Thursday, October 27, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth is: I'm really, really late in posting this today. *hides head*

Truth is: Quality is falling by the wayside and it's ticking me off. My parents remember appliances lasting 20-25 years. Today, you're lucky to get 4 or 5 years out of them.

Truth is: I'm watching the Rangers...and drinking soda. Well, they just go hand-in-hand, don't they? Kind-of like peanuts...and popcorn. Rangers are up 4-3.

Truth is: I'm perplexed. There are people who seem so obsessed with plastic surgery and the latest youth-saving techniques, all in an effort to look pretty. But, doesn't true beauty come from within? So, wouldn't it make more sense to be a good person and let that inner beauty shine through? Because I can't imagine any amount of products and procedures can make someone pretty if they're ugly inside.

Truth is: I'm really looking forward to the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special! The team will visit some super spooky place and try to contact ghosts. See, I hate gory, scary movies, but I do love Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Reckon I just like ghostly stuff.

Truth is: Tim Tebow, resident NFL virgin, made his debut as the starting Denver QB this weekend...and he won. I'm really very, very happy for him. He's taken a lot of heat from critics and I just hope he will prove them wrong.

Truth is: I'm really, really, REALLY hoping Dale Jr. can come away with a win this weekend. Last weekend just didn't seem fair to him.  Go Dale!

Truth is: Christmas is around the corner and I haven't even a slight clue on what to get anyone. Usually, I have some semblance of an idea in place by now and this year I don't. To make matters worse, I saw the first Christmas commercial of the season (Glade Holiday scented candles, to be exact). Now, I love anything and everything Christmas, but when I'm on the verge of present-crazy, it's unnerving.


  1. I totally hear you on the appliance thing. Athough, I have been quite lucky... knock on wood.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. I am watching the game too...looks like your Rangers are going to take it tonight! :)

    I am sitting here laughing because I LOVE Ghost Hunters...after both my posts I feel like such a hypocrite saying it...but I really really do! hahahaha. Are you sure we aren't twins? I mean except for age, looks, and any genetic markers. hahaha.

  3. We've been very lucky with our appliances too....and I'm also knocking on wood!

  4. DirecTV went on the fritz in the middle of the Rangers game. It made it harder to ignore the live band playing in the restaurant. Though they were reasonably good.

    Tebow has been unreliable but Orton was unreliabler. Hopefully Tebow can settle down and play consistently.

  5. Truth Is . . . I don't know what to do about Christmas and it's worrying me. Of course, I will have gifts for my kids and closest friends, but I don't think I can give to extended family this year. I fear I shall have to inform them soon that I just can't afford it. I hate it because I love giving gifts.
    Tim Tebow is hot and should definitely marry me so I can relieve him of his virginity.
    People who are ugly inside quite often glow with beauty outside because they are demons.
    I think sometimes people look back on the past and think it was much better. But my appliances, given tender loving care, usually last for many years. And they do all sorts of cool things. You haven't always been able to get ice and water out of the door of your freezer. Microwaves haven't always been around. And when microwaves first came out they were big boxy things that cost $400. Now you can get a nice small one for less than $100. I also have a cool toaster/convection oven. You have to take the good with the bad and tell your appliances every day that you love them and expect them to give you their best.


  6. Julianna: And I treat appliances so kindly, too. :/

    Jewels: Rangers going to extra innings. This is NOT good.

    LOL--I know! It's like I hate feeling scared and purposely avoid certain movies, but I'll watch Ghost Hunters and the like. lol And I totally think we're twins in a parallel universe and it's beginning to show in this world. (I watch too much Doctor Who).

    Eva: Definitely keep knocking on wood because appliances are a luck of the draw kind-of thing.

    Marvin The Martian: Ugh, dang Direct TV! The Rangers are in extra innings now (top of the 10th, two run home run just hit--9-7, Rangers).

    Playing time will help Tebow become more consistent, I would think. He's the kind of guy you just want to pull for.

    LOLA: I love giving gifts, too. :) LOL--Tim Tebow would probably be blushing if he read that. lol So, appliances are like plants--talk to them, love them, and they'll grow to a ripe old age. I try that, but some of them are just stubborn mules. lol

  7. I am totally loving you right now. And Jewels. I LOVE Ghost Hunters. Unfortunately I'm so far behind on regular TV I'll never catch up. But I rent the DVD's when I can or watch reruns on SyFy.

    And, I LOVE me some Doctor Who!!! It's so nice to find Doctor Who fans. Makes me less like a dork. lol

  8. I'm watching tonight's very exciting game, not really caring who wins (my Brewers lost), but it sure is exciting!

    Your point about appliances is SO true! My MIL just got rid of her olive-green appliances; she got sick of waiting for them to die and wanted a pretty kitchen :)

    Came over by way of your sweet comment on KLo's blog, btw.

  9. #1- Yes you are.......but it's okay :)
    #2- Quality is definitely missing. I always thought it was because stuff is made from plastic now as opposed to metal.
    #4- You're right, but I don't think it'll change. I find it kind of 'interesting' I guess to see someone who I can be attracted to on a physical level but repulsed by because of what they are on the inside.

  10. J.Day: :) *Hugs* Yay for Ghost Hunters fans!!! You know, I'd totally go on a ghost hunt...I say this now with the lights on while all cuddled up, but still. ;)

    Whoo! Hoo! Another Doctor Who fan!!!!! Yeehaw! I'm so happy! There are sooooo many DW fans, but they must hide or something because I rarely come across them.

    Mrs4444: It was a good game, even though the Rangers lost. They had two chances to win it all, too. Game 7 coming up!

    LOL--My parents had the mustard-yellow color for years. lol They just don't make things like they used to.

    Aww, I'm so glad you stopped by! I will be sure to visit your blog too! *Hugs*

    Jay: :) Oh, I definitely think the materials are of a lesser quality compared to the past. It's always surprising to meet someone and see just how ugly they are on the inside; it really does seem to make the outer appearance less attractive.