Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Blood Tuesday: Spellbound

Season 4, episode 8

Jessica & Jason, Part I: No! Jess! Close the doors! Wait. What’s that I see? Why, it’s Jason emerging from the blinding sun! He screams her name, crashes into her, knocks her backwards into the house, holds her down, and kicks the doors closed.  Jason, you make me very happy.  Although, it seems Jess isn’t quite as thankful: she’s still under the spell and wants the dang sun!  So, being a vampire, she easily reversed position, sat on top of him, and tried to bite him. Lucky for Jason, the witches stopped chanting and Jess returned to normal…and kissed Jason.  She shyly apologized and backed away, but Jason pulled her in and they passionately kissed.  Jason carried her down to where Bill was still confined by silver.  Poor Jess doesn’t remember killing Bucky the guard, but Bill reminds her she was spellbound and, if anything, it was really Antonia who caused Bucky’s death. 

Bill said they must remain confined in case Antonia resumes the spell; only when night falls will they be safe.  So, Jason gently placed silver over Jess, including her neck area this time.  He also tells Bill he will overlook Bucky’s death if Bill will overlook the fact that he shot one of Bill’s guards in the shoulder.  Bill agreed. 

Sookie & Eric, Part I: At Eric’s request, Sookie ripped the chains off of his neck. Eww.  He needs to feed in order to heal.  Enter the fairy blood! It doesn’t take much before he’s completely recovered.  Eric then bites his hand and offers her his blood, saying, “We will be one.”  Cue dramatic music as Sookie goes to town on his hand.  It was, um, a little sexual, actually.  Who knew sucking blood from his hand would get him all hot and bothered? Vampires.

Alcide, Debbie, & Marcus, Part I: Marcus basically warns the pack to stay out of any vampire-witch war.  Reckon this will be difficult for Al to do, knowing Sookie is smack dab in the middle of it all. 

Note: I’m annoyed Debbie reaps the benefits of Alcide.  I literally cannot stand her. She and Alcide do not fit well together…I don’t care that they are both werewolves…and fictional characters that don’t exist in reality.

Sam & Luna: Though a little apprehensive, Luna accepts Sam back into her life.  He tells her he can forgive Tommy for what he did to his parents (he told her about the dog fighting and abuse), but he could never forgive him for how he treated her.  Luna’s adorable little one, Emma, came rushing out with two Barbie dolls in hand to greet Sam. It’s clear she adores Sam.  So, Luna invites him to dinner and to keep Emma busy while she cooks…which means playing Barbie dolls (and cat-Barbie doesn’t like him). So darn cute. Have I mentioned I love these two!

Jessica, Hoyt, & Jason: Jessica just broke up with Hoyt, and Hoyt is not taking it well. He’s crying, begging her not to leave him.  He rushes to block her exit, telling her he’ll die if she leaves him.  OH MY! Jessica screams, “Then die!” and bashes his head in, killing him.  WTH?! Jason was waiting in his truck for her and suddenly gets all hot when he sees she’s covered in blood.  Huh? “Jessica? Jessica?” Jess opens her eyes to greet a “donor” for her to feed on.  It was a dream.  Really, very cruel trick.

Andy & Jason: Okay, there’s a strange little dude saying, “…bet you it’s gonna rain tonight.  I can always feel it where that panther tore my throat open.” That was too random not to mean something, right?  Anyway, Andy and Jason are looking at Maxine’s curler-wearing-vampire neighbor—well, what remains of her, anyway.  Oh, Andy.  He’s looking at her guts like he wants to eat ’em. Yuck. Jason stopped him, but when Andy went on a hilarious V-addict/insecurity rant, Jason said, “Sorry man, I stopped listening about halfway through.”

Bill: Now that it’s nightfall, Bill shows up on the scene where Jason and Andy are investigating.  He glamoured the reporter gal so he could give an on-air interview and let people know this was a “vampire suicide.”

Antonia & Tara: Witchy-poo isn’t too happy to see Bill’s interview and realize her spell only killed one vampire.  Tara acted a little surprised to learn Antonia’s goal wasn’t merely to protect humans, but to kill all vampires.  Still, she’s on board, saying nothing would make her happier than to see them gone for good.  Antonia tells Tara she can empower and teach her.  Bill calls the witch hangout and apologizes for what was done to Antonia.  Bill knows there cannot be forgiveness, but maybe they can have peace.  Antonia says every soul is entitled to live freely and vampires are an affront to God.  Bill asks for a meeting.  She agrees.  They will meet in the Bon Temps cemetery at midnight.  I smell a showdown!!!

Sookie & Eric, Part II: Well, we’re seeing feet stepping into a shower…I’m guessing it’s a little vampire-fairy sex time.  Yep, there’s some Viking bum.  Um, okay, they’re acting strange…I guess they’re literally drunk on each other’s blood.  When Sookie turned on the showerhead, snow came out.  Different.  They pull open the shower curtain and see a beautiful snowy wooded area…and a big bed.  They giggle and skip to the bed, where they make good use of it.  It’s all very Narnia…the X-rated version. 

Tommy: Oh, he’s back. And he’s raiding Maxine’s closet and dresser, taking clothes, shoes, makeup, and jewelry.  It’s not long before we see why: Tommy is now Maxine meeting with the guy who was offering money for the real Maxine’s land.  Man, he looks awful—the hair!  Anyway, he gets a check from the guy. While in the woods, changing back, he gets sick and keels over…hopefully for good. Sorry, I just don’t like him. 

Sookie & Eric, Part III: Post-coital talk time—and they’re still in the big snowy bed in the middle of XXX-Narnia.  She asks how this could all be possible.  Eric dreamily says, “All is possible.  You and I—possible.  Loving you—possible.” Then Sookie sweetly replies, “Loving you…loving at all after…here I am—all is possible.”

Note: This was a little over the top, borderline icky-sweet.  And that strategically placed blanket over Eric’s bits was seriously distracting. 

Alcide, Debbie, & Marcus, Part II: Marcus takes a liking to Al, even recognizing his alpha potential.  However, Al isn’t interested in politics.  Love him.  Later, we see Marcus leaving a voicemail, saying he’s heaving over to tuck his baby girl in.  Uh-oh.  Luna’s ex was a werewolf, right? Al and Debbie head out of the pack gathering and Marcus tells them to use caution because rumor has it there’s a big vampire-witch thing going down.  Debbie immediately recognizes Al’s pensive look and makes him promise to stay away from Sookie.  She reminds him that they are to stay away from vampires and Sookie comes with vamps…it’s her baggage. 

Note: Wow.  Insecure much, Deb? She’s bugging me to no end.

Arlene, Terry, Mikey, Ghost Lady, & Lafayette: Terry is busy cooking at Merlotte’s when Arlene rips him for not keeping a close enough eye on the baby.  While they quarrel, ghost lady leans over the little crib and starts singing again.  Lafayette walks into the kitchen, sees ghost lady, and, after a brief stare-down, says hell no and leaves. 

Hoyt & Jessica: Jessica breaks if off with Hoyt for real this time.  Hoyt’s reaction isn’t quite how she dreamed it.  He’s livid and accuses her of having someone else.  He called her a bitch, saying she broke his heart.  Oh, ouch, Hoyt!  He just said the following: “You don’t deserve me…and I don’t deserve you.  I deserve someone who’s not going to be an effin’ virgin for all of eternity.  I deserve someone I can have a normal life with…with kids…and daylight.  And someone who’s not gonna look at all this love I have to offer and say sorry…and someone who’s not ‘effin dead.” Oh, that was brutal, Hoyt.  Really, really brutal.  He followed all that by rescinding his invitation, which sent Jessica flying out of the house.  Watching her laying on the porch, he says his mom was right—“maybe God hates fangs…and you know what?  So do I.”

Note: I get Hoyt was heartbroken, but the things he said to her were vile. Bring on Jason & Jessica!

Sookie & Eric, Part IV: Ooh, more bum-shots as Eric stokes the fire in Sookie’s bedroom.  Guess they’re back in the real world.  Sook wishes they could stay this way.  Eric suggests running away, but Sook says they need to stay and fight.  Eric tells her he wants to be with her forever, but Sookie doesn’t believe in forever. 

Note: I personally believe True Blood needs to win an Emmy for cinematography.  Their angles have been expertly placed this season.

Lafayette & Ghost Lady: Okay, we’re in Lafayette’s house.  He’s sleeping restlessly on the couch, dreaming about the ghost woman’s life.  Inside Lafayette’s dream, we see her happily singing and carrying a doll—the same doll Baby Mikey now has…only it wasn’t rotten then.  Anyway, a man emerges from what must be her cottage.  She’s excited to return to her little boy and was so proud to have saved all her money to get him the doll.  She clearly knows the man and he, in my opinion, callously tells her the baby is dead…and he killed him.  She breaks down, begging for answers.  She also says it’s because she is African American and he is white.  He doesn’t deny her accusation and adds that it’s also because he is married and works for his wife’s father.  Scum.  While he holds her back, she cries and cries, reaching her hands out towards the cottage, sobbing, “Let me hold him one last time.”

Note: This was so, so sad.  I was literally on the verge of tears.  I guess we know why she’s attached to Baby Mikey—she thinks he’s her baby.  Poor ghost lady. :(

Lafayette woke up, startled.  Guess who’s waiting to take him over? Yep, she possesses Lafayette and heads to the Bellefleur mansion where Arlene and Terry have been staying since the fire.  She finds an open door near where Andy is sleeping.  She takes his gun, finds the baby, and takes him and the creepy doll.

Bill, Sookie, & Eric: Sookie and Eric inform Bill of their intent to fight.  Bill objects to Sookie’s involvement.  Eric says she has the heart of a warrior.  Bill reluctantly agrees. 

Note: Cute moment here when Eric referred to Bill as “my liege” and Sookie follows up with “my…Bill.” I loved the warm smile on Bill’s face.

Sam, Luna, Emma, & Marcus: Marcus is Emma’s daddy and Luna’s crazy ex!  Emma seems downright afraid of her dad and when Sam thinks he should make an exit, she throws her hand up and screams, “No!” I think Sam makes her feel safe.  Luna hurries Emma off to get ready for bed and warns Marcus not to start anything or she’ll tell his parole officer all about it. Ah, there’s a story there!  Sam tries to make peace with Marcus, but, if needed, he’ll take things outside.  Marcus basically marks Sam as his enemy and tells him as much.  

Note: Marcus doesn’t scare me.  If he’s supposed to be sinister or threatening, I’m not getting it yet.  I think Sam could take him and I know darn well Alcide could.   

Jessica & Jason: Jess shows up to inform an unsuspecting Jason that she broke things off with Hoyt.  Yeah, Jason is so not taking this well.  He started down the guilt path again, saying Hoyt has been his bff since first grade.  She tells him she can’t help the way she feels and knows he feels the same. Jason wigs, rescinds his invite, and poor Jess goes flying out of the second house that night. As she’s flying backwards, she calls, “…but you kissed me back!” Jason whimpers, “I know.” He then dropped and gave me twenty…okay, well not me personally, but I rather like when he does pushups.  As for Jess…she’s having a really bad night.

Note: Now, I’m guessing she will return to Bill’s.  Wonder how papa Bill will like how Hoyt treated his Jessica.  I’m actually hoping we see more father-daughter like interaction between the two. 

Showdown Time: Witches versus Vampires!

Bill calls for Lady Antonia, but Antonia reminds him that she is no lady—she is a peasant and proud of it.  Antonia and Bill face off in the cemetery, seemingly alone and unarmed.  Antonia cunningly says, “I know you’re not alone.” At Bill’s command, Sookie, Eric, and Pam (who is looking better) walk out from the shadows.  Thereafter, Bill retorted, “Nor are you.” Antonia waves her arms high in the air like a bird and Tara, Holly, and the witches appear out of thin air.  Neat trick, witchy poo. 

Aww, Sookie is disappointed Tara is with Antonia…and Tara doesn’t show any emotion to her lifelong bff.  Yeah, Tara is not my favorite character right now. 

Bill says we can achieve a peaceful resolution: they will never be harmed again and any vampire who does has been ordered to desist and will face the true death.  All he asks in return is to remove the spells she placed on Eric and Pam. 

Antonia questioned his logic, saying he is willing to execute those who harmed her, yet he brings two of them to her, asking for her to remove the spells she put on them in self-defense…all for a promise that she will never be harmed.  After a brief pause, she asks Bill if she has his word, to which he gives. 

Skeptical, Sookie taps into Antonia’s mind and hears her casting a spell.  Sook immediately warns Bill and Antonia screams “demoness,” waves her arms again, and a bunch of witches appear, locked and loaded. 

Bill cries, “NOW!” Ah, even more vampires and his human gun-wielding guards rush forward.  He warns Antonia that while she may have dominion over vampires, she doesn’t with the living.  Thus, she needs to surrender now and no one will get hurt.

With guns pointed at her chest, Antonia releases a wicked laugh.  Irate, Eric blasts forward, rips out the throat of one of the witches, and holds it up for all to see.  Here, Eric displayed some glimmers of the old bloodthirsty, revenge-filled Eric, and Sookie took notice. 

Antonia starts to chant as heavy blankets of fog roll in…and all hell breaks loose. 

Tara kills a vampire with a wooden-bullet gun, but Pam quickly pins her down.  Unfortunately, Bill shows up just in time to save Tara and order Pam to never harm her.  Pam storms off, seriously ticked, and Tara accepts Bill’s hand to help her off the ground.  When she asks him why he saved her, Bill simply said, “You know why.” Sookie. 

Note: Bill’s gesture better work on Tara’s guilt complex because at that moment, I really wanted Pam to get her revenge.

Ignoring stupid Debbie and the wishes of his pack master, Alcide shows up on Sookie’s doorstep, calling her name.  In the distance, he hears screams and gunshots and rushes to find Sookie.  Behind him, a white wolf is quick to follow—Debbie.  Irritating broad.  While Eric is busy draining a witch, Sookie gets attacked by a witch who thinks she’s a vampire.  Her fairy powers take over and send the dumbfounded witch flying.  Sookie looks at her hand and says, “Thank you,” just before she is shot through the stomach.  <pause for moment of shock>

Eric and Bill instantly sense Sookie is in grave danger, but Eric is stopped and controlled by Antonia, while Bill is caught off guard by two silver and cross armed witches.  Alone and dying, Sookie sees the blood pouring from her wound.  She falls to the ground.  All seems lost until two strong arms lift her up: Alcide.  He carries her away while Debbie turns back into a human and looks both hurt and seriously angry.  (sorry, but I let out a little “ha!” at that point.  I like Sookie and Alcide).

Meanwhile, Antonia says a few things to Eric in a language we could not understand.  She begins running her hands through his hair, almost as if she were petting a dog.  As an evil grin stretches across her face, Eric appears to be completely under her control. 

As the camera pans out, we see a nearby lamp fog over and the credits roll.  

Note: This season is more like a movie! The action and cliffhangers are really nicely played. 


  1. I love your trueblood recaps! I never got the point of recaps before I started watching trueblood and reading your summaries. It really enhances the experience somehow, to the point that I'm looking forward to your recap while I'm watching the show. Thank you.

  2. This was the best episode yet this season. Had me on the edge of my seat, gripping an ice cold bottle of Tru Blood, the entire time!

    And, yes, I order around three 4-packs of the stuff from the HBO store each time a new season is about to begin. :) They're actually very good, and you can make interesting cocktails with them.

    Nice recap, Frisky. I'm loving your "notes" too.

  3. How is Antonia able to speak English? She should be speaking Spanish if it is really her soul inhabiting Marnie's body. I'm reaally over this Eric. I liked him better when he was powerful and wasn't so timid. To me, the chemistry between Sookie and this Eric isn't as good as it was when he was powerful. I feel the chemistry was better between Sookie and Bill but you know, they got married in read like, so go figure.

  4. Another fantastic recap. I couldn't watch anything with the ghost lady...I kept waiting for something horrible to happen. Ugh...and eek! I don't handle scary well.

    As for camera angles...hello tushy. Yum and yum.

    I do NOT mind at all the attention paid to Alcide at all but I do hope that they start playing out his role in the books more in the show. He is a natural born leader. Debbie needs to go...stat...she annoys me.

    Tara can go back to New Orleans for all I care and continue her happy life with her girlfriend...her anger and attitude are getting really old.

    Hoyt needs to get a grip on things...I know that was his first love but those were some horrible (though true) things that he said. Ouch.

    HUGS and thanks so much for breaking things down for me again.

  5. Cricket: You are so sweet! Thank you for that! I'm so glad you like them! I'm loving the season so far--so much going on!

    David: :) Thank you--they are fun to write. :) I agree-the past two episodes have been incredible. What does the True Blood taste like? Um, don't say blood or I might gag. ;)

    Barsola: Really good point about Antonia. Maybe through observation of the living?? I dunno. I have to agree with you--the chemistry between Sookie and Bill is absolutely incredible; the chemistry between Sookie and Eric isn't quite there. Plus, like you said, the fire between them was hotter when Eric was Grr. I think you probably hit the nail on the head: Sookie and Bill's real life marriage really does translate to the screen. Very cute!

    Jewels: I definitely want more Alcide. Wait. That didn't sound right. Well, anyway, I agree with you! lol Debbie is a gnat...flea? Ghost Lady's story is so sad, but she does scare me in the present day stuff. I think Tara choosing witches over Sookie is pretty low. And Hoyt really irked me--he didn't need to stoop so low.

    :) Hugs right back!

  6. Okay I just finished watching. I always have to avoid your True Blood posts until I have a chance to watch.

    I think somebody broke Sookie.

    And Eric

    what is up with all the sex between them? seriously.

    fix it. put them back together.

    cause right now...Bill is dead to me. and i used to be Bill's biggest fan. ick

  7. Love your recaps! I don't watch but I like to read your recaps! lol

  8. Rita: LOL--yeah, things are a little awkward between them all. The sexcapades in this episode were a little odd.

    Yvonne: LOL--I'm glad you like them. :)

  9. Not how it played out in the books but I still like it. Didn't see Sookie getting shot, that was an OMG moment.

    Poor Jess.

  10. Alittlesprite: That was a huge shock! I gasped! And Jess...I feel badly for her. :(

  11. The True Blood beverage is basically orange soda -- but more high end and better tasting than Sunkist. It's made with blood oranges, and the color is a deeper red than your typical orange soda but not as deep as real blood.

    At first the taste takes some getting used to, but after the first or second bottle I got hooked! It's very tasty.

  12. David: Wow! I did not expect you to say that! I love orange soda and it's a favorite of my dad's. Very cool. My mom should get him some True Blood--I'd love to see his face when she puts one of those in front of him. lol

  13. Was wondering if you've ever seen this webpage. It's "jessica's" blog/vlog. Tells inside story on her character and it is done really well.

  14. Barsola: I haven't! Sounds really interesting, though! Thank you for letting me know! :)