Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weeding...Wedding...Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

Well, this is an interesting development. 

Lately, every time I type or write the word wedding, I misspell it.  In fact, I spell out another word entirely: Weeding.

Royal Wedding? Nah, it was a Royal Weeding, according to my seriously misguided typing fingers.  

Weeding is apparently the new wedding. Who knew?

And here I thought my make believe marriage to batman was a bad sign...

Of course, there was the time when I pretend married my Barbie and Ken to each other and had them say the vows, "...awfully wedded husband (and wife)." My mom gently corrected me on the awfully part. 

So, let's see where we are:

-Pretend married to superheroes as a child.

-Gave away my "Han Solo husband" to crying friend.

-Awfully instead of lawfully.

-And, now, weeding for wedding.

Maybe my brain sees a wedding as the happy result of the years and years we spend weeding through all the commitment phobic, egotistical, sex-centered, self-centered, inconsiderate, lying, stuck-up, sarcastic, cruel jack wipes.

Just a thought.


  1. Maybe you are weeding them out? lol

  2. It's just a variation of you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!

  3. Weeds always grow around flowers, Miss Virgin. Maybe you need a gardener to pluck them out for you.

  4. i second what everyone above me said. and harry potter comes out tonight! yeeeeeee ahhh i am so excited.

  5. I cannot hope to improve upon the cleverness of prior comments. I will say though that you would never be able to appreciate the full wonder of love and the right man without having experienced just how bad some can be. Everything is relative and if you found the perfect man right away I can promise you that you wouldn't appreciate him as much if you hadn't been out with some of your hideous dates first.

  6. Stay away from Batman, he's mine.

  7. Interesting development indeed. Plus, I definitely agree with Gorilla Bananas' statement. :o)

  8. I can't help but laugh...over here in BC...people would think you were talking about drugs in code. haha

  9. Me? I'm just happy people don't read my blog for the spelling. :)

    Almost Hubs got a black suit for the wedding. Youngest asked if he could wear black and he said no, black was for funerals. Youngest asked why Almost was wearing black, and he replied "Because it's the last day of my life."


  10. OT: lol-I'm thinkin' you're right. ;)

    Eva: I have always liked that analogy. I'll take it to be a variation on the kissing frogs thing. :)

    GB: Awww, that's cute and clever! :)

    20 something virgin: Can't wait to see the new (and last...*tears*) Harry.

    Jewels: Very, very true. Although, the right one actually has to exist in reality...and in this lifetime. ;)

    Drake: Ooooh, it's on! Frisky Virgin versus Blue monster for Batman! ;)

    J.Day: :) Thanks.

    Rita: Oh, Lord, really? LOL

    Julianna: Okay, that is totally adorable! lol

  11. There's always the weed-wacker?

  12. Carole: May have to invest in one. ;)

  13. Do your worst, my fur absorbs all blows.

  14. Stumbled on your blog and I love it.

    The Frisky Virgin is such a catchy title. (:

    I'm still hoping I'll be married before my ovaries rot because I'm awesome and it's my duty to pass down my superior genes.

  15. Tomato...tom-ah-to...

    Weddings do spring up in summertime like weeds...maybe you feel like by going to each wedding you are conquering a weed. Therefore you are weeding...

  16. Drake: Okay, it's time to watch the fur fly!

    Lemons: Thank you so much! I love the name of your blog!! :)

    LOL--I share the same hope, and so do my ovaries. lol The catch is finding someone equally awesome who can appreciate your awesomeness. Did that make sense? lol

    Chanel: Ooh, that's a good explanation for the whole weeding/wedding mix-up. Weddings do tend to pop up like weeds this time of year. Excellent point! :)