Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Road Fates

I have two very small requests, one for me and one for Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

For Dale: Please let my brand new AMP t-shirt bring good luck to Dale Jr. Lately, Lady Luck (a.k.a. the evil bitch) has been covering his lucky horseshoe with mold and it’s tickin’ me off. 

When I saw this lonely little AMP top on a discount table, I thought, “Hey, maybe it will bring him some luck.”  It doesn’t have Dale or his number on it, so I figure it doesn’t fall into the jinx category. 

Any day you fates feel like kickin’ Lady Luck into gear for the 88 would be absolutely fantastic.  

For Me: The next time I stumble off the sidewalk like an idiot with my AMP t-shirt in-hand, please don't let me find an attractive man parked next to my car with several Kyle Busch stickers proudly displayed in his back window (Kyle drives the 18 in NASCAR and probably gets the most boos at every race; Dale, of course, is the most popular and typically gets the most cheers).  So not ideal.  Ironic, yes, but not ideal.  


  1. LOL! You don't believe in mixed marriages??

  2. OT: :) When I saw the 18 stickers, I had an audible, "UGH, of course."

    Eva: lol--Oh, it's not that! I've dated guys who like different teams, etc. Normally, I see a lot of Dale stickers or other Hendrick drivers. It's just totally ironic he'd be an 18 fan while I'm carrying my new AMP top...and falling of the sidewalk.

  3. Eva: That should be "off" the sidewalk. :/

  4. That IS a funny and somber coincidence. Were he not good looking, it would've been fine. Sorry.

  5. Robyn: True. You just have to shake your head...and I did. lol

  6. They say opposites attract...

    And maybe he roots for whats-his-name because everybody else roots for Dale and he worries that whats-his-name feels left out. That would make him a nice person.