Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Dirty Dancing Reboot Just Doesn't Seem Right

From the setting to the music to the incomparable Patrick Swayze and adorable Jennifer Grey, there is simply no way a remake will come close to the original classic that is Dirty Dancing.

Why do they feel the need to remake iconic films? I don't get it.  There is literally an ocean of untapped ideas in this world just looking for a chance to see the light of day, yet they choose to remake a beloved classic. Again, I don't get it.

Kenny Ortega of High School Musical fame is set to direct.

Who is rumored to be on the list of potentials for the lead roles? Well, so far we have:

Derek Hough, Chace Crawford, and Matthew Morrison for the role of Johnny Castle.

Lea Michele, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus for the role of Baby.

I don't know about you, but I can't see any of these actors/actresses as Johnny and Baby.  Perhaps I'm just spoiled to the muscles, gentle demeanor, and raw sexiness of Patrick Swayze.  Maybe it's the quirky adorableness of Jennifer Grey that has me turning my nose up at anyone new in these roles.  

Despite the title and sultry dancing, there was a sweet innocence about the original film that endeared audiences to the characters and story.  It was a coming of age love story where the dancing evoked feelings beyond what you might see any given night in a modern club.

There's another problem.  My understanding is that this remake will be a "modernized" version. Part of the charm of the original was the era it portrayed.  I absolutely cannot imagine a Dirty Dancing movie set in today's time. It just wouldn't be the same, in my opinion. 

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Wonder what a modern Johnny might say..."Nobody blocks Baby on Twitter?"

They tried a prequel in 2004 called Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.  It can't compare to the original, and I dare say nothing ever will.

Maybe my loyalty to the original is keeping me from wanting to give this reboot a chance.  In time, I'm sure I will give it a go, but there is no doubt, like many others, I will compare it to the original...if that's even possible.

For me, there will always be one Johnny and one Baby...and one Dirty Dancing:



  1. I agree, the remake of Dirty Dancing will NOT come anywhere near the original. Especially in this day and age... how much more free people are in expressing their sexuality than they were back when the original movie was made.

    Back when the original movie was made, this movie was considered soft porn? I can't imagine it. I know I was forbidden from seeing it when I was younger. Same with La Bambda.

  2. ahhh this can't happen! :( i love this movie! and ew miley cyrus, really? demi lovato? those other people? why do they have to get all disney channel/ glee on us?

    i hate when they remake classics that have no business being remade. i swear, if they go after gone with the wind or casablanca, i will burn hollywood to the ground.

    TO. THE. GROUND!!!

  3. Why mess with a good thing? Not everything needs to be remade and not everything gets better with age. Leave it as it was, perfect for what it was and when it was. Ugh...I agree...very bothersome.

  4. I've never seen the movie but I agree with your sentiment. I've always thought it's just easier to remake movies hoping that it's a proven formula for making money. If it worked back then it should work now if we just modernize it. Right?

  5. Remakes simply hijack the good name of the original incarnation for a quick buck. Dirty Dancing was a cultural phenomenon much like Karate Kid, and that buzz can’t be replicated. It would be like trying to remake Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh wait, they’re doing that. The Thing? No… Wizard of Oz! Nobody in their right mind would remake Wizard of Oz. *Checks IMDb*

    Oh fu-

  6. I heard about this vaguely just last night.

    All I can think is: How can these people be so arrogant as to think that they could possibly come anywhere NEAR the amazingness that "Dirty Dancing" deserves? I'm appalled.

    I agree with you. I mean, even if the script and direction are really good, NO ONE can possibly come anywhere NEAR Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's performances as Johnny and Baby.

    It's going to take me a while to process this travesty...

  7. I agree! Nothing could come close to the original and I don't know most of the actors being considered, but I say leave well enough alone!

  8. I couldn't agree more with everything you said, love. No one could ever be Johnny and Baby, and to update the era would ruin the entire premise of the movie.


  9. do....Not....WANT!!!!!

  10. No way. I will never watch a Dirty Dancing remake. Especially if it stars anyone from Glee or Miley Cyrus.

  11. Furry Bottoms: "Especially in this day and age... how much more free people are in expressing their sexuality than they were back when the original movie was made."

    You hit the nail on the head right there! Times have changed--to think they can recapture that innocent vibe even with the saucy dancing seems absurd.

    That 20 Something Virgin: LOL--I hear ya! Oh, Lord help us all if they try to remake Gone With The Wind!!!!!!! No, no, no, no.

    Jewels: So many films stand the test of time. There is no reason to remake the classics, I agree. The only one I was excited about was Clash of the Titans, but only because of the new special effects and stuff. It ended up falling well short of the original, despite the fancy CG stuff.

    JW: Oh, you have to see it when you get some time. I think you're absolutely right and it's a dang shame they can't leave well enough alone.

    Drake: My stomach just flipped when I read about Wizard of Oz. Are they seriously going through with that?! OMG! NOOOOOOOO! Never, ever, ever, ever will anything come within the vicinity of being close to Judy Garland and the original Oz. INSANITY!!!

    Candice: It really is a travesty--great word for it! When a film is a classic, it shouldn't be touched. :(

    Eva: I second that!

    Kat: Objection sustained! I can't stop shaking my head over all of this. :( No one will come close Patrick and Jennifer. I know it's not the new actors fault--they will try their best, bless them. But there will forever be only one Johnny and one Baby.

    chocolateangel: Nor do I. :(

  12. Brooke: Agree completely!!! I'd probably watch it on HBO or something just to say, "Yep, can't compare to the original." :/

  13. Can Hollywood actually write and film an original movie anymore? Where has imagination gone? Good Lord! Leave it alone.

    I also feel this way about Cheerios, Capt'n Crunch, and Oreos. Don't mess with them. The originals are wonderful the way they are.

  14. I can't believe I'm going here, but I agree with Drake. (Gasp)

    Seems hollywood just can't leave great alone.

  15. If they go through with this...fine.

    But if they ever have the NERVE to stick Miley Cyrus in the role of Baby...

    I'll start a riot. So help me, I will lead millions of women through the streets of LA to picket the studio until they recast. I would rather die than see that...that...hack in one of the best loved good girl roles of all time!

  16. Oh. my. God. NO NO NO NO NO NO. That's it. I am flying to LA tomorrow and protesting. They cannot EVER remake this brilliant movie. I don't understand what the people in Hollywood are thinking! No matter what, they can NEVER live up to any original iconic film.
    Words cannot express how annoyed I am right now.

  17. I think the potential cast line-up alone will give me nightmares. Dirty Dancing was just an awesome movie. A remake is a very very bad idea. Sorta makes me glad there's no movie theater in town so really, I couldn't go see it if I wanted to. What a waste of Hollwood's time and money.

  18. Ahahahaha! "Nobody blocks Baby on Twitter!" HILARIOUS!!!! I'm just sick about this! I'm protesting!

  19. Girl... I am so with you on this! In fact, I have a little clause in my Will that says everybody has to watch Dirty Dancing when I die instead of a funeral.. because, this baby doesn't want to be in a corner either! Oh Patrick, you were my first crush!

  20. Horrible. Jenniger Grey said she would be excited to see it but I think she knows everyone thinks it is ridiculous. When we were at the movies last night, we saw the trailer for the remake of Footloose. Some scenes were almost exactly like the oringinal, so, explain to me why they need to remake it if the major scenes would be almost the same?

  21. Kalei's Best Friend: They really aren't. :(

    ms. caboo: Exactly. I have no idea why they can't imagine something new. It's just so wrong. And I love the original Cheerios, Captain Crunch, and Oreos!!! Nothing beats the original!

    Julianna: :) Totally agree with Drake--and how sad is it that they can't leave the greats alone?

    Chanel: LOL--Count me in! PERFECTLY said! Frankly, if they *have* to remake this timeless film, at least cast unknowns in the roles.

    Anna: Oh, I hear you! Annoyed x 100. I have no idea what they're thinking. This is one of those films that stands on its own.

    J. Day: I had the same reaction to the potential cast lineup. :/ It just seems so wrong to try to replicate something that simply cannot be replicated. :(

    Yvonne: :) Can't you just hear modern Johnny saying something like that?! Wouldn't it be as sexy as the "corner" comment? Bah! Hardly! Ya just can't duplicate greatness--not in story or in lines. Ugh!

    Average Girl: LOL--Love it! Oh, I had the biggest crush on Patrick when I first saw Dirty Dancing! Actually, I still do. lol No one, and I mean NO ONE, will come close to Patrick. To watch that man move...sigh.

    Carole: Ditto!

    Barsola: Jennifer Grey is a sweetheart, but deep down she must know it will never, ever top the original. I was equally annoyed with a Footloose remake. I have NO IDEA why they remake films that do NOT need to be remade. Kevin Bacon IS Footloose. Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey ARE Dirty Dancing. Period. End of.

  22. I totally agree with you. OH MY! I Just posted the very same thing.. I swear I didn't copy you!

  23. I completely agree with you. And I also don't get why the need to have these remakes when there are so many other stories to be told... Sadly investors probably feel that going with something that worked in the past is a smaller risk than trying something new :(

  24. I heard about this only yesterday on the news and I find it ridiculous. There are plenty of crap films out there that they could remake e.g. Eragon and The Golden Compass. Instead they want to ruin a much loved movie. Can you imagine if they try to remake Grease next?

    Quite interestingly though, Patrick and Jennifer couldn't stand each other! Just goes to show how good they were at acting lol

  25. Alittlesprite: LOL--I know you didn't, sweetie. Frankly, I keep hoping they'll scrap the idea (wishful thinking, I know).

    Beliza: And you know, I would think remaking something that worked in the past would be a greater risk because of the backlash. The whole thing is nonsensical.

    Lost.In.Idaho: I would hope not. lol

    Hazel: Oh, heaven help us if they remake Grease!!! Eragon deserved better, for sure. I had no idea they didn't like each other! I had heard Patrick would get a little frustrated when Jennifer would have silly moments, etc. From what I understand, they did grow into being really good friends. :)