Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stereotype Slayer #15: Virgins Dislike "Sexy Stuff"

I remember when an R&B CD fell out of my backpack one day in professional school.  By the shocked looks on the guys' faces, you would have thought the world had just been pronounced square.

My male friends were stunned that I, little miss virgin, listened to what they called "porn music."  Said "porn music" included songs like Freak Me, Bump 'N Grind, Stroke You Up, I'll Make Love to You, etc.

Shocked Guys: "You've got porn music!"

Me, blushing a little: "What's the big deal? It's R&B, it's sexy...what of it?"

Guys, eyes popping: "It just doesn't make sense."

Later, one guy told me--and a fellow virgin friend--that virgins "aren't supposed to like sexy stuff."

Cue mega eye rolling.

Virgins most certainly fall under such labels as pure, angelic, sweet, and innocent. I'm not arguing these labels, but there is so much more to a virgin than being sweet and innocent.

Here's a little list of some of the "sexy stuff" virgins are not supposed to like:

Sexy music--We don't cover our ears or turn the station...we turn it up, sing along, and fantasize. We then store our fantasies in a little mind vault and wait for the special him to unlock it.

Colorful undies--Virgins are believed to only wear single-style, white undies.  Personally, I prefer color...and variation.  That's all I'm sayin'.

Sexy movies/television shows, like True Blood--According to a number of men, virgins prefer PG films to R rated movies (no joke). Sigh. We don't cover our eyes during a love scene...we take mental notes. 

Bottom Line: Sex and sexy are two different concepts. Sexy is a state of mind. You don't have to have sex to like sexy things.  A virgin's mind is like the ocean--15% of which you may know, but the rest...the rest is a mystery waiting to be discovered.

Stereotype #15: SLAYED.


  1. They seem to confuse virgins with nuns.

  2. Well, virgins become non-virgins because they like sexy! Duh, people!

    Frisky, people are just dumb bunnies when it comes to virgins. You'd think they never were virgins themselves. But, like death and taxes, we were all one once. Some just wait a bit longer to get the good stuff. :)

  3. Another great slaying, sweets! :) Keep 'em coming.

  4. OT: Thank you, OT. :)

    Drake: They really, really do. :/

    Ms. Caboo: lol--That's what always boggles my mind--the fact that everyone was a virgin at some point in time. It's like they forget that part or something.

    Jewels: Thank you, darlin'! :)

  5. Funny, my impression of sweet little virgins? Pent-up minxes just waiting for the right time and person to POUNCE! Rwwwwr!!! :)

    So, no, the R&B thing wouldn't have surprised me a bit. Those guys are just dumb.

  6. David: LOL. I will second the Rwwwwwr! lol It's amazing how people view virgins sometimes--never fails to make me shake my head.

  7. Well "slayed" not that I believed the myth anyway!

  8. Eva: :) Thank you!

    Carole: I'm glad you didn't! :) It's pretty surprising what some people think about virgins, which is why I vow to slay the stereotypes! :)

  9. World's best slayer, you are! lol

  10. I agree with David, they were dumb. lol Girlie, keep that growl and growl proudly! :)

  11. Maybe the reason virgins remain virgins is because they're having such great sex in their minds and don't want to be disappointed by the real thing. I'm sure your fantasies are high-grade erotica, Miss Virgin.

  12. J. Day: LOL-Aww, I could be Buffy's twin...kinda...okay, not really. Still, I do like being a slayer. ;)

    Yvonne: Grrrrrr! I'll keep it goin'! :)

    GB: Ah, something I intend to address in a future post, Mr. GB. As for my fantasies...*blushes*

  13. Totally agree. Plus, there is the curiosity part that makes you want to learn more about something you don't know yet, no?
    Well slayed, once again :)

  14. Beliza: Good point, and I absolutely agree.
    Thank you! :)

  15. People always misunderstand what is unfamiliar to them. That's like saying a virgin can't appreciate Brad Pitt as Achilles.

    *sigh* Silly...

  16. Chanel: Thanks for the laugh--needed that. :)

    Timmy: Thank you so much! That's sweet of you. :)

  17. I dated one virgin in my life. She was a freak! Just because she was saving herself didn't mean that she was the second-coming of Mother Theresa. We had a great time together and only went our separate ways due to her returning to her home town (which was 1100 miles away) after graduating college. By no means was she a prude and I think people think "prude" and "virgin" are one-in-the-same. Whoever ended up being her first probably ended up in the I.C.U.

  18. Thank, Q: LOL--I'm really glad you shared that story. It's true, we virgins get smacked with labels like prude, boring, uptight, etc. Thank you for posting that story! :)

  19. So wish there was a LIKE button on blogger! :D

  20. Being a 34 year old virgin myself, I have related to every single one of these posts!! Thank you for so eloquently slaying these ridiculous myths!!

    1. I'm so glad you liked them. :) Lots of hugs to you!