Tuesday, August 9, 2011

True Blood Tuesday: Cold, Grey, Light of Dawn

Season 4, episode 7.

Antonia: Under her control, Luis tricks Katarina (Bill’s witch-spy-lover chick), glamours her, and gets her to reveal all the exits for Antonia’s escape. Antonia then orders him to kill the traitor cleanly—no biting, only neck breaking. Yeah, Antonia, that was so much more humane. Ugh.

Tara, Naomi, & Pam: Pam is putting a whoopin’ on the cage fighting duo! Naomi is able to escape at her girlfriend’s urging, but Pam is about to give Tara her ticket to the afterlife.  Lucky for Tara, a group of camera-wielding humans gather around them, taking pictures, shooting video, and talking about selling the footage to TMZ.  The observers question whether Pam is some vampire-zombie hybrid, which irritated the sultry rotting vampire.  Pam slowly lowers Tara, but promises to seek her revenge, whether it’s weeks, months, or years from now.  Later, tears flowing, Tara broke up with Naomi in order to protect her. 

Alcide, Debbie, & Marcus: Debbie and Alcide are sworn into the Shreveport pack by Marcus, but Al is clearly preoccupied worrying about Sookie.  This leaves Debbie jealous, but she swallows her pride and suggests they go look for Sookie.  Well, little did they know they were about to get their eyes full of a little vampire-fairy sex.  Yep, Sook and Eric are still at it in the woods and, my friends, Al looks less than thrilled.  His reaction doesn’t escape Debbie’s notice either. 

Bill & Luis: Kill Bill must have been Antonia’s message to Luis! After a brief battle, Bill controls the situation and asks how Antonia could possibly be back.  Luis simply croaks, “Resurrection,” before guiding the stake Bill had aimed at Luis’ heart straight through. Boom goes Luis! That’s gonna be a stain on Bill’s flooring.

Jason & Hoyt: Ooh, push ups. Sorry, where was I? Ah, yes, well, Jason, while doing push ups, starts having some sex fantasies about Jessica.  This would be a very bad time for Hoyt to show up, so he does.  Jason asks if Jess is with him, but Hoyt mentioned Bill needing her for some business.  Then, as if Jason didn’t feel enough pangs of guilt, Hoyt confessed his concern that Jess is slipping away from him and it would kill him if he lost her.  Ouch. How does Jason respond?  Hey, Hoyt, how about some Sloppy Joe’s? Yep, Jason made him dinner.

Bill & Jessica, Part I: Bill explains everything about Antonia to Jess.  He then calls a sheriff meeting and makes a really big call: sheriffs are to evacuate their areas; those who choose to stay will bind themselves with silver in their coffins/beds and brace for the resurrection.

Sookie & Eric, Part I: Back in the house and they’re doing it everywhere and in every position.  After, um, their calorie burning exercises, Eric rested with Sookie, listening to her heart. He asked her if she wanted him to get his memory back.  Sookie, of course, did, but she wouldn’t want him to change from how he is now.  He thought his memories would change him and asked her if she would still want him.  Sookie said she hoped she would…hopes she will. For Eric, that’s all he needed to hear. Awww.

Pam’s Rot Problem: Remember the doctor-woman who treated Sookie’s maenad wounds in season two? Well, she was at Fangtasia trying to make Pam pretty again.  The doctor would be able to remove the outside rot, but she cannot stop the rotting from within.  How does she remove the outside rot? Well, think of a big time, painful peel.  Yeah.  Oh, and Pam will have to inject herself with some kind of medicine 4 times a day (6 shots each time).  Can you picture the fury on Pam’s freshly peeled face?

Sam & Tommy: Sam brought Tommy to the hospital, but their brilliant diagnosis was food poisoning.  Tommy just wanted to leave and, of course, he doesn’t come clean about his little role-playing adventure. 

Sookie, Eric, & Bill: Well, there is no question Bill knows Eric and Sookie slept together.  When he arrived at Sookie’s, he asked if their reunion was a good one, to which Eric replied with a subtle, but clear, “yes, very.” Anyway, Bill gives Eric a choice: leave or stay and face Antonia’s spell.  The manly Viking chooses to stay, so Bill gives him silver chains. 

Tara & Antonia:  There’s Tara, drinking and jaywalking after letting her girlfriend go.  Poor thing—she’s been through so much the past couple of seasons. Antonia emerges from the woods, recognizing Tara’s hatred for vampires; she can sense how they have physically hurt Tara, costing her everything that makes her happy.  This is where Antonia recruits Tara for her plan to exact retribution against the vampires.  Tara says, “Okay, say I help you.  What do I have to do?” Apparently, Tara must recruit as well—the bigger the circle, the better.

Note: I know vampires have cost Tara an awful lot, but what about Sookie? How would Sookie feel if she knew Tara chose to help a stranger over their lifelong friendship? Tara knows Sookie loved Bill; she knows some vampires can be good, kind, and loving.  This isn’t good.

Time For Silver:
Bill & Jess, Part II: Okay, this is kind-of sad. Bill begins placing silver chains across Jessica's body while she screams in pain.  The last area needing silver is her neck. She looks at him, silently pleading for him to change his mind.  Hating to see her in so much agony, he doesn’t place any silver on her neck.  He then informs one of his guards to put 2x that amount on him.

Pam & Ginger: For a woman who loves her tight leather outfits, Pam sure has a girly coffin: we’re talking pink, frilly, and silky.  Inside the coffin, ew, Pam’s skin is trying to rejuvenate.  Ginger, the human waitress at Fangtasia, covers her with silver netting.  Imagine what that must feel like on fresh skin? *shivers* Pam’s having a really bad week.

Lafayette, Jesus, & Grandfather: Jesus and Lafayette are livid with Gramps for nearly killing Jesus.  Gramps said he needed to prove something to Lafayette: that he is a medium.  As Jesus explains later on, Marnie and Lafayette are the only two he has ever seen who can communicate with the dead. 

Sam & Luna: Aw, Sam, your charm won’t work this time! Sam called Luna and entered phone hell.  With two choice words, Luna hung up.  Not one to quit, Sam showed up at Luna’s place of work.  After a few minutes of serious confusion, Luna blurts out about sleeping together and him throwing her out.  Sam, naturally, had no idea what she was talking about, but soon the light bulb went off.  He asked Luna what happened to her when she became a Skinwalker.  She threw up.  Yep, they put the pieces of the terrible puzzle together.  Tommy is a Skinwalker. 

Sam & Tommy: Sam seems to think Tommy purposely murdered their parents in order to gain Skinwalker abilities, kill Sam, assume his life, run the bar, and have his money.  Tommy denies everything, but before he could explain, Sam’s temper gets the better of him and he starts choking Tommy in rage.  He stops himself and tells Tommy to get out, saying he wishes he could forget everything about him.  Tommy cries.

Note: Okay, see, here’s when I feel bad for Tommy.  Still, I hope he leaves. :)
Bill & Jessica, Part III: Bound by silver, Jess asked what the spell will feel like.  Bill says they will have no control over their bodies, but he has no idea if they can still control their minds.  He apologizes for everything he has brought her into, but sweet Jess says she has lived more with the life he gave her than she ever would have with her parents.  Like a true daughter, Jess confesses she is not in love with Hoyt and that it’s probably because she doesn’t have a human heart.  Bill tells her that’s absolutely not true—vampires can love.  Bill hopes to stop Antonia.  If/when he does survive, he will put a stop to vampires killing humans; that killing because of killing is what leads to this.  Jessica, meanwhile, says when she survives she's  “…gonna kill that effin’ witch, starting with her face.” Bill smiled like a proud papa. Aww, what a sweet father-daughter moment…you know, sweet for vampires.

Eric & Sookie, Part II: Eric wants Sookie to remove the silver because he doesn’t want her to remember him weak, bleeding, and bound.  He also doesn’t want to remember who he was before now. If she can forgive him for all he’s done, then he doesn’t want to remember.  Sookie lovingly tells him she won’t remove the silver—she won’t lose anyone else she cares about.  

Holly & Andy: Well, it’s time for Andy’s date with Holly…one Holly completely forgot about.  Holly, still in uniform, hurries out to Andy, who is decked out in a suit and holding roses.  Holly says, “Aww, you shouldn’t have!” Andy’s response?  “They were on sale.” Smooth.  We learn Andy hasn’t consumed any V all day, so he’s a bit jittery.  Holly tries to calm him by placing her hands upon his, which nearly causes him to upchuck.  Andy quickly says this is a bad idea and leaves. 

Note: Huh, well, well, what’s that all about?  Holly is a witch.  Perhaps the touch of her skin upon a V addict made him sense the danger witches pose to vampires, though I doubt he realizes as much. 

Arlene, Baby Mikey, & Lafayette: While cooking up a storm, Lafayette takes a minute to make faces at Baby Mikey.  When he notices the baby looking somewhere behind him, Lafayette turns and is startled by the woman-spirit-person we saw waving at Baby Mikey in the last episode.  The woman seems surprised Lafayette can see her, but puts all of her attention on the baby.  She starts singing in French to Mikey.  Translated, I’m pretty sure I heard her sing “my baby.” Uh-oh.  As she reaches for Mikey, Lafayette freaks out, slams a pan, and scares Arlene.  Woman-spirit-person disappeared as a result. 

Note: First, is it just me or does the woman resemble Lafayette a bit? Do you think that’s a coincidence in casting or might Lafayette be related to her somehow? I wonder why this woman is attached to Mikey.  Very interesting. 

Alcide & Debbie: Shirtless wolf-man alert! Grr!  Al’s making love with Debbie, but stupid, dumb Debbie can’t concentrate.  Why?  She’s afraid he’s in love with Sookie. Way to ruin an evening, Debbie! Naturally, he denies being in love with Sookie, saying he only worries about her.  While Debbie cries, he tells her she is the only one he loves and dreams about and that he is hers forever. Yuck.

Antonia, Tara, & Witches: War speech time! Antonia gets the gang inspired by telling them it’s time to defend against the beings that have raped, tortured, murdered and eaten humans.  She tells them vampires are not immortal, only harder to kill.  This is where humans have a great advantage: the human spirit is immortal and she is proof.  Antonia is ready to show the vampires the fury and power of human spirit.  It was a darn good pep talk and the witches are ready to get witchy. 

Chant time! Ooh, Antonia is floating in the middle of the circle.  The more they chant, the higher she goes!

Note: Now this is the “Marnie” I expected! Fiona Shaw is kicking it as Antonia!

Jason, Sookie, & Eric: Here comes the spell! Wind is whipping around the town, even within houses and buildings.  Jason stops by Sookie’s, but Sook has to attend to a screaming Eric.  Jason grabs her wrist, refusing to let her near Eric.  Sookie yanks her arm away, saying Eric won’t make it without someone there for him.  Jason immediately thinks about Jessica and takes off. 

The Power of the Spell:

All of the vampires (Eric, Pam, Bill, Jessica, etc) try to escape their resting places, while calling for the sun.  One of Maxine’s neighbors walks outside and burns…in hair rollers. 

Ooooh crap! Crap! Crap! Jess has broken free from her chains! Bill, you should’ve put the silver on her neck! She lures a guard to the cell, kills him, steals the keys, and unlocks the cell door. Bill starts yelling for her to come back (so they must have some control over their minds).  While she crawls upstairs to the first floor, Jason sprints across King Bill’s lawn, screaming Jessica’s name.  Unfortunately, one of the King’s guards takes aim and both he and Jason fall to the ground.  Back inside the mansion, Jessica is nearing the front doors when we hear a gunshot.  Jess then flings open the doors and sighs, “The sun." The sun flooded her and the room.  

Nooo! That's it?! That's how it ends? Did she fry? Did the guard shoot Jason? Did Jason shoot the guard? Dang it! So aggravated! I'm guessing Jason will get to Jess, but, still, to end it like that!! Not fair!  


  1. I immediately texted a friend like "I can't stand Debbie and think she actually resembles a dog...but come on woman...get it together and love that man good!!" Who the hell can't enjoy the moment with that man over/under you!? Good sweet heavens....I drooled. Yummy Yum!!

    Great episode...again I adore your breakdowns. I am going to hate how fast it flies by. Tara gets on my nerves a bit and this season is no different. Always so damned dramatic.

    As for that ghost lady and the baby...I get shivers and creeped out every time I see the kid now. Not okay!! I think kids just naturally are more open to spirits and supernaturals...but ugh...yuck.

  2. Jewels: Ugh, I was so annoyed by Drama Debbie! What an idiot. I mean, just look at Alcide?! How can you NOT be in the mood?!

    Thank you, darlin'--I have fun writing them up. :) The season is flying by, though. :(

    Okay, thank you for saying the baby creeps you out. I feel AWFUL getting all creeped out when they show Baby Mikey up-close, but, for the life of me, I can't help it. :/

  3. Thre previous two episodes, not including this one, felt like big story building episodes where not much happened. I was so excited when Antonia started making stuff happen in this episode because I told M, "Yes, here we go, it's gonna be soooo good from here on out!"

  4. I don't watch the show, but your recaps are great and very entertaining. I'm guessing this is more entertaining than I'd find the actual show to be.

  5. Barsola: Oh, I agree! Finally the witch-vampire war is on!!!

    Robyn: :) Thank you so much! You're a sweetheart!

  6. Maybe the ghost lady is connecting with the baby because of the ugly dolly?

    Loved Ginger laying on top of Pam's coffin, screaming but holding on for dear life.. so funny!

    I had to hold off reading your review because I didn't have time to watch the actual show :)

    Again, sorry I did that dirty dancing post similar to yours. I really didn't know you had done one.