Monday, February 27, 2012

Truth Is Tuesday: A Wacky Special Daytona 500 Edition, GO DALE JR.!!!

Truth Is: If you can handle the cuteness…my mom baked a cake for the Daytona 500.  She iced it, putting “Go Dale, #88” on top.  I wanted to take a picture, but she got all Bashful Dwarf on me, saying it wasn’t good enough.  It was so adorable—I told her Dale would probably think that was really nice.

Truth Is:  For the first time, the Daytona 500 was postponed due to rain.  

It should have been a sign. 

Truth Is:  Love the 88 paint job.

Truth Is:  Monday night—Daytona 500 time.  And right off the bat, Jimmie Johnson was in a frightening crash. Y’all, you save the craziness for the end of the race, not the first lap (Jimmie wasn't acting crazy, but others were.  Danica was collected in the mess, too. I was sad for her). 

Truth Is: Jeff Gordon’s engine blew up without any warning whatsoever.  Bizarre, right?  It was about to get more bizarre (bizarrer should totally be a word.  It’s fun to say.  Bizarrer.  Sorry.)

Incredible as it was, Truth Is: Let me just say this as plainly as possible—Car broke.  Driver (Juan Pablo Montoya) lost control.  Driver slams into jet dryer.  BOOM.  Say hello to a huge fury of flames. 

Fortunately, everyone is okay. 

It was UNREAL, though. Seriously, the wackiest thing I’ve ever seen during a race. 

Insert red flag...for a fire delay.  Start waiting game.  Start goofiness.

Truth Is: If they called the race at this point, Dale Jr. would finish 6th. Whoop!

Truth Is:  Tide apparently cleans tracks.  Seriously—they were bringing out boxes of Tide to clean the track.  It was very Mary Poppins, all of them with their little brooms and stuff.  Betcha the sales for Tide will go up. 
Truth Is:  Would you ever think the song All By Myself would be mentioned during the Daytona 500 broadcast?  Yeah, me either.  But it was.  Thanks.  

Truth Is: Commercial—Fox is going to have college football September 1st.  How many months ’til September?  Oh, right.  Needed a moment to let that resonate.

Truth Is:  They actually started up again at about 12:09 a.m., EST.  And I was every bit as nervous as I was when the dang thing started. So bajiggity. Yeah, I brought out the bajiggity.

Truth Is: The number of commercials during the Daytona 500 is atrocious!  And, then, they promise us side-by-side, but STOP once the race re-starts.  WTH?! 

Truth Is: They must have heard my not-so-silent-plea to bring back the side-by-side during commercials…because they did.  My heart rate thanks you.

Truth Is:  The chunks are rising as I watch the last 15 laps.

Truth Is: Dale has no friends now; Jeff and Jimmie are out, Kasey…just wrecked.  He’s the Lone Ranger, here, folks. Frankly, I like when he controls his own destiny…because good things usually happen.

Truth Is:  Another wreck, and I’m gonna hurl.

Truth Is: DALE JR. FINISHES 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! No teammate to help, no help from anyone else, and he finished second!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES SIR!!!!

GO DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!  


  1. I like bizarrer. It is fun to say.

    Janie, who is now on twitter and wants to be followed

  2. I saw the craziness on the news, wondered how the rest of the race went. Thanks for bringing me up to date, Frisky! And yay to your guy . . . coming in second? I'm not a race fan, so I don't know if it's normally a good thing to come in second or if that adds to some sort of future cumulative tally or such. But if you're happy, then I'm happy! :)

    And, aww -- I would've loved to see that cake!

    1. Finishing top five at any race is ideal--the better you finish, the more points you get, which will help when Chase time rolls around. The goal is always to win, of course, but making the Chase is the big picture goal. Those who make the Chase will then race for the Championship.

      :) I'm elated. Naturally, I wish he could have won, but finishing second at Daytona is quite an accomplishment.

      Mom thinks the cake brought him some luck, too. And I would have to agree. :)

  3. Hey, Frisky! Thought of you Saturday night and Sunday morning..we were in Dallas. A yelled a hello Frisky out the car window. Did you hear me? lol

    1. Awwwwwww! I bet Big D gave you a big hug, but just in case you didn't get it...{{{HUGS}}}

  4. I'm guessing you like Dale. Just a hunch. lol

    1. Well, you have mentioned Dale once or twice. And I'm sure there was a girly squeal in there somewhere. lol ;o)

    2. What? Huh? Don't know what you're talking about. Nope, not at all. ;)

  5. omg, that race was UnBelievable!!

    I told Hubby before the race there were going to be a lot of crashes (based upon what I saw during the Shootout and Gatorade Trials) - but didn't expect the Montoya/jet dryer crash! Wow! I honestly thought they'd call the race then and there. Happy that Dale got second :-)

    1. There's my NASCAR blogging buddy!!!!!!!

      Wasn't that race insane?! I couldn't believe what was happening. I really can't remember a race being that crazy.

      The Jet Dryer v. Montoya segment was surreal. I'm so glad everyone is okay, but that was like something out of a movie. When does that ever happen?!

      So happy for Dale. :)

  6. Oh, just wanted to let you know - there's an award waiting for you over at my blog :-)

    1. Awww, thank you so much! I'll head on over!