Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snuffles, Things I Find Bothersome, & Best Sports City!

Is anyone else combating demons from a nearby hell dimension, otherwise known as sinuses?

Headach-y head.  Stuffy nose.  Dry throat.  Sore face.  Super fun.

When the temperatures start to change with the seasons, my sinuses decide they want to party-party.  And when my sinuses go all Lindsay Lohan, annoyingly random thoughts cross my really random thoughts. For example, things I find bothersome:

1. Men with manicures.  Any man who has nails shinier than mine scares the crud out of me.  Likewise, men with pedicures perplex me. Mr. Shiny Toes?  Really? I mean, to each his own, but it freaks me out. 

2. People who lack accountability and blame everyone else for something they did. Seriously, take the blinders off. 

3.  People who have no clue what it means to be a REAL friend. Here's a hint: friendship does not equal "means to an end."

4.  Orange lipstick. I mean, why? Does it look good on anybody? I like the color orange, I do...on a pumpkin, not on lips. 

Best Sports City

Well, if there was ever any doubt about where I get my rabid sports fan genes...

...Dallas/Fort Worth is The Sporting News' Best Sports City of 2011!!!!  

So, there you have it! Between my Mama, my Daddy, and being from Dallas, I guess sports is in my blood. Pretty cool, huh?



  1. Do you wear red lipstick, Miss Virgin, or is that too forward? And do you paint your toenails?

  2. I feel your pain Frisky. I've got allergic rhinitis and when it starts to "party-party" my nose literally turns into a waterfall.

  3. I guess it was predetermined that you would be a sports aficionado!

  4. I don't think I know any men who have manicures. Favorite Young Man is an auto mechanic and can only get the crud off from around his nails if he spends lots of time cleaning his bathroom with Comet. Where do you find these manicured and pedicured men? But yes, I'm having sinus headaches and feel sorry for myself. Oh no, that's all the time. Seems as if I wanted to say something else but I don't know what. Oh yeah, good post -- as always.


  5. Ew orange lipstick sounds so gross! That's one of those things where it's like, what mirror were you looking in this morning that told you that was okay?

    And I hate sinus crap. I think I have a deviated septum like my dad, maybe. I can only half breathe out of my nose, so it's like I only have one fully functioning nostril. Wahh! :(

  6. I hear that lots of people have sinus problems right now... hope that yours subsides soon darlin! And I get weird thoughts all the time, but men with better toe nails than me, does creep me out just a tad!

  7. 1. I don't understand men with manicures, either. I don't even get manicures. Mostly because I'm took rough on my hands it would just be plain pointless. "Oh I'm sorry, I can't help fix fence, I might break a nail." lol

    2. I will still lie about feeding the green bean to the dog, even if she did spit it out. I just couldn't eat that last nasty thing.

    3. Seriously, no one wants a fair-weather friend.

    4. LMAO There are several shades of lipstick I don't get, like bright pink. I also don't get who buys fugly colored cars. I mean, neon-lime green? WTF?

  8. GB: I do have a darker red lip color that I quite like. I guess it's kind-of a berry color. Oh, yes, I do paint my toenails. :)

    with cherry on freakin top: Oh no! I'm so sorry--that has to be awful. :(

    Eva: LOL--I reckon it was! :)

    LOLA: There are more manicured/pedicured men than I ever imagined, many of which live in big cities. :/ It's like this trend for men or something. :/ Thank, you sweetie! *Hugs*

    That 20 Something Virgin: I swear, everyday I see something and wonder what mirror someone was looking in that morning. :/ Oh no--that can't be fun! :(

    Average Girl: It must be the change in weather bugging people's sinuses, then. Ugh, those changes in weather are rough on 'em. It just wigs me out seeing a guy with super shiny toes.

    J.Day: 1. You know my fear of getting a manicure, so I do my own nails, but to see a guy with perfect nails is a little unnerving. 2. LOL-well, that's cute. I'm talking about serious lack of accountability--like the irrational bad kind. 3. Nope, not cool at all. 4. Oh! Yes! Bright pink I don't get either! Neon-lime they want to glow in the dark on Halloween or something? I dunno. lol

  9. I love Philly as a sports town but I am aware the rest of the country hates us...for the most part I am okay with that.

    My allergies are going insane and a head cold has been waiting in the wings as well. I think it is the drastic weather changes, wet leaves starting to break down, and other fall allergens. I am used to year round allergies though.

    What I am not used to is the insane pressure systems lingering around PA that are causing migraine like headaches on an almost daily basis. Ick.


  10. Oh yes, I agree with all four of those :)

  11. I hate guys who have better hair than me. It's not natural lol!

  12. I think if Bud got a mani/pedi I would freak out. I'd rather he shower regularly and wear cologne correctly (which he does!) than have perfectly groomed nails.

  13. I don't understand men who get their nails done. I think these are the same guys who get their eyebrows done too.
    I have never seen orange lipstick. It doesn't surprise me that it exists, considering the other colors I have seen.

  14. Jewels: I hear you--Dallas has its fair share of haters as well. I think any sports-driven town/city that makes its presence known will take some heat from others. I like to think its all in good fun. Sinuses are nasty little beasts.

    Jay: :)

    Hazel: That's a good one! That would bother me too!

    ms. caboo: Totally agree. Clean is one thing, but perfectly groomed is quite another. lol

    George: Oh! I forgot about the eyebrow plucking guys! Yes, that's a little weird too. There are a lot of lipstick colors I don't understand.

  15. I had my first manicure the other day. The best part was the hand rub at the end! Orange lipstick probably looks lovely on a goldfish! Go Dallas.

  16. Carole: LOL--Now I have a mental image of a goldfish wearing orange lipstick...and it looks quite cute! :)