Tuesday, August 21, 2012

True Blood Tuesday--Sunset

Episode 11, Season Five

Bill & The Authority: As he exits the elevator, Bill hears a spooky female voice saying, “Bill, come to me.” Finally, the doors hiding Lilith’s blood open to him. He looks around, sees nothing, and leaves…but then he hears an odd cry—he turns and finds Lilith (again, still naked and bloody). She says only one can lead them, and she chooses him. Opening the glass case holding the vile of blood, she says, “Drink the blood. Drink it all.” After a moment’s pause, Bill shakes his head and turns away. He hears that weird cry again, turns back around, and Lilith is gone, but a bloody hand print is still on the open case.

Nora & Salome: Nora is sitting in the Authority, Godric’s words and “death” at Lilith’s hands haunting her. Salome senses something is different with her, but Nora assures her she is still on Lilith’s path. She simply tells her she’s concerned about Russell’s carelessness. Salome isn’t bothered, once again putting it off to being part of Lilith’s plan. Salome kisses Nora atop her head, but Nora plants one on Salome’s lips. Nora heads out…as she does, her smile fades.

Note: I’m thinking Nora may be shifting back to the realm of sanity. I hope.

Bill & Jessica: Jess tries to steal Bill’s phone to call Jason, but, of course, Bill catches her. All she wants to do is warn Jason about Russell and Steve. Bill denies her request, accompanying his refusal with some pro-Lilith crazy talk. Not giving up on contacting Jason, Jess tries very hard to sell him on the idea that she could make Jason a vampire in the name of Lilith, but it’s not working. Bill, acting like a total ass, takes her up on her fake offer and calls in a couple of men to supervise.

Note: I couldn’t possibly loathe Bill any more than I do at this moment.

Eric & Nora: While Eric paces about his room in the Authority, Nora wanders aimlessly down the hall, eventually going into his room. They share a knowing, realizing look…then they embrace and make love. She apologizes to Eric and asks him what they will do. He promises to get them out of this mess…then they continue the vamp lovemaking.

Note: YES! Thank goodness Nora is back on Eric’s side. I like her character and would like to see how she would handle Eric’s feelings for Sookie.

Sookie & Jason: Still in the now empty fairy club, Sookie tries to digest the news that she was promised to a vampire. Jason tries to downplay the significance of the contract. She tells Jason that Warlow came for her in a weird, air-shape. Jason says they need to talk to the elder fairy, as Maurella suggested. Jason leaves Sook in the fairy club, so he can go do his job, promising to return the next day.

Eric, Nora, Bill, Salome, & Authority: A U.S. General shows up at the council and wants to know where Roman is, but Salome, Bill, and Nora evade the question. The General has been working with Roman for years. He knows they orchestrated the True Blood factory bombings. The government has an arrangement with them: mainstreaming. Bill tells him Roman is no longer with them. Nora informs him of the shift in regime—they are now Sanguinistas. Salome cautions him to choose his next words carefully. He calls them a bunch of psychotic bloodsuckers. Bill advises him to join them on the path forward. The General has video of Russell and Steve eviscerating 22 college frat students. He claims to have multiple copies, so should anything happen to him, the video will be released.  See, the Authority promised the President that Russell was dead. Should this video be released, vamps are doomed—the government has weapons the vampires have no knowledge of—humans own the day. He then warns them to mind their next words. Nora steals a look at Eric, who immediately zips forward and breaks the General’s neck.

Jess & Jason: Well, the two guards won’t leave Jess alone with Jason, so she whispers, “Trust me,” and bites him.

Eric, Nora, Bill, Salome, & Authority: Salome and Kibwe are pretty pissed at Eric, but our Viking claims to be able to fix this by glamouring the existence of the tape from their minds. Nora chimes in, saying she knows his chief of staff. Ah, this will get Eric and Nora OUT of the Authority. Salome buys it, and tells them to take a plane and get it done. Bill, seeming a bit less sure, insists they take a couple of guards.

Note: LOVE the Eric-Nora team! Suck it, Bill and Salome!!!

Jess & Jason: The two thugs are burying Jess and Jason in the ground. While they start to talk about grabbing some food, Jess whispers, “Do it!” Jason sits upright and shoots both vamp guards with wooden bullets. Jess quickly tells Jason about Russell and Steve—how they’re after Sookie. Before Jason leaves to tell Sook, Jess makes sure he knows that if she had to spend eternity with someone, it would be him.

Note: Another awesome Jess and Jason scene. Jason has really brought it this season!

Pam, Tara, & Jess: Now that Tara killed the new sheriff, Pam, fearful of the Authority’s response, commands that she never again speak of this event. Jess shows up at Fangtasia, begging Pam to hide her. Pam isn’t open to the idea until Jess tells her she knows where Eric is—Pam pins her against the wall, wanting to hear about Eric, but Jess continues begging to be hidden. Pam finally agrees, instructing Tara to bring in a spare coffin.

Eric & Nora: I’m guessing the two guards are driving Eric and Nora to the airport. Eric asks the guards if they mind if he changes the radio station. In one swift motion, Eric kills the guards. Nora and Eric exit the car, knowing the Authority will be after them now. She takes off her necklace and throws it on the ground (pretty sure the pendant was a symbol of a Sanguinista). In a very cool scene, both Nora and Eric fly away, super speedily.

Note: The sweet look Nora and Eric shared before flying away has me a tad worried. He looked so happy and full of love for her…I’m worried she won’t make it through this battle, which would suck because I think an Eric—Sookie—Nora triangle would be fun.

Sam & Luna: The two little mice shift back into humans, unsure of where they are, though certain Emma is there somewhere.

Sookie & Eldest Fairy: Okay. Eldest fairy lady is a little…bat-crap crazy. She has trouble focusing, so she talks about various musicians, wanting to know if Sookie is for or against each of them. She knew John Stackhouse, calling him a bit of a creep. Sookie wants to know why she was promised to Warlow—Elder Fairy fussily says she shouldn’t speak of such things. Then, she says there’s a reason Sookie’s attracted to vamps—a reason their destiny’s are entwined; a dark time is coming, and Sookie must hold onto her light for as long as possible. She then says, “Warlow is v—” but Jason shows up screaming. The fairies pull him inside and he explains about Russell. Elder Fairy grows very angry about Russell being alive. 

Holly & Andy: At Merlotte’s, one of Holly’s sons apologizes for posting his bare butt on FB. The other son…well, he wasn’t too keen on apologizing. Andy sits down, tells them it’s okay—they have no reason to trust him…yet. He promises to do right by Holly, for as long as she’ll have him.

Note: Yeah, I wonder how they’re going to take it when they find out Mom’s new boyfriend fathered a part-fairy child.

Alcide & His Father, Jackson: Alcide is shirtless. Wait. There’s more to this scene? Oh, right…dialogue. Focus. Another were shows up to warn them about some baby vamps attacking them. Jackson says they’re good with the silver fences—they’ll keep out the baby vamps. Jackson has some bad blood with the dude, who warns Al not to turn out like his father. Al accuses his father of stealing money from the pack, which is why they turned him out.

Sookie, Jason, & Fairies: Sookie says they need to fight Russell, otherwise he’ll just keep coming after them. The fairies aren’t enthusiastic on the idea, but the elder fairy agrees with Sook—they will take him down.

Sookie & Jason: Clearly, there is a plan in place. I’m guessing Jason is the bait. He tells Sook the best defense is a good offense. It’s game time. LOVE that.

Note: Loved this scene. Think it was the football talk. lol

Terry, Arlene, & Andy: Terry and Arlene are back to being a cuddly couple, and Andy wants to know how they make it last. For them, it’s simple—trust, loyalty, and honesty. Like clockwork, Maurella shows up preggers. She warns Andy of the dangers ahead and takes him up on the light pact he made with her when they made love—where he promised to protect her. Andy would prefer to stay with Holly. This doesn’t sit well with Maurella. He swore upon the light—he accepted her light into him. If he ignores the light pact, it’s an act of war.

Pam, Tara, & Jessica: Pam tells Jess that Bill’s attitude change is typical “nest” behavior, something she and Eric always avoided—when you live with a group for a long period, you tend to become sadistic and crazy. Jess thanks her again for hiding her, and Pam makes a little snide remark about braiding each other’s hair (effing baby vamps) before heading back up to the main floor of Fangtasia. Jess asks whether Tara like-likes Pam, which Tara denies. Though Tara gets a little defensive and pissy at Jess, she soon softens when Jess says she has no friends, no one to talk to. Tara says she’ll try to bring her a fang-banger later.

Note: Okay, happy now. I really liked the Tara-Jess BFF development and was sad when it quickly went out the window. Now, it seems, we have it back! Yay!

Tara, Pam & Rosalyn: Rosalyn shows up for her progeny…Sheriff Elijah. Rosalyn attacks Tara—she smells his blood on her. As Rosalyn said, a maker always knows when their progeny dies. She asks Tara if she killed him. Before Tara could answer, Pam takes the fall, saying he was getting on her nerves. A swarm of Authority guards storm Fangtasia, cuff Pam, and take her away. Before leaving, Rosalyn smells Jess. She finds her lurking behind a door—smiling viciously, Rosalyn tells Jess her daddy’s lookin’ for her.

Note: Okay, love Pam for taking the fall and protecting her progeny, but…seriously worried about Pam, now. 

Bill & Lilith: Seriously??? Creepy crying Lilith calls to freaking Bill again. He’s the one—she chooses him, blah, blah, blah. She wants him to drink all of her. She places her fingers upon his lips and disappears. When Bill touches his lips, he sees the blood on his hands. Geez. He’s all “I love Lilith” again.

Alcide & his father, Jackson: From inside his dad’s trailer, Al sees some baby vamps trying to cause trouble. The silver fences are doing their job, keeping them out. Al notices they are heading in the direction of a neighbor, so he grabs a gun to go after them. Jackson sort of sneers at his son’s need to always be the hero. Al reminds Jackson of how he raised him—to be a man and a wolf, not a thief and a coward.

Russell, Jason, & Steve: Jason was waiting for Russell at Sook’s house. He showed up with Steve (who still has a thing for Mr. Stackhouse), stripped Jason of his gun, and glamoured him into leading them to Sookie.

Alcide & vamps: Alcide goes after the vamps. He takes care of one of them, but gets jumped by another. The vamp dude threatening Al exploded into a bloody mess—standing atop the trailer was Al’s daddy.

Note: I liked this scene a lot. There’s been so much tension between Al and his dad, so to see Jackson save his son was really sweet.

Luna, Sam, & Emma (in wolf form): Luna and Sam find Emma locked up alongside cages of humans. While little Emma jumps and scratches at the cage, they tell her to stay in wolf form. Unfortunately, the guards find them, lock up Luna and take Sam away to be Bill’s breakfast.

Bill & Kibwe: Bill finds Kibwe bowing to Lilith’s blood. Kibwe’s all giddy-happy—Lilith appeared to him & chose him. Bill gets all pissy, beheads him, and says, “No. She chose me!”

Note: Seriously, Bill? Seriously? Stupid Lilith is appearing to ALL OF YOU. Good grief, could you be any stupider?! You’d think this would wake him up, but no. He’s still a deluded ass. Can you tell I’m just a little annoyed with him right now?!

Pam & Sam: As they take Sam to his death, guards lead Pam to a cell. They cross paths and ask each other what they’re doing there. Sam tells her to help Luna. Pam retorts, “Who the eff is Luna?” LOL

Note: Pam is SO at the heart of this show…if they let anything happen to her character, so help me!

Bill & Jess: Rosalyn arrived with Jess and has the secretary page Bill, who is busy cleaning up the mess after killing Kibwe. Jess says it wasn’t right to turn Jason. Bill is pissed she chose a human over vampires. He spouts some Lilith crap and Jess basically says to hell with Lilith. And…OH NO HE DID NOT…Bill just hit Jessica, sending her flying across the room and crashing to the floor. He screams at her about being the chosen one, blah, blah, blah.

Note: And here I thought I couldn’t hate Bill more than I did a few minutes ago. SOB.

Salome & Lilith: Oh, for goodness sake, naked Lilith appears to Salome, saying the same crap she told Bill and Kibwe.

Note: Well, I guess it isn’t Salome behind it all, then??

Jason, Russell, & Steve: Now in the field where the fairy club is, Russell and Steve get all high sniffing the fairy blood in the air. They zip and zoom around like crazed, drunken lunatics. The fairies are watching them from the entrance of the club. Getting impatient, Russell grabs Jason, threatening to rip him to shreds if Sookie doesn’t reveal herself. Sookie says they have to attack now, but the Elder Fairy tells them the plan has changed—she will not allow them to risk their lives…she’s got this one. Once she exits the club, Russell catches an intense whiff. He turns to face her as Steve makes a run at her. Elder Fairy easily uses her electric hands to send Steve flying. She then vows to banish the vampire (Russell) to the realms and beyond…but Russell uses Jason as a shield. Jason slams into a tree and falls unconscious. This miss allows Russell to sweep in from behind and drain her. Because he ingested her blood, Russell can see the club with all the fairies watching. Crap. He’s running right for them. “Why, thank you so much. I’d love to come to dinner.”

Thoughts: If we have to be stuck with Lilith, could someone please throw the woman in a shower and give her some clothes? Just sayin’

Now, Lilith. It seems she needs someone to drink all of her blood, assuming it is her blood in the vile. Could this be some possession thing? The only way for Lilith to be reborn is for someone to drink the majority of her blood or something?? AND, why does her blood do such strange things to vampires? Could it be part-fairy or demon or something?? I’m still not entirely convinced Lilith is “real.”

Now, remember what Godric said about her: She’s a Godless God. Could that mean she’s the devil???

Bill. I loathe the man now. Honestly, I’m not sure I can like him again. He has been the epitome of stupid this season, and the fact that he could strike Jessica like that…anyone else anti-Bill?

Does anyone else feel like Warlow will be next season’s new big bad? With only one episode left, I don’t think this story will be resolved—maybe he’ll make his entrance or something, but other than that, I don’t see it.

The Elder Fairy…what did she say about Warlow before Jason showed up? It was something with a “v,” but wasn’t a “vampire” sound.

I’m also thinking the Elder Fairy banished Warlow “to the realms and beyond,” like she tried to do with Russell tonight. That would explain why he appeared to Sookie in such a strange manner—like from a parallel world, reaching out.

Okay, what did you think??? One episode left! How will it end? I’m thinking cliffhanger season.


  1. I am thinking cliffhanger as well.. oh and I am so anti-Bill at the moment to.
    Can't believe there is only one episode left. Thinking Warlow will be in next season.
    A bit disappointed with the lack of werewolf action this season.
    Really think they tried to squeeze too much into twelve episodes.
    Still, loving the show and can't wait for the finale.

    1. It does seem like there will be a lot of unresolved stories, or abrupt endings, in this finale.

      The werewolf action seemed like it was going to be a much bigger story, and then it kind of became background--I'm guessing we'll see more of them next season as well.

      Oh, I agree--16 or 20 episodes would have probably been ideal. 12 seems too few for all that's going on.

      Can't wait for the finale!!!