Monday, August 8, 2011

Follow The Jewels, Weekend Round-Up, & Spa Phobia

Jewels, Where Are You? Where did she go? Did she disappear? Is she playing hide & seek? To find one of everyone's favorite blogging friends, simply follow the rubies, emeralds, and diamonds to her new home: According to Jewels.

Weekend Round-Up: I think my AMP shirt is kicking in! Dale finished 9th this weekend! The same cannot be said for the Yankees.  Sigh.  I hate seeing them lose to the Red Sox.

I lost hot water and cable in one weekend. The hot water burner-element-thingy burned out AGAIN. It was fixed by Saturday night.  Sunday night, the cable went out during the LAST five minutes of True Blood. Fabulous timing.  It came back just after True Blood ended.  Thanks.  I did finish watching the show, thanks to On Demand.  Have to say, the ending left me totally aggravated.

Spa Phobia: Well, it's not really a phobia, but I cannot stand the idea of someone working on my fingernails or toenails. Maybe it's a germ thing. A friend of mine was talking about going to the salon to get a pedicure and manicure.  All I could think about were the germs.  I know what everyone says: they sanitize everything before use. Still... it creeps me out. Plus, I haven't forgotten the Paula Abdul thumb infection: she had to have her thumbnail surgically removed because of a severe infection that allegedly originated from a manicure! Yeah, no thanks, I can do my own nails.


  1. I have no desire to ever get a mani or pedi at a spa. Don't want anyone touching my feet!

  2. ms. caboo: So glad I'm not the only one. Ick--creeps me out, I tell ya!

  3. I've never had a mani or a pedi; the way I see it in my line of work it's kinda pointless. Just going to get ruined. Can't wear long finger nails or wear nail polish in the kitchen anyway, it's against regulations (food safety).

  4. I've never had a mani or a pedi. But, I love to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees! How did you get to be a Yankee fan living in Texas?? What about the Rangers?

  5. Thanks so much for the pimping. I think people are finding me okay but I hate the idea of leaving anyone behind.

    I personally love mani/pedi's now but there was a time I felt just the way you do. I was 24 before I went for the first time. I still don't go often...maybe 2 times a year but I adore the pampering.

  6. I'm so sorry, but I laughed so hard when you said your cable went out at the end of your show. Because that's how it always happens. LOL Glad you were able to finish it, even if it left you aggravated.

    Oh and I can't get a pedi, I'm too ticklish. The one time I got one, I about kicked the poor girl off her stool when she used the scrubby brush on the bottom of my foot. I hate those involuntary reactions . . .

  7. Well Miss V...

    We differ on the Red Sox. Sorry lady, have to go with the home team. :)

    And we are also Gordon/Edwards fans...

    (remind me again why you love me? :)

    But I must say that I too do get grossed out over the pedi thing sometimes. I do get them, but I have had to switch salons to ensure that I am getting the cleanest tools ever. AND I bring my own (tools) sometimes. Never can be too careful. :)

  8. chocolateangel: Interesting about the food regulations--makes a lot of sense.

    Eva: It always shocks people that I'm a Yankees fan. The Yankees were my Daddy's baseball team when he was a little boy, so he raised me to love them as well. The Rangers didn't come to Texas until the 1970s, I believe. We went to Rangers games when I was little and support them if the Yankees aren't in the mix of things.

    Jewels: There you are! I haven't figured out how to post a comment on your blog. I did add your blog to my watch! Yay! It really was a lot easier than I thought!

    The super scary germ thing outweighs the pampering in my book. lol I know, I know. Can't help it. ;)

  9. J.Day: LOL--It really is ALWAYS the way! I couldn't believe it! Right at the end and it freezes before going to...nothing. Black screen. AGH! I was ticked. The only thing worse is the cable going out in the middle of a race or game. Very bad.

    Okay, that's the cutest thing ever about being too ticklish to get a pedi! See, I'd probably have the same involuntary reaction...minus the ticklish part. I'd be trying to kick the dang tool out of her hand for fear of germs. :/

    Julianna: haha! Well, Boston is your home team, so that's okay (unlike BFF who loves Boston only because he hates the Yankees).

    As for Gordon, well, he's Dale's teammate, so that's cool, too.

    Aww, I love you for being you...even if you do sadly pull for the Red Sox. ;)

    Ah! See! Totally get why you would bring your own tools. I told a friend of mine once that the only way you're getting me to a spa/nail salon is if you drag me and I can bring my own tools and gloves for the nail-doer-person to wear. Yeah, that pretty much ended the spa discussion.

  10. Thanks for the link I will book mark it.

  11. I was a tad confused on your post... I read it as "I think my ARMPIT shirt is kicking in"... I thought.. what??? then I reread it.. lol

    As for spas, oh girl, I love them, I adore them, I breathe, eat and sleep them. I just went for one week away to a spa... and I feel awesome!!!

  12. I love manis and pedis! But I have a friend who also abhors anyone touching her feet!

  13. I used to work in a spa and we had a woman who would ask to watch as the tech would clean the pedi chair with bleach before she would sit down. PLUS She would bring her own set of tools and polish.

    It happens more then you would think.

  14. I don't know if I am just extra harsh on my nails or what, but each time I've gotten a manicure (which is maybe 4 times in my life) they are chipped within two days, every time. I love pedicures because they last longer and they always look so much nicer than I can do myself.
    I always cheer for the Red Sox to beat the Yankees. I some day hope to see them play at Fenway...

  15. 36-And-Not-So-Much-A-VirginAugust 8, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Even more amusing is growing up with the Red Sox as the home team and still being a Yankee fan! :)

    And if you think someone touching your toes is unsanitary and creepy, just think about how guys get annual prostate exams once they turn 40. Tony Soprano said it best: "Hey, I don't even let anybody wag their finger in my face"

  16. WHAAAAAT? I never heard the Paula Abdul story, but now I KNOW I won't ever go get a manicure. That's so disgusting. I personally don't really like the idea of using the same tools that could have been cleaning the fungus off someone's feet before me :P

  17. OT: You're very welcome! Her first blog post tells you how to add her blog to your favorites. :)

    Average Girl: LOL-I've had that happen before! It's like the eyes play tricks on you!

    Well, I like the premise of spas...I'm just a little germ-a-phobic to actually, you know, go to one. Maybe one of these days.

    Yvonne: I think I'm seeing a 50/50 split between those who love them and those who kinda don't. lol

    Rebeccccca: Wow. Well, I'm not sure I'd watch the technician clean the pedi chair, but I can relate to bringing your own tools and polish. I'm actually really glad to hear it happens...and that there are other perhaps overly germ-conscious gals out there. :)

    Barsola: Dang, the Red Sox fans are out in force tonight! ;) I hope to see the Yankees play, too. :)

    36-And-Not-So-Much-A-Virgin: Hey, hey, another Yankees fan! Thank goodness, 'cause the Boston fans are out in force tonight!

    Ooooh, no kidding--yeah, that can't be a fun thing for guys.

    Anna: Oh, it's awful what she went through. I remember when it happened to her and it only solidified my fear of manicures and pedicures. I'm sure they have to clean the tools prior to using them on another client, but what if some don't? It's just scary as all get out!

  18. Does this mean you wouldn't scratch another person's back, Miss Virgin? Or maybe you'd have to scrub it with soap first.

  19. Ugh I could never get a pedicure either!

  20. Reminds me to make an appointment for a massage.

  21. GB: ;) This just has to do with shared tools, like nail files or nail polish. :/

    Hazel: There's just something about it that bothers me. :/

    Carole: :)