Tuesday, July 19, 2011

True Blood Tuesday: I'm Alive and On Fire *SPOILERS*

Season 4, Episode 4.                         
Eric & Sookie, Part I: Ha! It seems Eric drank too much of Claudine’s fairy blood because now he’s just a ’lil bit drunk.  Tipsy and horny, Eric wanted some more red fairy-scotch from Sook, but settled for pinching a little bum cheek and squeezing her—as he put it—“beautiful butt.”  Not wanting to go inside, Eric ran away…still blood-drunk.

Note: I cannot get enough of cute, silly, sweet Eric.

Jason & Crystal: Well, it seems ghost daddy was certainly living up to his role as panther-maker—poor Jason had those panther-women riding him like Zorro, one after the other.  Once the next panther-woman was done, she sent in Becky, the underage panther girl.  The old guy ordered Becky to become pregnant by their “ghost daddy.” Jason found out she was a virgin and said her first time should be something special and not because someone is forcing her.  She agrees and cuts him free. 

Jason escapes!!! Yay! Now, he just has to get away from Felton, who is hot on his trail.  No worries, though—Jason, pointy stick in-hand, waited in a tree for panther-Felton, jumped him, and stabbed him to death.  Crystal showed up in panther form not two seconds later, transformed, and was happy as a clam that Felton was dead.  However, she’s seriously delusional, thinking Jason would want to stay around and be ghost daddy to their clan.  Jason basically told her he never wanted to see her again and took off.

Jessica & Hoyt: This episode was practically Jess/Hoyt free. Boo! They had one scene late in the episode where they saw Jason passed out on the side of the road and Jess fed him her blood. 

Note: Now, what will vampire blood do to a panther-bitten former V-addict???

Bill & Nan: Nan doesn’t believe the witches are a problem, and she certainly doesn’t think they are true necromancers. She orders Bill to find Eric and warns him not to harm any humans in the process or it’ll be his butt.  (At this point, I just really wanted to see Bill’s butt). 

Note: Nan said the last threat of necromancy was over 400 years ago during the Spanish massacre where there was one single powerful witch with a reason to go after vampires.  Now, could this be the spirit-woman we saw watching Marnie at the end of the last episode? I’m thinking it is!

Eric, Sookie, & Alcide: Sook called in reinforcements in the form of one steaming hot werewolf.  Alcide arrived at Sookie’s and transformed to help pick up Eric’s scent. *Ah, very nice shirtless shots here…why must they turn the camera away at just the wrong moment?* They found Eric happily swimming in a sun-drenched pond.  Were-Alcide transformed to naked, um, human-Alcide and Eric did NOT like Al standing near Sookie—he was prepared to fight.  Ooooh, some nice naked (of course we don’t see anything, but a little bum) Alcide-Eric tough guy stuff going on here.  (Eric: “You stinking dog!” Alcide: “Take a shot you dumb sh*& fanger!).  Sookie calms them down and Eric starts feeling sick as the effectiveness of Claudine’s blood begins to wear off.  Sook covers Eric with a blanket and they get him back to his built-in cubby.  Feeling increasingly sick, Eric asks Sookie to stay with him, but she sweetly says she has human stuff to do.

Alcide & Debbie: Despite her words, I think Debbie was a little miffed Al went to help Sook wrangle a vamp.  Now, whether she was jealous of Sookie or the fact that he was near vampire blood, I don’t know.  All I know is I don’t trust her for a second and Al deserves way better (of course, I may still be mesmerized by the man’s abs and bum).

Bill & Portia: Bill meets Portia and Andy’s very old fashioned, wealthy grandma.  Andy acts all twitchy and quickly leaves for “work.” Grandma is certain he’s drinking again (well, she’s partially right).  Having worked his charm, Bill takes a look at some old genealogy of her family and, to Bill’s horror, discovers that Portia is his great-great-great-great granddaughter. Bill, ya slept with your great granddaughter.  Um, ewy.

Luna & Sam: Sam calls on Luna and discovers she has a little girl named Emma.  He is amazing around Emma, but Luna says she must be careful—her ex is a jealous werewolf (were-stalker, more like, considering he still watches her).  Sam isn’t intimidated. Love this couple!!!

Arlene & Terry: Terry was talking to little maybe-devil-baby, saying how he’s his daddy, etc. Apparently, this didn’t sit well with something because when Terry leaves to attend to the laundry, the phrase “Baby Not Yours” appears on their living room wall in red marker.  Maybe-baby was holding a red marker.  Oh, dear.

Tommy & Melinda: So, Tommy heads off to meet up with his mom, who tells him she has left Joe Lee.  Tommy is elated she finally left the drunken creep, especially after learning that he forced her back into dog fighting.  Well, it was all a ruse to force Tommy back into fighting.  Joe Lee is still very much present and disgusting as ever.

Sookie & Eric, Part II: Eric is sad about not being able to go in the sun again and about not seeing the sunlight in Sookie’s hair (awww!).  Eric wants to kiss Sookie, saying she would be happy if she would kiss him.  Sookie refused, but only slightly.  They looked in each other’s eyes, leaned closer, and…Bill shows up at her door.  Dang it, Bill! They were gonna kiss!!!

Bill is there to find Eric, but Sookie tells him Eric left.  Bill said he will personally search her house, but Sookie stops him, saying, “…have I ever lied to you?” He stops just shy of going inside, recognizing that fact.   Oh, dear.  Sookie, you have now lied to Bill…and I’m glad. 

Layfayette, Jesus, Tara, & Marnie: Marnie has a dream about the “goddess” (the woman who did the spell on Eric).  Marnie is basically “in” her dream, watching the woman being burned alive.  When the goddess starts to chant, Marnie begins chanting with her, staring into her eyes.  When Marnie awakens, there are flames burning in her eyes. 

Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara try to get Marnie to reverse the spell on Eric, but she has no idea, since it was the goddess who cast the spell initially.  After calling the goddess for the spell, a book mysteriously knocks over, revealing the counter spell. 

Pam shows up for the nighttime reversal, but grows impatient and says, “This is b.s.” Bad move, Pam.  Marnie channels the goddess (or the goddess channels Marnie) and turns Pam into a partially rotting corpse—literally, her face began rotting and peeling. Poor Pam…this is going to piss her off big time.     


  1. I don't watch the show, so this was all Greek to me! It's okay, though, cause I still like reading your posts!

  2. Eva: You are so sweet! I'm glad you like these posts anyway. This week's episode was very friendly to the female hormones. lol

  3. Loved it when Eric and Alcide and growling at each other and Sookie is like.. "Alcide, quit making that noise!"

  4. OT: Aww, you're too sweet. *Hugs* The past week or so has been daunting.

    Alittlesprite: Me too!!! I'm loving this Eric and seeing more of Alcide!!! Wouldn't mind seeing even more. That didn't sound right. Dang hormones. lol

  5. I love your breakdowns. I was NOT okay with baby wall writing. I was less okay with poor Jason being used like a stud stallion. Poor Jason. That guy has some shit luck. First his girls get killed off, now he's being raped and bitten. Not cool. That doll has got to go. Lafayette cracks me the heck up. Eric is totally melting my heart. I don't think I'd be able to deny that Eric anything he asked for. So adorable.

  6. Jewels: The maybe-devil-baby stuff is freaking me out. The doll is creepy as all heck. And I am so glad Jason is free--that whole thing was really bothering me. Gross. He's too cute to have that kind of luck. :/

    Lafayette is hilarious. Eric is melting my heart, too. Big time. Sigh.

  7. I wish I watched this! I just dropped by to say hi! :)

  8. Yvonne: It's a fun show with some great eye candy. lol I'm so glad you stopped in to say hi!!! *Hugs and "hi" back*

  9. Naked Alcide and Eric? Yes, please. More, please. My husband didn't get the blood line thing with Bill and why he couldn't continue a relationship with Ms. Balfour. I knew right away and went, ew.

  10. Barsola: Oh, definitely want more naked Alcide and Eric goodness!!! That episode was jam-packed with eye candy!!! The whole Bill-Portia thing was icky. Ugh, how will they live with that one?!

  11. Oh I know what you mean. When he was sliding those jeans off and....and.... Nothing!
    I was like... AWWW NOOO!