too boring for me. And Bristol is always entertaining. Go Jr.!

    1. LOL--It's taking a LOT of twists and turns. I can't make sense of this whole Lilith thing. I'm so, so glad you enjoy reading them, though. They take me a long time to write! lol Wait until you see this week's recap---CRAZY! lol

      Honestly, I don't think road courses need to be on the schedule, at least not as a points race. I wish they'd use them as bonus or charity-type races--then the drivers could really let loose and have fun. Bristol is coming up! SO excited!