Thursday, October 13, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth is: This week has been hectic and a little more than a little stressful, which means my ability to write and read has been stifled.  I promise to catch up.

Truth is: I've said the sh*! word too much this week. You know I try not to swear, but this one popped up a few times. I blame the Cowboys bye week. I didn't have a Cowboys game or NFL refs to get feisty with, so I guess the word just had to slip out a time or two or three or four...or five. Very bad. 

Truth is: Hazel is featuring bloggers and passing a truly lovely award to each of them. It's such an amazing, wonderful idea and I'm truly honored to be included among the recipients. She is an absolute sweetheart and I couldn't be happier to have met such a special friend through this blogging world. Thank you so much, Hazel! I will be posting the award on Monday, just to make those dreaded Mondays a little more fun and a little bit brighter. :)

Truth is: When I give someone a hug, I give them a real hug. 

Truth is: While digging around for a DVD, I saw my Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs disc.  I then realized how much I would love to dig for diamonds and rubies and emeralds with Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, and Sleepy.  Moreover, in that moment, I seriously wanted to find a wishing well and wish I could sing Someday My Prince Will Come without feeling chunks begin to rise up in my throat.

Truth is: My dad now has a "pet" spider and Mom is none too thrilled. It all started when he spotted this giant spider on their porch.  Apparently, it reminded him of "big old friendly garden spiders" he used to see as a kid. Mom was intent on getting rid of it while he went to the store, but Dad countered with, "Don't kill my spider."

Now, I'm smack dab in the middle--Mom wants rid of it (can totally see why--it's big, multicolored, and scary as all heck), while Dad is trying to sell me on the idea that Harry is harmless (yes, he named the spider). 

What is it with men and spiders? Either they hate them or they find them fascinating. 

As for me? I'd just like to call Orkin.


  1. Ha! I love Snow White and I give awesome hugs! I really hate when I get half-ass hugs. Oh and Orkin is the only way to go! Have a great weekend sweetie! :)

  2. I used to be terrified of spiders, until I got older and realized that there are far scarier things in life than bugs! :) I think it's cute that your dad kept Harry as a pet.

  3. I think you should ask your dad how he intends to feed that spider and find it a mate. Would you kiss it if you knew it would turn into a handsome prince, Miss Virgin?

  4. Yvonne: Oh, the half-hug crap is just not cool. A hug should be a hug--a real one. :)

    Plain Jane: I know you're right...they still wig me out though. lol I try to tell myself, "Self, you are bigger than the's far more fearful of you than you are of it..." Unfortunately, it starts to move its long, springy legs and I need to find a very big can of Raid. Oh, Dad's really adorable about the spider. I'm just not sure how long he can love the spider with Mom wanting it gone.

    GB: Oooh, there's a dilemma. If I knew it would turn into a handsome prince...yeah, I don't think I could...unless I absolutely knew for sure it would turn into my forever soul mate and not decide to be a player now that it's finally human. :)

  5. It's better than a pet snake.

    I have also been a potty mouth lately. Research says that it's a useful tool in allieviating anger.

    Which is good.

    Because I'm about to "anger" all over the place. And when a mail person goes angry, people start to get nervous. :)

  6. No pet spiders for me, thank you very much!

  7. I only give close guy friends and females a real hug. For everyone else it's the half hug.

    I have never seen Snow White. I hate spiders, and I was pretty sure you were busy because you were so quiet.

    It's okay, those sh!% moments are allowed to happen.

  8. Julianna: Oh, I can't handle snakes either. No, no, no, no, no. And if swearing is a useful tool in alleviating anger, then that's a good thing, particularly during football games...when my team is sucking it up...

    LOL--I guess I shouldn't make the "going postal" joke. ;) Just swear it up, if you need to. ;)

    Eva: Yeah, me either. *shivers*

    ms. caboo: Me too. Very much so.

    Jay: I've always been a real hugger ever since I was little. lol

    LOL--if you say those moments are okay, then I won't feel as bad about them. lol

  9. If I give people full hugs, it usually hurts. A lot. :) My wife says I don't know my own strength. I take that as a compliment, although she might not mean it as such.

    And, ooh -- SPIDERS! I find them so fascinating! Sounds like your dad got himself a winner. I don't suppose you can post up a pic of Harry, huh?

    Oh wait . . . scratch that. I wouldn't want you to lose half your readership when they go screaming for the hills.

  10. NO NO NO NO NO. Your Dad sounds like a dear but I side with Mom on this one! Get that dang spider outta there!!! Yuck and ick!!

    As for Snow White...I just kinda of want the gems right now...some $$ would be great...bills piling up and all that. :) The Prince would be great though, too.


  11. I once dated a guy who had a pet tarantula. Yeah, I wasn't too thrilled. One evening when I got to his house he told me that the spider had gotten out of the cage and he couldn't find it. I simply said, "Oh. Okay. Well, call me when you DO find it and I'll come back over." And promptly left a cloud of dust as I left his place.

    And I agree with Jay - there are just times when curse words really are the only words that work. lol

  12. Spider - EW! One of my cousins caught a huge one a few months back. He thought it was cute (?!) so he's been keeping it in a jar...
    I hope you'll be better soon! 'Sh*t' helps the day go by easier, no? It does for me, at least ;)

  13. Aww thanks for your kind words! And I think your dad is nuts for wanting to keep a pet spider! *shudder*

  14. Well Miss Pottymouth, Harry is probably sussing out which one of you to bite in the night but I agree with your dad. Harry is the perfect pet. Feeds himself, quiet, doesn't get under your feet, stays in the corner, etc. Don't kiss it.....even if it did turn into a would hairy!
    Real hugs to you from another real hugger.

  15. David: Oh, she definitely means it as a compliment. :) Ah, so you're a guy who finds them fascinating! lol

    LOL--I think Dad has proudly taken some pics of Harry. Er, I'll think about posting one...I haven't even seen the pics b/c I hate bug pictures; seeing the spider in real life is tough enough. lol

    Jewels: It's a mystery. Mon keeps saying, "Where is this coming from?" lol Yep, I'd take the gems...and the prince. ;) *Hugs*

    J.Day: Oh, Lord. Can you imagine having dinner and seeing a big hairy spider run across the table? *shivers, big time*

    lol--I do believe you and Jay are right. :)

    Beliza: LOL--that word for sure helps the day go by easier sometimes. :) And I don't get why men think spiders are cute or want them as pets. Eeek!

    Hazel: You are very welcome and I have no idea why he likes that spider. It's not like it's a talking spider a la Charlotte's Web. :/

    Carole: Actually, I wouldn't mind if the little creeper got under my feet, preferably while wearing nice, strong-soled shoes. :) Yeah, don't think I'll kiss the spider anytime soon. Real hugs right back! :)

  16. I love when you tell stories about your parents. I would love to meet them! That is hilarious. Tell me, where does he keep this spider?

  17. I love spiders, and my SO is terrified of them, and thinks I am crazy for liking them, but terrified of grasshoppers and frogs. He killed the big one I had in my bathroom, and I almost cried over it. He said if I ever get one as a pet for the house, I am on my own, he's moving out! On the plus side, I now know how to get rid of him, if I ever wanted to ;)I don;t see why it should be killed if it's outside, sounds like a beautiful one, similar to the one I had on my patio, a Golden Orbweaver... They are awesome!

  18. Lex: :) Well, the spider is no longer around. Not sure what exactly happened to it.

    Star Lyte Princess: I admire that you like spiders--I actually wish I did because then they wouldn't freak me out quite as much. Ooh, I don't like grasshoppers either!!!