Thursday, October 20, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

1. Truth is I bought a box of Lucky Charms.  Think I'm a cereal addict.

2. Truth is Dad's spider is missing.  No idea where the creepy crawler is, but, curiously, Mom doesn't seem at all concerned: "Oh, I'm sure Harry's on a little vacay visiting relatives." Dad, meanwhile, vows Harry will be back.  (My guess is Harry is somewhere outside).

3.  Truth is I'm beginning to think only the bitchiest women get the good guys.  Seriously.  It's like the bitchier you are, the better your odds of getting a genuinely nice guy to fall in love with you.  And I'm the girl in the back of the chorus waving a rose or banner or something equally lame and mocking. 

4. Truth is I just picked up my Gavin & Stacey, The Complete Collection DVD.  I'm over the moon! I LOVE this show so much! The characters are clever, funny, and endearing.  They're like family or old friends. 

5. Truth is I had a dream I was at Hogwarts last night. It was right before the big battle.  Apparently, they recruited muggles with special talents (no idea what my hidden talent was--never found out).

In the Great Hall, Snape was giving us a lecture on his magic-enhanced energy plan for muggles (yeah, the news must be creeping into my dreams now).  Just as Snape began outlining his plan in detail, Harry stormed in and told Snape his plan would have to wait--they "have a snake-face to take down." 

Snape sighed, "No one believes in my plan." I then took his hand and whispered, "I believe in your plan.  I believe in you." Yep, it seems my dream had me crushing on dear old Severus Snape.  Awesome. 

The rest of the dream was pretty random: Hermione needed to borrow nail polish remover; before the battle, I decided to rescue something from the Great Hall and hide it up in the Gryffindor common room, so it wouldn't be destroyed; and I got lost trying to find the bathrooms and ended up on a spiral staircase where I started chasing Snape to try and save him from Voldemort. Then, I woke up! 

That's it!


  1. I'm so jealous of your dream! I never have cool Harry Potter related dreams. My subconcious sucks at coming up with awesome dreams.

    And eeeek he has a pet spider? I'd be freaking out if one was on the loose in my house.

  2. That 20 Something Virgin: I rarely have cool dreams, so don't feel bad. On occasion, I have a Harry Potter related dream. Don't know why. I have been thinking about the DVD release coming up, so maybe that's working my subconscious.

    Yep, Dad and pet spider, Harry. I'm guessing it's outside now. Hopefully, Dad won't be able to find him again. Really, he needs to get a dog or something. lol

  3. #1, I just bought a box of Lucky Charms myself yesterday. I haven't had that cereal in YEARS!

    #2, My mother totally has a crush on Snape. I have no idea why.

  4. Cereal is a staple here. With coupons I can get it for about a buck a box! AND it has 9 essential vitamins and minerals!

    Our current favorite is Boo Berry.

  5. Harry Potter dreams! Girl, how about dreaming about adult males! lol

  6. What a great dream! haha.

  7. Wow you remember your dreams very well. The older I get the less I dream it seems, and when I do they're very strange.

    The spider's probably getting ready for winter.

    If a guy falls for a bitchy woman, it might be because he doesn't have the backbone to get out of it, or are you actually talking about two people who are happy together?

  8. Furry Bottoms: Lucky Charms is like a taste of childhood for me. I love them--those little marshmallows--yum! Well, I loved Alan Rickman in Sense & Sensibility...maybe it's a carryover from that movie?? lol

    Julianna: Boo Berry! Never had that one! Gonna have to try it! I really have way too much cereal, but I love the stuff. And it's not bad for you! :)Hurray!

    Eva: Well, to be fair, Professor Snape is an adult male...and it *is* Mr. Alan Rickman playing the role. ;)Quite like him. :) Hey, there are adults in Harry Potter's world! lol

    Jewels: Thanks! ;)

    Jay: I've always had really vivid dreams. It's not all the time, but it's regular enough, I guess. Oh, I have tons of strange dreams. This crushing-on-Snape dream was actually pretty cool compared to some others.

    Oh, I bet you're right about Spider Harry.

    Ooh, good point, re: backbone. No, I'm not talking about a happy couple--it's more a general thing I'm noticing, and I'm not the only one. One gal actually said she's thinking of just turning into a bitch to get a boyfriend. :/

  9. Pet spider?... EWW!
    Your dream sounds hilarious! Wish I had Harry Potter dreams.

    About snagging a good guy... I HAVE one of those and I certainly am NOT a bitch :) It'll happen xxx

  10. I wish I'd have a Harry Potter dream. I am so jealous. I have never in my entire life eaten Lucky Charms. Maybe spidie is dead. How about that? And you are absolute right that the biggest bitches get the men, but they are also the biggest boobed big bitches. I have the boobs and some sarcasm, but people generally don't seem to think of me as a bitch. I'm quite certain you are not a bitch.


  11. *stomps foot* I want a Harry Potter dream, too!

    lol I don't eat cereal much, but I do love Lucky Charms!

  12. Lucy: Thank you. I woke up laughing. :)

    Alittlesprite: Harry Potter dreams are fun! I hope you're right. You are definitely NOT a bitch, so I have hope. :)

    LOLA: Lucky Charms are so yummy! Harry Potter dreams are fun, even when Snape is planning to save the Muggle's energy crisis with magic. lol "And you are absolute right that the biggest bitches get the men, but they are also the biggest boobed big bitches"--LOL, yep, forgot about that! lol Yeah, you are definitely not a bitch. I guess we non-bitches have to stick together and hope the guys wake up. ;)

    J.Day: LOL--You'll have a Harry Potter dream! *waves wand* Now, it'll happen! lol Watch, tonight I'll have some awful dream and wake up ticked off. :/ Lucky Charms are so addicting. Those little marshmallows are crazy good.

  13. Awesome dream! Who doesn't have a little crush on Snape lol? His voice is gorgeous!

  14. They can't really be normal guys if they prefer bitchy women. They must be suffering from a lion-tamer complex.

  15. LOL wow, that is one interesting dream :P
    Somehow the way you wrote out your 2nd truth makes it sound like your mom got rid of the spider!
    And I completely agree, seems like all the nice guys always go for the not-so-nice girls.

  16. I LOVE your Harry Potter dream ... I've never had one, and would absolutely love it, I'm sure. Kind of a surprise that Harry the Spider didn't make a cameo ;-)

  17. Hazel: lol-He does have a gorgeous voice! *Sigh*

    GB: LOL--a lion tamer complex! I LOVE that!!!

    PurpleMist: It was one of those dreams where you wake up and think, "Did I really just dream that?" lol Well, I'm wondering if she didn't find a way to ease old Harry out. lol They really do and I don't get it--why would they want mean girls? Ugh.

    KLo: Thank you--they are fun dreams, albeit a little strange. lol Oh, thank goodness Harry the spider didn't make a cameo--it would then have been a nightmare. lol